HI everybody this is my first fic and I hope u enjoy It this is a Tea and Kaiba fic!! Oh yea I don't own Yugioh..if I did the characters I want to be together would be ok here it goes!!

Are You Sure Its love?

Tea Pov

Today is such a regular day nothing ever happens in my life I go to school, I go home ,talk to the same people im not complaining or anything but man! I want something intersting to happen and enjoying as well and I don't have a boyfriend so I …

"TEA" !!! Somebody yelled

I look over to see Yami in my face , and I push my self back

'What??" I asked

Yami notcied I was mad cause he said 'Oh nothing im sorry its just that I was calling you and you were spaced out are u ok?"

"Yea im fine" I said

Yami didn't looked convinced and said "Are you sure I mean now a days you seemed really gone you don't talk to us as much anymore in school ur always like you are now in space the guys have notcied this too and it's a miracle that you are here in the Gameshop…..But you come when the guys arent here anyways are u sure everything alright" Yami asked worried

I look at him and said "Yea im sure ,its just that ive been thinking lately that nothing ever happends anymore I mean its so boring now a days cuz nothing good every happens and all I want is to enjoy life and be able to you know have fun.. But that not happening "

"And im very sorry that I was worrying you but im fine"

Yami looked at me with sad eyes and said "Tea everything happens for a purpose if nothing is happening in ur life right now then It will soon . And u have to be paciant as well cause if you rush everthing you want will go faster then you think..don't worry you will get what you want soon"

I looked at Yami and Smiled "Thank u Yami you always make things better for me" I got up and kissed him on the cheek

Yami Blushed and said "no problem what are friends for?"

I looked at him again and said "well Yami thank u again but I have to go'

Yami Said "Bye Tea"

After I left I decided to walk home

'I cant believe the great friends I have sometimes I don't really even deserve them but there always ther..ouuff

"Ahh I so sorry sir I wasent watching were I was going"

I held out my hand but the person refused 'that's so mean!'

Then I heard somebody say

"Its ok but next time you better watch were ur going Gardner" said a cold voice

That voice sent chills up Tea spine

Tea thought

'I know that voice!!!' I looked up to see none other then

'Seto Kaiba

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