Once its gone

By KerrianneLupin

Chapter One


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AUTHOR NOTE – I decided to post another story up so here it is, It will be done in first person view and this is Remus's his will be short due to the fact he'll be unconscious. Eventually a Sirius/Remus one

SUMMARY – When Remus is taken violently ill the other Marauders finally realised how important he is to them, but will they be able to tell him or not

            I feel bloody awful, its far too hot in this room, my head is banging, my stomach churning. I can't even focus on the words on my parchment and this stupid quill suddenly feels the most heaviest thing in the world to me, there had to be something wrong with me, other then the full moon, that was 4 days ago and I came through it surprisingly well. This had to be something else.

            I had even been fine yesterday, the day had been nice and bright and the April rains had finally let up and we, as in me, Sirius Black, James Potter and Peter Pettigrew, all had taken advantage of it. Can you blame us? We're 14 and we had been copped up in Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry for 2 weeks straight now. We had gone to Hagrid's, walked round the lake, even had a small game of Quidditch. It was a fairly good if tiring day. I went to bed earlier, had some great dreams where I was fighting a dragon and saving a pretty girl. Woke up and threw up. What a gorgeous way to greet another nice day. Throwing up all the content of your dinner from the previous night. It was definitely something I could have lived without.

            I had gotten through the first lessons, Potions and Transfiguration, how I don't know considering how weak and achy I was feeling and now I was in Charms and the world around me was spinning in a way that was making me glad that I hadn't eaten all day, no doubt that would have been coming out to show the world what I had eaten.

            The other three haven't noticed anything's wrong yet and I don't particularly want to tell them, they'd only look at me in interest and worry and do that little trick they do when they talk about me like I'm not even there, hell I can be sitting next to them and they'd still do it.

            I frowned, my hand gripping the table as the world gave a violent lurch. This definitely wasn't good. I had the feeling that if I wasn't there James and the other two wouldn't have even noticed. Perhaps its because I feel so crap that I'm thinking this, who knows. All I know is that the room is spinning far too fast and that I can't bloody concentrate. I don't want to concentrate. I just want to feel well. Anything would be better then this feeling, well almost anything.

            "Moony are you ok?" I can vaguely hear Wormtail's worried voice addressing me but he sounds so far away that it's easy to ignore him. Poor guy people are always doing that to him; it must be horrible to be as overlooked as him.

            "Remmie?" That was James that time; obviously Wormtail's question had alerted them to my state.

            "He doesn't look to well" Sirius whispered "What should we do for him" I resisted a sarcastic comment, there it was again, I'm sitting right next to the bastard and he's acting like I'm a million miles away.

            "Remus can you hear me?" James demanded briskly. No James I'm a million bloody miles away, what the hell kind of question was that. I didn't say that though, I never do. I am after all the nice respectable boy of the Marauders kind and pleasant and always there to listen. So I nodded my head at him keeping the movement to as little as I possibly could. Any sort of movement was a bad idea.

            "Can you talk?" Wormtail's voice piped up at this point, cutting off James before he could ask the next question. I could just see the look on James's face at that piece of cheek. Well I could have if my eyes were still open, they seemed to have closed at some point though I'm not quite sure when they did that. I shook my head slowly, Hell no I didn't want to open my mouth and run the risk of throwing up. There were some hushed whispers at that point then a cool long fingered hand touched my cheek. I moaned slightly the first sound I had made all day and moved into the hand as if it was a saviour. I know it was stupid but that cold, hand felt nice

            "He's burning up really badly Prongs" Sirius said, it had to be his hand because as he spoke it was removed, I frowned in disappointment, Sirius sounded almost worried

            "He should go to the infirmary" James said, he raised his voice "Professor Remus is really ill" Cheers Prongs mate now everyone was bound to be looking at me.

            "What's wrong with him?" I heard Lily Evans say,

            "What does it look like?" Sirius snapped at her, Lily and him had never gotten alone well before "He's ill" I opened my mouth slightly

            "Paddy" I whispered, a second later I felt a strong arm round my waist

            "I'm here Remus, we all are you'll be fine" I heard the professor coming towards me, then the room lurched, the chair was gone and I was falling then I couldn't see or hear anything.

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