Monica's dreams were surprisingly pleasant. She saw her child self in a field of wild flowers, she could smell all the wonderful scents she still remembered to that day. She followed her child self as she ran through the field. Randomly picking flowers she thought were beautiful. She laughed as the younger her span around and skipped as she ran into a forest of tall trees.

It was dark as the giant tree branches and leaves were blocking the sun. But some of the light did manage to get through, lighting up the path as she continued to follow her child self. The child was a little bit in front of her and when Monica saw her jump off an edge of some sort she panicked and ran forward only to discover it was a little hill edge above a lake of glistening water. She saw the child swimming in the water, floating on her back, but she wasn't alone, also in the water was her parents, her brothers and her sister. They saw her and smiled and waved. Monica grinned at them and waved back.

Jump on in! The waters lovely! Her father called to her from the water below. Monica heard her name being frantically called and turned around in the direction of the voice, but she only saw the forest which she had previously run through when following her child like self. She only just noticed now how dark the forest seems and how abnormally quiet it was. No animal rustling the fallen leaves as they walk. No birds singing as they glide through the air. Silence.

Jump! Jump! Jump! The people below her started chanting. She looked back at them. Unsure what do to. The more she hesitated, the more the people below her began to change. They no longer looked happy, but they had a sinister look upon their faces. They continued to chant for her to jump in the water. When she took a step back away from the edge they stopped chanting. Over the cliffs edge a rope was thrown which wrapped around her middle.

No! Let me go! She screamed out as it began to pull her towards the edge. She fell to the ground as it tugged her forward and dragged her along the grass ground towards the edge.

John rolled over in his sleep, his arm went to wrap around Monica but was met with thin air. He sat up in bed and saw her not in the room. He quickly put on a pair of boxers and a grey T-shirt. Speedily stepping out of bed he grabbed the flash light and went out of the room.

He called out. He shined the light either side of the hallway, but at both ends it was empty. She could be in the kitchen getting a drink he thought. Still in nothing but his thin T-shirt and boxers he made his way down to the kitchen.

It was empty. No sign of Monica. He did however spot to recently used mugs on the kitchen bench. One of them was still half filled with coffee, he placed his hand on it. It was freezing cold. They had been there for at least a couple of hours.

A sudden pain raced through his mind and he collapsed onto the floor in agony. He grabbed his head in his hands as his mind was filled with an image. The roof. And Monica. And then it was gone. The roof? What would Monica be doing on the rood?

Oh no! He suddenly explained as one scenario went through his head. He ran up the stairs. The hundreds of steps as fast as he could. He came to the door which led to the roof and found it locked. He took a few steps back and then rammed his shoulder as hard as he could into it. The door stood no chance against him and flew off its hinges. John looked out through the rain.

He yelled out when he saw her. A vine from a plant was wrapped around her waist. It had pulled her to the edge of the roof. Monica's feet were dangling off the side as she tried desperately to keep hold of a pipe coming out from the floor of the roof. Her eyes were closed and she was screaming for the it to let her go and for help.

John ran as fast as he could to her. The wind started blowing against him, nearly knocking him off his feet. But as he heard Monica's desperate cries he ignored the push with all his willpower. And when painful images and the pain of death entered his mind, he simply pushed everything aside. The only thing he took in, was Monica and her cries of terror and pain. He crawled the last few feet to her and instantly grabbed hold of her. He looked over the side of the roof and saw her legs trying to get some footing on the wall of the house so she could climb back up, but the vine kept pulling her down. The vine was around her waist which was just at the edge of the roof. He instantly bit his teeth hard into the plant until it snapped with a painful howl and retracted down to the ground. He pulled Monica back over and held her in his arms as he noticed her eyes opened for the first time.

I thought it was a dream. I was dreaming. I was going to jump and when I didn't... She kept muttering as she cried into his shoulder as he held her tightly in his arms. Her tears mixing with that of the rain as it continued to pour heavily.

You're safe, you're okay. He stroked her hair. We better get back inside. He told her and helped her up. They walked bak inside and down to the kitchen to find everyone else in their, still dressed in their night clothes.

What the hell happened to you guys? Scully asked as she came and looked them over.

We have to get out of here and I mean now! John emphasised the word now' as Monica still continued to cry at what had almost happened.

We can't leave now. Paranormal events are just starting to happen, we still have so much to document! Amanda stated.

Screw your paranormal crusade to find evidence of ghosts. You wanna know what the damn ghosts just tried to do to Monica? Do you even care?! He yelled out. Monica still clung to him as she cried. They just nearly convinced her to jump off the roof and kill herself!

Everyone was in shocked silence as they took that in. The silence was broken by Laura who was the first person to notice something.

Hey, where are Carly, Sarah and Jamie? She asked.

They're dead, Edward stated.

What do you mean? Brad asked.

Exactly what I said brainiac. They're dead, no longer amongst the living. He took a swig of the drink he was drink. Wine.

Did you see their bodies? Dana asked.

No sweetheart. I didn't see dead bodies. I saw their souls, trust me, they're dead with a capital D. He explained. None of us are ever getting out of here. He muttered.

Yes we are, Brad told him firmly. He looked over to Monica who was just controlling herself, she wasn't crying, but she was still shaking. We can't stick around and wait for another incident to happen.

Amanda went off to another room to check on the instruments to see if they've recorded anything paranormal. She didn't want to hear anyone talking about leaving. Everyone let her go off, since she doesn't want to go anyway, she would be much help.

As everyone talked about what would be the best way of escape, Monica didn't listen. Her senses blocked out the conversation. The only thing she felt was cold and exhaustion. Every part of her was cold and tired. She couldn't focus. John still had one of his arms wrapped around her and noticed when she suddenly shook in his arms. He turned to look at her and saw that she had become very pale.

Monica? What's wrong? He asked quickly. She slumped in his arms and would have fallen to the floor hard if he hadn't caught her and lowered her slowly to the floor. Everyone stood around her, looking down with worry. Monica talk to me! He urged her.

she whispered as she shivered more. Tired, I just need to sleep. She went to close her eyes but a loud shout forced her to open them.

No! Don't let her fall asleep! Everyone turned their heads and saw Jamie standing in the doorway. Blood ran down the side of his face and he looked like hell. He came forward, holding a couple of thick blankets. Cover her with these. He instructed. John did as he said, but Monica wouldn't stop shivering.

Jamie where have you been? Laura asked.

I was attacked by something, hit over the head and knocked out pretty good. I woke up in the attic, I found something interesting about the history of this place which can't be read in any books. He looked down at Monica who was still shivering and having trouble keep awake. Let's take her in the sitting room and light the fire place up in there, we need to keep her as warm as possible.

John instantly lifted her shivering frame into his arms and carried her into the sitting room and laid her down in front of the fire place. Jamie lit it up as much as possible. The fire gave the room a soft glow. John went to touch Monica's cold cheek, but Jamie grabbed his hand and stopped him.

Don't touch her, he stated simply. And before you start yelling at me why not. Let me explain what I found in the attic.

Okay, explain then. John did as Jamie instructed. As much as he wanted to hold Monica, he knew what Jamie had to say was important and so did as he said. As painful as it was, he didn't touch Monica, but he did sit close to her.

So like I said I was knocked out and woke up in the attic. I saw what looked like a small sleeping area, with cans of food and rink around it. So I figured in a house a deserted as this maybe homeless people would think of it as a good place to stay since no ones around. So I looked around and found this. He held up a small black book. It was old, the edges were torn.

What is it? Brad asked.

A diary. I've read some of it, this man was very violent in his life. He paused. He was a murderer, he stated. In this he wrote about each of his killings. I found this in the page of the last entry. He handed John a piece of paper, he saw it was a photograph and he looked at it in shock.

he paused as he checked the photo again. That's Monica. He passed it to the others who all looked at it in shock.

No it's not. Listen, in the diary this guy talks about how he loured young, beautiful women here and then raped and murdered them. In his last entry where that photo fell from, he describe one girl who escaped him, in her efforts to stop him from killer her, she accidentally killed him and ran when she realised what she did.

How could he have written all of that if he was killed? John asked.

I'm guessing he wrote it after he was killed, his ghost form wrote it. And in it he swore revenge on her. They all followed his gaze to Monica who was still shivering uncontrollably despite the warmth of the fire and the blankets wrapped tightly around her.

What's happening to her? Brad asked.

He slowly draining the life out of her. Nick explained.

How do we stop it? John asked. Everyone was silent. Trying to think of a way to help Monica.

We use a circle? Jamie suggested.

A what? John asked very confused.

A psychic circle. We form a circle around Monica and concentrate all of our energy on her and help get rid of the murderers ghost. Nick explained.

Ten minutes later they had cleared the furniture in the sitting room to one side and drawn a large circle with chalk. Monica was placed in the middle and everyone stood around the outside of the circle next to each other. Holding the persons next to them hands.

Monica was only vaguely aware of what they were trying to do. She could feel her energy going. The house literally sucking the life from her. She tried to fight the best she could. But with every passing minute her power and life faded.

As soon as the others were in a circle she felt a rush of energy through her and it caused her to yell out in pain as it overwhelmed all of her senses.

John watched painfully as she fought an invisible force and yelled out in pain. When she cried out his name for the second time, he couldn't take it anymore. He couldn't take seeing her in this much pain. He let go of the hands he was holding and ran into the middle off the circle and took Monica tightly in his arms.

The house shook violently as Monica continued to shake in Johns arms. The others who formed the circle around them did their best to ignore anything else but Monica and concentrate all of their energy on her.

The doors and windows flew open, glass shattering as wind entered the house, blowing violently all around them/ Nearly knocking them off balance. Amanda was running around frantically as all of her equipment broke and was smashed into pieces. Destroying all of her evidence.

Stop it! You're destroying all the evidence! She screamed at them. But none heard her.

John held onto Monica with all his strength and she clung onto him, not wanting to let him go, afraid if she did she would die. She was sobbing as pain went through her, trying to destroy her.

I love you, John whispered in her ear. She cling onto him tighter as the shaking of the house became more intense. I love you, he whispered into her ear once more and everything stopped. The house stopped shaking. The wind had stopped. And the pain Monica had been feeling was gone. John looked down and saw Monica had her eyes closed. Momentarily panicking he quickly searched her neck for a pulse a breathed a sigh of relief when he found a strong one. He tried to wake her up. Come on Monica, open your eyes. He urged her and he saw her respond by slowly fluttering her eyelids open. When her eyes met him he couldn't help but smile at her.

I love you, she barely whispered. It was all she could manage at that moment. She had been drained of her energy and needed to rest for it to all come back.

I hate to break up this reunion but may I suggest we get the hell out of here while the doors are open and before anything else happens. Mulder suggested and everyone couldn't help but agree with him.

John picked Monica up into his arms and walked out of the circle. The second he stepped out the house began to shake again.

Oh not again! Brad yelled out. Lets get out of here while we can! He yelled over the noise of the shaking. They all ran, John doing the best he could with Monica in his arms. As they ran out of the front doors they heard an angry voice yell from inside the house.

She belongs to me! It called out and at the last minute John turned and saw a man standing in the middle of the entrance hallway, looking at him angrily.

Come on John! Mulder yelled at him and John turned and ran to the car. They all piled up into the large van which had bought the investigation team and equipment in. John quickly got into the back seat as he continued to hold Monica in his arms. Nick was driving and quickly sped away and out of the gates of the house. Once out of the grounds of the house they exited the car and looked at the house as it continued to shake. And with a deafening howl, the house caved in and collapsed to the ground.

John stared at the old manor in disbelief at what he just witness.

He looked down at the figure still in his arms and saw her eyes opening.

It's okay. He reassured her. It's over.

Come on, we better get her to a hospital. Dana broke the silence and everyone looked away from the house. Never planning on look or going back.