Sands of Time

Rating: PG Timeline: Season 3 Author's Note: I don't know any Italian at all. I used the AltaVista Babel Fish Translator online. Despite my best efforts, I might've come up with something really, really random or rude. Please forgive. :-P

Chapter one

"Why do we have to learn history? It is by far the dumbest, stupidest, most unexciting..." Buffy Summers looked up and realized that she was talking to herself.
"Giles?" She slung her backpack off her shoulder and plunked her history book down next to it rather roughly. Not like she cared. "Giles, are you here?"
No answer.
"GIIIII-LLLLEESSS!!!" she screeched at the top of her voice.
"Miss Summers," said Principal Snyder, sticking his head through the library doors, "this is a library. Libraries are meant to be quiet. Much like this one was before you happened to come along."
Buffy scowled. "Have you seen Giles?"
Snyder gave her a look. "Mr. Giles. And no, I haven't. Though if I was in his position, I'd be avoiding you too, Miss Summers."
"Well, if you see him—"
Snyder opened the door the rest of the way and stepped into the library, pulling himself up so he looked taller than he really was. He was barely taller than Buffy, which was saying something. At 5'3, Buffy was one of the shortest people in senior class, but she never got lost in a crowd. She was loud.
"I'm not the pony express. Where are you supposed to be, Miss Summers?" he asked her, waiting to find her in the wrong.
"Here," she answered innocently. "Willow and I were going to hang out."
Snyder clucked his tongue disgustedly. "Get a hobby, Summers." He pushed open the door and left, calling over his shoulder, "No loitering!"
Buffy sighed. Giles was supposed to be training her today. If he wasn't showing, she was wasting her time...
...or not. Buffy Summers, first-class snooper, she thought to herself, making her way to Giles's office, closing the door slightly behind her. Boring, she thought, skimming over the Watchers' Diaries. Bunch of old snots writing their observations of Slayer behavior. No thanks.
Buffy began to hum a fifties tune that she had somehow gotten stuck in her head that day as she moved quietly through Giles's office. An open book on his desk caught her attention. It was leather-bound, red, and there was a colorful swirl on the page she was looking at. She picked up the book and read absently out loud to no one in particular: In sands or whispers It comes and goes Slipping away Through the eyes of man

It can be mastered

But even the tamed lion Is not without the wild. Pieghi il tempo Va Indietro

Eventi persi

Per voi da trovare1

Buffy set the book down, her mind still struggling with the Italian pronunciation. How strange, she thought. Giles's taste in poetry just gets weirder and weirder. She hummed the fifties tune again, putting the book back down and gently brushing her fingers against the colorful painted swirl. Which suddenly began to move.
"Oh, sh—!"was all Buffy managed to get out before she was sucked into the book.

1"Pieghi il tempo...da trovare" "It folds the time It goes behind Events lost For you to find"

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