Behind This Façade

Title: Behind This Façade
Author: Kerry Johnston
Email: Summary: The emotional bond they shared was once sacred, but over 35 years later they both find themselves trapped in a desperately unhappy marriage. Both need to break free of each other but will they ever find the strength
and courage to severe the ties that bind?

Chapter 1

She glanced over at him from the other side of the living room; he was sitting in his chair looking over the paperwork. He was so engrossed with it; he didn't even notice the dog – Ruckus, beside him with his lead in his mouth, wagging his tail, figuratively begging to be taken out for a walk. Ruckus got up on his hind legs and put his two front paws on his master's lap.

"Go away Ruckus," Vince growled, shoving the dog away.

Ruckus looked mournfully at Vince, dropped the lead out of his mouth and padded away – his tail dragging behind him. Linda's eyes followed the dog, she knew exactly how he felt and had known that feeling for years now – being shoved aside when something else came up. She had gotten used to the feeling, being made to feel a though she wasn't important, that she was just there for Vince's convenience – if and when he wanted her.

Linda got up and picked the lead up from where Ruckus had dropped it, if Vince wasn't going to take him for a walk, then she would, it wasn't as though Vince would miss her. She walked out of the living room and Vince didn't even notice, she sighed to herself as she put the lead on Ruckus. She wasn't surprised he didn't notice, he never did, hell he barely acknowledged her existence anymore.