A Darker Shade of Red

Ginevra Molly Weasley

(First Chapter By Rachel D.C.)

Ginevra Weasley, quite, shy, innocent Ginny sat on her bedroom floor, moonlight streaming over her tear stained face. She had just walked in on her best friend (Hermione) and all time crush (Harry, well duh) pashing on her family's living room couch. She was positive her heart had stopped, she sprinted upstairs before they could see her and cried her big, deep brown eyes out. For hours she just sat there, numb all over. Why did this have to happen to me? What did I do to deserve such pain?...Am I that invisible that God forgot about me too? It was true, she was invisible. Over the past few months Ginny started to cut her wrists leaving small, but still visible scars, but did anyone notice? No, no one! Why do I even bother to live anymore? She thought, her right hand grasping the silver blade stained with dried blood from weeks past. She could still remember the first time she ever cut...


It was a week till the end of Ginny's 5th year at Hogwarts and she was sitting at the Gryffindor table in Great Hall ecstatic to be sitting next to the famous, noble, handsome, friendly all in all great guy, Harry Potter! She tried her hardest not to blush but to her great disappointment she felt her face grow warmer as she turner a crimson red. She stared down at her untouched dinner hiding her face. Calm down Ginny, just C-A-L-M D-O-W-N...Oh my God! His hand just brushed against mine! HEAVEN! She thought to herself, her heart beating rapidly. "So anyway Snuffles sent me a letter last night saying..." Harry started. His voice is like silk but who in gods name is Snuffles?

"Whose Snuffles?" She asked her brother Ron, not being able to look at Harry without stuttering.

"Uh...umm... no one Gin...Hey! Didn't you say you had to do some homework? Why don't you go do it before tomorrow?" He 'answered.'

"Ah no actually I already di—" Her sentence was cut off by a short tempered Ron.

"Ginny just go away. We need to talk and we don't need you annoying us every second."

Stunned by his cold words Ginny looked quickly to a guilty Harry, purposely avoiding her gaze. She rose slowly and walked quietly out of the Great Hall to her common room. When she got to her dorm she landed on her bed crying loudly into her pillow. All I did was ask who "Snuffles" was...did Harry really think she was annoying?

She laid on her bed crying softly until she decide she better clean her face before her room mates get back. She walked numbly to the bathroom and stared at her puffy eyes and pink cheeks. I look pathetic...wait scratch that I am pathetic. How could I have ever thought that Harry might have liked me. The poor, pathetic little weasel. With that she slammed her fist into the bathroom wall causing the mirror above the sink to swing open. Ginny swore loudly holding her hand, she ran over to the sink and let the cool water run over her red knuckles. She glanced up into the cupboard eying a sharp silver razor owned by one of her rommies. Could I? Ginevra wondered as she grabbed the razor and went back to her bed, her hand forgotten.

She stared at the glimmering blade for what felt like hours until she raised it to her wrist, placing it under her blue-purple veins standing out from her pale flesh. She dragged the blade slowly to the right, the pain was sharp but surprisingly satisfying. She pressed down harder the pain intensifying, biting down on her bottom lip to keep from scream out. She let the razor slip from her delicate fingers, falling to the floor with a slight tink. She looked down at the pinkish slit, moments later seeing thick red ribbons appear and slowly descend down her slim arm. She was transfixed with the blood spilling out of her wrists, her whole body numb with the satisfying pain. She could feel her anguish slowly fading away, staring intensely at the crimson trail winding into her palm. Nothing else matters, I am invisible.


The holidays pasted quickly, but Ginny had changed dramatically over the months. She never told anyone about what she saw and Harry and Hermione had yet to confess their secret love affair. She kept quiet, only speaking when spoken to. Nobody really took notice anyway, just a few 'You feeling ok Gin?'s once a month. Ginevra was sitting cross legged on her small bed writing in her journal. A journal NOT a diary, she felt to old for a diary now... 'A diary is for children with hopeless dreams, a journal's for forgotten heroes left in the shadows with only words to express themselves...G. Weasley' was inscribed into the cover. She closed her eyes waiting for inspiration to come to her, and soon enough her small, untidy room was filled with the quick scratches of her quill as it raced across the pages, emotion spilling out of every word.

I feel reality slowly slipping away

I fell myself drift away each day

Till the point of non-existence

Till the point when I'm not there

I look deep within, trying to find my true self

Wrapped in chains, no escape

I'm trapped, like an animal

Put on show, unaware

I'm stuck in a living hell

Stuck in a false reality

She put down her quill and read over her words. Smiling at how they expressed exactly how she felt. She glanced over at her muggle clock, sitting atop of her chipped, once-polished night table. 6:50 pm hmm got ten minutes 'till dinner... What to do? She thought to her self, biting her lower lip and looking around at her baby pink walls and trashed floor. I could clean up or...

She flicked over the pages finding the utter most start;

Shine for me, never dim down

Lead me from shadow, take me to light

Hear my plea, lord hear me beg

Don't leave me here hiding

I'm alone and so cold

Walk away, god just let me be

I'm crossed your line, so sorry

I ran from the light and took my place in dark

I was born from the wrong seed

Never meant to be... Me

I'll stand here and watch ok

Go and take my place please

Smiling faces are so foreign now

But red eyes haught my dreams

I've taken my place lord

Queen of the underworld

Mistress to my Lord

My lord Vold-

Her concentration was cut off as her mother busted in. "Come on honey, dinners ready!" She sang, unnerved by her daughter's trance like state.

"I'll be there in a sec, 'kay." Ginevra answered tonelessly, without raising her eyes from the dark crimson ink spread perfectly across the yellow tinged parchment. As Mrs. Weasley carefully shut her door, Ginny stood and stretched her tired muscles. Tomorrow I'm off to my 6th year at brilliant Hogwarts, woo-pee for me. she thought sarcastically as she made a beeline, around her crap, for her full length mirror resting on the the far wall.

She stood in front off it and glared at her image. Still a child grrr.

But she was mistaken, in reality she was now nothing like the innocent baby sister she once was. Her thick, auburn and blood red streaked hair framed her heart shaped face, at the back falling to her middle back. Her heavy lashed, almond shaped eyes stared back at her. Once bight brown now shinned with new found hate for the world, giving off a dangerous edge. She had grow taller, to a respectable 5'3", and she grew well formed curves and a chest worthy a second glance. She was currently wearing a short sheaved black t-shirt with the words Drop Out printed in white across it, baggy black cargo pants and as always her favorite knee high combat boots. Her full blood lips curled into a smirk as she deemed herself descent and descended down the stairs to the dinning room.

She took her usual seat at the already crowded table, weighed down with mounds of steaming food. It seemed every family member (plus Harry and Hermione) had come back to the Burrow for the end of the holidays. Bill, on vacation from Egypt, slouched in his seat across from her in a argument with there mother about his newly pieced eye-brow...

"Like a common hoodlum, what will the Goblins think!"

"They already hate me, honestly I could show up naked and I would still get the dirty looks I get every day. It doesn't matter so lay off will you?"

"But... "

On Bill's far left Charlie was busy showing the twins, who never missed Molly's dinners (even though they had their own flat) his newest scars from the restless dragons he had to capture bare handed, as he so put it. Ginevra sighed loudly as she sunk down in her chair. She wasn't particularly hungry, she never was, she only showed up for meals due to habit. She reached over for the jug of water as Hermione's cheerful voice filled her ears. "So Ginny -" How I detest that nickname, she thought "- looking forward to your 6th year, oh be sure to study for your OWLs, maybe I could help you with them?"

Ginny's head snapped right to where the Golden Trio sat, Hermione next to her and Ron and Harry across from Hermione, busy taking about Quidditch or something pointless like that.

Help me STUDY! God what a friggin' show off! Well I'll teach her... "Oh yes Hermione I'm so excited about this year," she cheered throwing up her hands, "And you simply MUST tell me how you 'persuaded' "-she did the little 69 thing with her fingers "- Snape to give you such a good "- her voice dropped into a purr -" grade." Ginevra ended, winking for good measure.

The expression on Hermione's face was priceless. Her eyes were wide open in shock and she silently opened and closed her mouth trying to find something to say. Go Ginny, Go GO GO GINNY! She smiled and raised from her seat yawning dramatically, "Well, I'm pooped, better get to bed early for tomorrow," she lied as she kissed her parents on the cheeks and practically skipped up the stairs.

Only till she closed her bedroom door, did she burst out laughing. She made her way over to her bed, clutching her sides giggling hopelessly. Tomorrow is another day, but tomorrow is the day the world meets Ginevra Molly Weasley! So long baby sister Gin-Gin! Ginny thought as she climbed under the warm sheets and fell into a dreamless sleep.

It was 8:30 when Ginny woke to the oh so familiar screeching of Mrs. Weasley, '...Really boys this is too far... First dropping out of school now THIS... Turn him back... NO not the flower pot!' met with the sounds of breaking china and insane giggling from the twins. Ginevra groaned as she pulled herself from her cozy bed and into her bathroom for a nice warm shower. When she was finish she wrapped a towel around her chest and sat in front of her vanity. Hmm what am I going to wear today... OH NO! Argh I have bags under my eyes!

One hour later she once again sat down, fresh and dry in a red tardin mini-shirt, knee high black boots and a white tank top with red strips running down the left side, countless bracelets and cuffs sounded as she raised a black polished hand to inspected her face. Her honey brown eyes framed heavily with eyeliner and mascara, her dark red lips glossy and irresistible, and her hair down framing her face with new found bounce and shine. Perrrrrrrrfect. she thought, smirking as she left her room for the last time till another year pasted.

They were on their way to King's Cross, Ron, Harry and Hermione talking excitedly about there 7th year. Ginny slouched down in her seat thinking about how to make this year more memorable. Well let's think; I'll have to do it myself cos of the whole being the only girl in my year in Gryffindor... WAIT I could get something pierced, but what? Uhh I'll think of it later. Her thoughts were cut off as the ministry car pulled into the car park and the four kids plus Mr. and Mrs. Weasley hurried into the Station.

Ginny lagged behind wishing she had some friends to help her with her identity problems lately.

"Okay you three go first," stated Mr Weasley pointing to the bloody Golden Trio, "Okay Ginny, Molly and I will go then you, okay got it?"

He didn't even wait for a answer as they sprinted towards the barrier, to Platform 9¾, leaving their younger daughter, head down, standing alone. All alone, always alone... A single tear slipped slowly down her cheek, They didn't even notice me changing this summer...Why am I so alone! She questioned raising her head towards the heaven. When she got no answer she wiped away her tears. Fuck them, they aren't worth my time... Her head raised high, smirk on her devillish face, she gracefully made her way onto the platform.

"Oh, I'm gonna miss you soo much, behave and have fun! Off you go now," screeched Mrs Weasley as she gave Harry, Hermione and Ron big, soundly kisses. Ginny standing off to the side watching, smirk faltering.

"Oh well, we better be off, bye, have a good year!" yelled Author as her and Molly appearated away. They...left...! Ginevra could feel knew tears surface, they had left without even saying goodbye to her. Their only FUCKING daughter and the youngest to boot! She ran onto the train, tears streaming down her face. She jumped into the first empty compartment she found and slammed the door, nearly breaking the glass. She threw herself onto the seat and grabbed her disc man (screw it being muggle) and curled up in a ball listening to one of her favorite songs, right now explaining exactly how she felt.

Hey Dad look at me

Think back and talk to me

Did I grow up according

To plan?

Do you think I'm wasting

My time doing things I

Wanna do?

But it hurts when you

Disapprove all along

She started humming along as the sweet melody calmed her broken heart, numbing the pain.

And now I try hard to make it

I just want to make you proud

I'm never gonna be good

Enough for you

I can't pretend that

I'm alright

And you can't change me

'Cuz we lost it all

Nothing lasts forever

I'm sorry

I can't be Perfect

Now it's just too late

And we can't go back

I'm sorry

I can' be Perfect

I try not to think

About the pain I feel inside

Did you know you used to be

My hero?

All the days

You spent with me

Now seem so far away

And it feels like you don't

Care anymore

And now I try hard to make it

I just want to make you proud

I'm never gonna be good

Enough for you

I can't stand another fight

And nothin's alright

She stood up and started dancing, screaming along with the words, stammering as she choked on her tears.

'Cuz we lost it all

Nothing lasts forever

I'm sorry

I can't be Perfect

Now it's just too late

And we can't go back

I'm sorry

I can't be Perfect

Nothin's gonna change

The things that you said

Nothing's gonna make this

Right again

Please don't turn your back

I can't believe it's hard

Just to talk to you

But you don't understand

'Cuz we lost it all

Nothin' lasts forever

I'm sorry

I can't be Perfect

Now it's just too late

And we can't go back

I'm sorry

I can't be Perfect

'Cuz we lost it all

Nothing lasts forever

I'm sorry

I can't be Perfect

Now it's just too late

And we can't go back

I'm sorry

I can't be Per...

"Now babe, I don't mean to ruin your fun but you do realize we could hear you all the way up the hallway?"

Ginny turned towards the female voice, lowering her headphones, the strong guitar beat still sounding every couple of seconds. Through her tears Ginny could see that there was two girls standing in the doorway. The one that had spoken was leaning on the door fame but she could tell the girl was about the same height as Ginny, about 5'3". She had thin raven-black hair with neon-green tips that hung straight just below her shoulder blades. Her moon-shaped eyes were a mix between brown and gray, she had a small up-turned nose and smooth ivory skin. Her clothes complemented her petite and curvy body. She was wearing tight black jeans, black polished boots and a black tank top showing off her green stoned pierced belly-button. She smiled widely, showing off razor sharp fangs one either side off her mouth, as she walked gracefully towards Ginny to sit next to her.

"Great song, but, luv, what's with the tears?" she asked as she brushed Ginny's cheek with a perfect slim hand, long nails painted deep black. When she spoke Ginny saw a flash of silver from her mouth.

She must have a tongue stud... Maybe I should get one of those?

"I-I... uh..." Ginny stammered trying to figure out what exactly to say.

"Come on, it always feels better to talk about it," said the other girl as she stepped out of the shadows to kneel in front of Ginevra.

She was dressed in dark blue flared jeans, black sandals and a tight long sleeved white and baby pink striped button up shirt, with the bottom and top undone. She had long midnight black hair that was up in a high pony tail with the end reaching just below her shoulders. Under perfectly plucked eyebrows rested her sharp chocolate brown-nearly black eyes. They showed care and trust but also held unbelievable power, and hidden memories. Like the calm before the storm. Her nose was sprinkled with freckles, though just a few, they gave her an innocent look, which was useful in troubling situations. Her seductive blood red lips opened as she spoke again, "How about we start with your name?" she asked with a hint of shyness.

"My name is Gin--" she started but as she looked into their faces she had an epiphany. This could be the chance to make myself known! "Sorry... My name is Ginevra Molly Weasley, and thank you for your concern but I am fine."

"Nicole Rosemaria Keith, but call me Cole," the first girl said as she extended her hand towards Ginevra. Cole's nickname fitted her well as her eyes swirled dark brown and dull gray, looking like burnt ash-coal.She had a reckless aura around her and Ginny liked it.

"Taylor James Greemhorn," the second girl said with a slight bow of her head.

"Orrrrrrr T.J.!" Cole yelled and the two dissolved into a fit of giggles with Ginny joining in after seconds of confusion.

Five minutes later, after the three had calmed down, they each took there seats, the English greenery flashing past them through the small clear windows. "Ok so I'll start the introductions, name, as you know, is Cole. I'm sixteen, my parents are Gregory Allen Keith and Rosalind Winifred Lupin-Keith-" Lupin?...It cant be... "-I'm the youngest of 5 girls, First Fancy, the whore in the good girl body-" Cole growled "- Grace, the shy one-" She rolled her eyes "-Helena, the bookworm-" She stuck her finger down her throat "-Sarah, the one that ran away. And finally me, Little Nik Nik, ignored and hated for being a witch.

"But anyway, okay I'm one tenth elven blood, one tenth Cherokee Indian, one twelfth Vampire... But don't worry I only crave for blood flavored lollipops."

But in reality Ginny wasn't frightened, surprised maybe. She had read books on Vampires before and always thought they were interesting, Wish I was one, maybe then I'll be noticed..."... I came from Romania on an exchange program with my school, my parents were glad to get rid of me so they signed me up. I love bungee jumping, surf boarding, dirt biking, snow boarding, and of course skate boarding. I lived in an muggle city so I spend my holidays living like one! And last of all, I'm a punky skater with the need for speed! YEAH!" She screamed, throwing up her arms.

The three once again exploded into a fit of laughter.

"Okay okay... My turn," T.J. started with a giggle, "I'm sixteen and from Ireland. I've never known my parents, you see they never wanted a bouncing baby girl so they left me on the steps of a Muggle Orphanage-" she shuddered "-I didn't know that I was a witch until I exploded a statue of the Virgin Mary (the orphanage was Catholic). I was kicked out of there after that, something about being a child of Satan.-" She shrugged "-Then I was accepted to the Warlock Academy for magical gifted youngsters and when they heard about the exchange program they thought it was a good idea. You see I was a grade A student.-" At that Cole let out seven coughs that sounded suspiciously like 'Nerd'. Ginny tried unsuccessfully to hid her laughter. T.J. glared at Cole but continued unnerved "-Anyway! The school also thought it was a good idea after the...Incident..." She finish, cringing.

"What happened!" Cole asked excitedly, on the edge of her seat.

"Umm well... I found out from the schools physic that I'm something called a Weather Witch...-" Blank stares "-well she said it usually comes from the mother's side and its like the power to control weather with your emotions. And well-" She purposely avoided eye contact with the other two "-This one time I was really angry, cos this girl in my year said all these mean things to me about my parents, well anyway I got really angry and I felt my body start shaking and well then afreaktornadohittheschool." She said running all the words together.

"Cool," Ginny stated and once again the compartment was filled with pointless laughter. "Ok Gin what's your story?" asked Cole as the three laid out on the floor listening to the train make its way further and further into woodland area.

"Uh well okay, let's see. I'm a fifteen-year-old Capricorn, I love punk and rock music. My favorite food is pizza. I live with my Mother, Father and my six brothers-" "Wow!" exclaimed T.J. "Kinky." winked Cole "-Bill, the cool, witty one; Charlie, the down to earth, Dragon Taimer one; Percy the smart, reliable one; Fred and George, the prankster twin ones who are liked by every one; Ron the adventurous one; and finally me, the innocent baby one..."

"Uh no offense Gin but you-" She pointed to Ginny's face and clothes "-are not innocent." interrupted Cole.

"I know, but that's what they think of me of."

"Then who are you?"

"I don't know."

"Sure you do, just look in yourself and find it," T.J. added.

Suddenly music flowed through Ginny mind and out into the compartment, filling it with the slow guitar strumming at the start of Good Charlotte's "Hold On". As the introduction ended Ginny sat up, closed her eyes and sang her heart out.

This world, this world is cold

but you you don't, you don't have to go.

you're feeling sad

you're feeling lonely

and no one seems to care

your mother's gone and you father hits you

this pain you cannot bare

but we all bleed the same way as you do

we all have the same things to go through

hold on... if you feel like letting go

hold on... it gets better than you know

But that was the past... thought Gin as the music change into the heavy beat of "3 small words" by Josie and the Pussycats .

I'm a punk rock prom queen

Brown paper magazine

Hotter than you've ever seen

Everywhere and in between

I'm a ten ticket thrill ride

Don't you wanna come inside?

Five star triple threat

Hardest of the hard to get

No one's little retro bet

Ain't seen nothing little yet


It's been six whole hours

And five long days

For all your lies to come undone

And those three small words

Were way too late

'Cause you can't see that I'm the one

All three of them got up and started singing and dancing along, the walls thumping from the loud music.

I'm your late night head rush

Ace high royal flush

Red velvet orange crush

You just don't impress me much

A glossy, double cover spread

Opened up inside your head

A black cherry paradise

Half the sugar, twice the spice

I don't wanna treat you nice

Come on baby roll the dice!

It's been six whole hours

And five long days

For all your lies to come undone

And those three small words

Were way too late

Can't see that I'm the one?

It took six whole hours

And five long days

For all your lies to come undone

And those three small words

Were way too late

'Cause you can't see that I'm the one

The song ended and they fell into a heap, laughing and screaming. I've finally found my place, right here with my best friends. Thought Gin not knowing the other two were thinking the exact same thing.

As the train slowed to a stop Gin, Cole, and T.J. stepped out onto the platform. "Damn I'm tired already," commented Cole as she tried to stifle a yawn. They made there way towards the carriages. "Umm, Gin how do these things move without horses?" asked Cole, her eyes wandering over where they should be.

"Ahh I know that one!" said T.J. excitedly. "I read it in one of my books-" "Oh lord." muttered Cole as she rolled her eyes "-there are horses you just can't see them, only people who have witnessed death can."

"Oh spooky!" Cole screamed sarcastically as they approached one. Eyes without color, skin without anything but bones, huge wings protruding from blackened flesh. They were creatures of hell, and Gin could see them all.


"Let me show you something, Ginevra."

"What is it Tom?"

"It's your future, my past."

"But Tom I—"

Eleven-year-old Ginevra Weasley's words where cut off as she felt her body slowly disappear into air. She landed hard onto a concrete floor. "Where am I?" she asked herself out loud. She looked down the winding hallway, the walls lined with blazing torches, the light flickering along the stonewalls. Sssss...hasssssend...misssssssa.

She spun around towards the faint hissing sounds. They where gradually becoming louder, as she ran to catch up. It sounds human. She turned left and ran up a staircase waiting for the hissing to come again. Fasssssege Mosssssssssen Passssssss. She came to a door, big and wooden with the word Ladies carved into the top. She opened it quickly and ran inside. There stood a boy of seventeen with raven hair and clear blue eyes, he had the face of royalty and the stance that commanded respect. Next to him stood a serpent of enormous size. Its golden eyes never left the boy as they talked in what sounded to Ginny as snake language. Suddenly a near-by stall opened and a tear streaked girl stepped out. Her dull brown eyes widened behind her thick glasses as she saw the giant snake.

"Ahhhh-" Her scream was cut of as the serpent turned to face her, her mouth froze in place and her eyes glazed over in fear. She collapsed to the ground in a heap, not moving. Suddenly Ginny's mind exploded with pain, images of bloody hands, of blood red eyes, of crying children, of screaming women whirled though her head. As she fell to her knees, clutching her head and her eyes watering with the intense pain, she heard demonic laughter echo around her.


"...Gin you coming or what!"

Gin shook her head, slowly coming back to reality. "Oh... Yeah, comin'." she said as she ran into the compartment to join her friends.

Gin was sitting at the Gryffindor table waiting for the feast to start. God I hate Red and Gold, green is sooo much better.

As the Great Hall filled with eager students Dumbledore stood up and the voices dimmed down. "Welcome to another year! Before we eat I have a few announcements-" "God hurry up!" moaned Ron, Pig. thought Gin "-First I'm sure you are all shocked to know that the Forbidden Forest is forbidden.-" A few people laughed, Gin and the Slytherins not included "-Second I am proud to welcome back Professor Lupin as our DADA teacher once more!"

The school exploded into cheers, Gin and the Slytherins not included (Do I sense a pattern?) but over the noise Gin managed to hear Harry's girlish scream of joy. My god. she thought as she rested her head in her palm, rolling her eyes. "Yes yes, we are all happy but now its time for the sorting!"

A small line of scared, timid first years were lead into the hall and up onto the teachers table when Professor McGonagall stood holding the sorting hat. "When I call your name you are to sit on the stool and the sorting hat will tell you with house you belong to, Aline, Timothy..." McGonagall called as a small, brown haired boy walked up to the stool.











"Zulu, Martin." A hunched blonde haired boy stumbled towards the stool...


"Alright students now it is my great pleasure to introduce to you to three transfer students that will join you all this year," he gestured towards the great wooden doors and they opened to let them through. Cole came out first, she strutted down the hall with her head held high, as she pasted Gin she gave a smirk. "Definatly a Slytherin," muttered Ron, Gin sent him a glare and he reeled back in surprise. Then after Cole came T.J., she walked steadily forward but kept her head bend down, Gin sent her an encouraging smile. The last girl looked about Gin's age, she had unruly curly brown hair with dirty blond and black highlights, which fell just past her shoulder. She had clear emerald eyes upon her pale skin. Her eyes wandered over the packed hall, as if searching for someone.

As they reached the platform McGonagall took out a different scroll and cleared her voice. "Keith, Nicole."

GRYFFINDOR! Screamed the hat, Gin stood up and whistled, "Yeah go Cole!" Cole laughed as she made her way to the slightly confused Gryffindor table. Gin and Cole hugged and they sat down waiting for T.J. to be sorted. "Greemhorn, Taylor." T.J. glanced nervously over the hall, Gin waved and Cole gave her the finger, smiling insanely. A small smile creeped up on T.J.'s face as it disappeared under the rim of the hat. After a few seconds it screamed...


The whole hall was silent, T.J.'s eyes were wide open with surprise. Gin and Cole turned to each other and a the same time screamed "Slytherin!... Ah well." they shrugged and started cheering.T.J. smiled greatfully as she walked to the now clapping Slytherin table.

"Ginny! Why the hell are you cheering her, she's a bloody Snake!" Ron exclaimed throwing up his hands. Gin and Cole turned to Dream Team all waiting for an answer, Cole looking reading to pounce. "No one cusses my frie-"

Gin simply held up her hand, her face calm. "Well Ronny you see," she started, her voice dripping with fake kindness. "She's our best friend, so up yours!" she gave Ron the finger, Cole exploded into laughter and across the hall Gin could hear T.J. choking on a bread roll.

"Go Gin, go go go, Gin!" Cole cheered doing that little "it's your birthday" thing. Gin and Cole turned back to there plates, giggling loudly. This is gonna be one different year...I cant wait! thought Gin smiling as she tuned back into Cole speech about sky-diving or something like that.

"...and Potter, Laura."

All the hall gasped, all conversation stopped as the brown haired girl walked steadily up to the stool. As soon as the hat fell down over her eyes the hall exploded into whispers. Gin could hear Harry whispering (though not successfully) to Ron and Hermione. "...That's her, she's Sirius's niece, her dad and my dad where related. He told me she was coming here... Can't wait to meet her..."


Laura walked confidently towards the Gryffindor table, a wide smile spread across her face. "Hey I'm Laura can I sit here?" she asked pointing at the empty seat next to Gin.

"Sure girl," Gin answered moving over to make more room. "So, luv, how is it being related to the oh-so-wonderful Harry Potter?" Cole sneered, glancing hatefully at the trio.

"Man, someone shoot me-" Laura rolled her eyes "-I hope my head doesn't get as huge as that," she stated pointing at Harry, sitting shocked.

Cole and Laura exploded into laughter, startling the silent hall. Gin's attention was elsewhere, staring towards the Slytherin table, I wonder what her secret is? she asked herself, fixated on T.J.'s black pupils, Whatever it is I hope she knows we will be there for her...

End Chapter