The Ghost of Ringwood Manor
Author: Gothic Spook
Rating: PG-13 just to be safe.
Category: Horror, Romance, Case file.
Summery: A missing person. A haunted Manor. A history of haunting and a paranormal team working with the X Files agents. A simple investigation turns into a nightmare beyond all belief.
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Spoilers: None really, maybe some season 9 episodes, depends how the story goes.
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A/N: This is based on a folklore I researched about, I will try to stick with as many actual facts as I can but most likely will make most of it up. Also I may take some things from the film Rose Red by Steven King. And also, there is NO William and also Mulder, Scully. Doggett and Reyes work on the X Files as a team.

Stop being a wimp and just climb over the fence and get the ball. Peter yelled at his friend.

Why do I have to go in there?

Because you kicked it over! Peter yelled. Billy, stop being a wimp and get the damn ball. Or are you to scared?

I'm not scared! Billy defended.

Prove it then.

Billy stared at his friend Peter for a second and then sigh and started climbing. He got to the top and paused. He looked at the big manor in front of him and then looked down at his friend on the ground. He then jumped down into the manor grounds.

Do you see it? He heard Peter yell.

Not yet! He yelled back as he walked through the large trees. Wait, yeah I see it! Billy ran to the ball and picked it up, he heard a twig snap behind him, he quickly turned around and at what he saw screamed.

Peter heard Billy's terrified scream.

Billy! GET OUT OF THERE! And then there was silence. Billy? BILLY! Nothing, no one replied. Peter stepped away from the fence and ran home to his house, screaming for help.

The next day, Basement office...

What the hell has happened to all the paranormal activity in this country? Monica asked John as she looked up to him from her pile of paperwork.

Decided to finally take a holiday. Just suggested, only looking up to give her a half sided grin and to see the playful glare she was giving him.

We need a case, any case that will get us out of this office...

And away from the paperwork. John interrupted.

That to. She looked back down at the report she was reading through again, a second later she looked back up at John. Where the hell are Mulder and Dana?

Somewhere other than here. John never took his eyes off of the report,

Oh my aren't we in a helpful mood today? Monica asked rhetorically.

Yep, maybe they were kidnapped by aliens.

Don't even joke about that. Monica warned him. She looked back down at the paperwork and tried to focus on the task at hand. A few minutes later Mulder and Scully entered the office.

Don't even say it! I know we're late. Number one, we got stuck in the biggest traffic jam in history and number two, on our way down here we were called into AD Follmers office. Mulder explained.

So what did the wonderful Follmer want? John asked, putting down his paperwork, Monica followed his action and placed all her attention onto Mulder and Scully.

We finally have a new case. We are being sent to investigate the Ghosts of Ringwood Manor. Dana said and handed both Monica and John a file.

I'll take anything instead of paperwork. John exclaimed as he flicked through the file.

Let us finish before you say that. It wont be just us in there, we'll be with a team of civilians who are investigating the house for search of evidence of ghosts.

That doesn't seem that bad.

But it doesn't stop there ... Due to the sensitive nature of the case joining us on our investigation will be AD Follmer.

Oh god. Monica exclaimed and placed her head in her hands.

You've got to be kidding me?

Unfortunately no.

Monica took a few deep breaths before lifting her head from her hands.

So what exactly are we investigating? I mean the house has been haunted for years. Why now?

Because now someone has gone missing, and the last place they were seen was that house. Mulder informed her.

So when do we leave? John asked.

Today, we need to get there when the civilian team does and we need to drive down there. Mulder told them.

How long will it take to get there?

Not long, about half an hour, an hour at the most. Dana said as they left the office and went ot their homes to pack.

They had all decided to go in one car, and since Mulder's car was small and Dana's was in the shop, John offered his car for the journey. Follmer had said he would make his own way up there, that hadn't bothered any of them that much. John was in the drivers seat, with Monica in the front passenger seat and Mulder and Dana seated in the back.

So why don't you two fill us on on the case, I don't know about Monica but I didn't have time to read through the whole report yet. John asked glancing at Monica and then back at the road.

Sure, a couple of boys,, both thirteen where playing soccer when the ball was kicked into the property, Billy went to go and get it, Peter his friend heard him scream, Peter called back at him but no one answered his calling and so he ran to his house, screaming for help the entire way there. Mulder told them as he held open the file.

So what's the deal with the house? John asked, never taking his eyes off of the road.

It was built in the 1700's. The original house was a collection of smaller buildings patched together to create a Manor itself. The current Manor House was built by a Martin Ryerson in 1807. It was the home of General Erskine, who ran the Iron Works there.

What about the supposed haunting? Monica asked.

There are supposed to be three different places that are said to be haunted. there is a ghost of a housemaid who haunts a one of the bedrooms. Rumour says she was beaten to death in the room she haunts. People who have visited the manor said they could hear noises coming from the empty room, footsteps, sounds of heavy objects dropping, soft crying. And they keep finding the bedroom door ajar and the bed rumpled. The second supposed haunted areas is back behind the Manor pond is the grave where General Erskine is buried. The local people are afraid to come to this place because at dusk General Erskine can be seen sitting on his grave looking across the pond. More rumours say there is an unmarked grave filled with the remains of French soldiers who fought with Rochambeau during the Revolutionary War. During the day, all you can see is a depression in the grass near the General's grave. But after dark, the dead come to the Manor pond to walk along the shore. Sometimes you're meant to be able to hear soft, sad voices speaking in French.

Was all Monica could say.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. People have claimed feeling uneasy, being watched, strange dreams, visions and nearly everything else you can think of. Mulder told them all.

Why do I have a bad feeling about this case? John asked.

Oh now you believe in feelings? Monica asked playfully.

Well no, I'm just saying this is probably a bad idea and we are going to live to regret it.