One more time: I don't own X-Men: Evolution or G.I. Joe, they belong to Marvel. But here's something new to add. I don't own Wonderfalls, either. That belongs to Walking Bud, Regency, and Fox. Xi, Althea, and the concept of the Misfits belong to the wonderful Red Witch who has been nice enough to allow a lot of people to use her characters. Adam and Carly are mine. Use them if you want to, but please let me know if you're going to because I'd like to see what you have them do.

I fell in love with Wonderfalls the first time I saw it, when it premiered on the Twelfth of March. I was instantly struck by how well Jaye would fit in with the X-Evo/Misfits universe. And you know what that means: I had to write it. I'm sure that not everyone here has seen the show (which you really should…it's hilarious!) so before I get to the first chapter, I'll make a little prologue type thing. I will post the bios and other assorted information about the show, all of which I have—in part—taken from the official Wonderfalls site, which can be accessed through the official site for Fox.


A Quick Guide to Wonderfalls

The Show:

Wonderfalls is a new one-hour dramedy (a.k.a. Dramatic Comedy) on Fox. It revolves around a twenty-something girl who lives in Niagara Falls, NY, and works at Wonderfalls, a gift shop. One day, after nearly choking to death, inanimate objects start talking to her to more than slightly amusing results. As of March 21 (which is when I began writing and constructing my story outline) only two episodes of the show have aired. So this takes place after episode two: "Karma Chameleon."

The Characters (just the ones I know will make an appearance):

Jaye Tyler: A pathological narcissist. Attractive, spirited, a troublemaker with the potential to be a real human being (though she'll go kicking and screaming), Jaye made a high school vow to "end up over-educated and unemployable". She succeeded. Her philosophy degree from Brown lands her in a kiosk in hometown Niagara Falls selling tacky souvenirs to Tourists. After a small nervous breakdown, Jaye finds herself talking to an inanimate Wax Lion from a vending machine. It has advice for Jaye and refuses to be denied. Jaye is certain she's losing her mind. Over the course of the story Jaye will learn a little humility and compassion and begin to discover that the world around her really is a magical place—the question is does she have to go insane to realize it?

She is 24-years old and—in her contribution to a blurb in her mother's book—describes herself as a work in progress. She has also compared herself to a pinball—she keeps bouncing off these paddles and flippers trying to get something to happen, she just doesn't know what.

Eric: Boyishly handsome with just a pinch of dorkiness. Eric was a big-hearted innocent until he found his new bride Heidi in their honeymoon suite mid-coitus with the hotel bellman. He walked across the street into the Barrel Bar, cried for three days, got offered a job and never left. That was six days ago. Now, Eric possesses the seductive calm of a man who has faced his worst fears and come to terms with them. And though shell-shocked and just a bit glib—his eyes are finally open. And they are looking right at Jaye. These two have real chemistry together. But since Eric's wounded and Jaye believes she's going insane, they may have to take it slow.

In the show, he doesn't yet have a last name (I'm sure that will come in time,) so I'm making one for him. In other words, I'm making him a relative of a set character. Psyche-Out. So in my story, Eric's last name is Rich. I'm just so happy that I finally found a site that had Psyche's real name on it. Kenneth D. Rich, in case anyone else was wondering. BTW, rocks.

Mahandra: The eldest daughter of a long line of Niagara locals: Innkeepers, Tour guides, Showmen, Hucksters, Daredevils. Trashy, hip, and fearless, Mahandra was Jaye's high school classmate and remains her fast friend and fellow troublemaker. Mahandra possesses an earthy wisdom and loves Niagara. She never fails to thrill at its beauty and power. She waits tables at the Barrel Bar, a local watering hole, because she loves it here: Niagara is her home. She can't sleep when she's away from the falls—she needs that roar. It's a high and she's addicted.

Mahandra only has a smallish part in my story, but I thought she should be explained to everyone.

If I decide to include anyone else from the show—or something else from the show that may strike me—I'll either have you check out the official site or I'll add the bios at the top of the chapter they appear in. But that's all for now, I think, so I'll let you get to the story now.


America's Vacationland

Chapter One: Time for a Break

"We need to have a little chat," Low Light grumbled as he and the other Misfit adults cornered the adults on the X-Men team.

"Now what?" Hank asked.

"I think that we all need a vacation," Roadblock said. "The kids and us…a nice relaxing time away from home."

"And you're suggesting that we all vacation together?" Logan questioned. "Have you gone insane? Wait, what am I talking about? Of course you have!"

"Not exactly," Shipwreck said. "You see, we had an idea."

"I think now would be the time to run away screaming," Ororo groaned.

"Just hear us out, please," Cover Girl replied. "We all take a vacation together: Misfits and X-Men. I know, it's something we've tried before and hasn't worked out. But this time may be different. We treat the kids as adults. Before we go, we sit them down and tell them that, for the most part, they'll be on their own."


"We'll book the rooms, assign roommates and travel groups. Then we'll give each kid a certain amount of money. We'll treat them, from that point on, as adults. Psyche-Out suggested that the kids might feel like we don't trust them to be capable adults."

"Do you really think we should with the way they act?" Shipwreck snickered.

"Hi there, pot, it's time for you to look in the mirror and notice that the kettle isn't the only thing that's black," Low Light grumbled.

"Shut up!" the female Joe ordered. "This will be their chance to prove us wrong. Their chance to show us that they can be adults, that they can take care of themselves, and that they can get along. If they get along throughout the whole vacation—or at least the majority of the time—we'll give them more freedom and we won't harp on them about getting along as much as we do. They want to be treated as adults and that's just what we'll do. And, this will also give us a break from their oftentimes childish behavior."

"I hate to say it," Xavier sighed, "but that may actually work. It's worth a try."

"So we're agreed?" Roadblock asked.

"Yes, we are. Where do you propose that we go?"

"Niagara Falls," Shipwreck said. "The arrangements are already made. We leave in three days."

"All we have left to do," Cover Girl continued. "Is come up with the room and group assignment and how much money to give each kid. Though we do think that some of the younger kids—like Jamie and the triplets—should stick close to us."

"Or we snooker someone into being a baby-sitter."

"I have a bad feeling about all this," Logan groaned. "A really bad feeling."