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Didja miss me? Probably not, since I doubt anyone remembers me or this story. Anyway, it's been seven months since I updated. I think I'm becoming lazy. Well, here's chapter three. Oh, and one and two have been edited for grammar and spelling, so they'll be a tad better than before.



In every office building there is a definite feeling in the air. Sometimes it's a gloomy, depressed emotion that makes coming to work a hassle for anyone, anywhere. Other times it's a feel-good atmosphere that makes your job a thousand times better than it actually was. For Michael Lee, the depression that had once hung over Raven's Flat like a morning fog had finally rolled back and allowed happiness to re-enter his life. Robin had contacted him last night and told him that she'd be coming to see him one last time before she and Amon left the country.

The Hunters he worked with had no clue, of course. Sheila knew that Robin was alive and well, and in contact with Michael; but she didn't know of the meeting. He planned to tell them one of these days, but it always slipped his mind. And as more and more time passed he found it harder to do than he originally imagined it would be. Though he didn't have time to think of it now, since he was in much too good a mood. There was a huge smile on his face as he switched off the ignition of his car and stepped out onto the paved garage of the STN-J's headquarters.


Michael turned around to see Sheila – the new girl – walking towards him at a frantic pace. Her raven colored hair was fluttering behind her and her eyes seemed to be filled with an uneasy, despairing emotion. Michael knew something was wrong in an instant; but what could it be? He had a hard time imagining anyone having a problem today. His mind told him it was foolish to think that way – since they weren't in his same happy world – but his heart told him that everyone should rejoice today.

"Sheila, what's wrong?" Michael inquired instantly as he hurried over to her. She bit her bottom lip and suddenly became very interested in her shoes. Michael's sunny profile was starting to melt away into a worried visage. "Sheila?"

"It's Robin." Sheila said in a voice no higher than a whisper.

Michael's heart skipped a beat. "What about Robin?" He demanded, no longer happy but suddenly filled with anger, dread and a fear that no word could possibly describe.

"Come with me, Michael-sama." She said, looking up at his face. "We have to hurry!"

Michael didn't need telling twice. He and Sheila quickly got into his car. Michael cranked the key and let the engine roar. He shot forward into the garage and then spun around, leaving nothing but skid marks behind him as he peeled out into the street.

It was too bad Michael hadn't gone into the office first. If he had, he would have realized that Sheila – the real Sheila – was sitting in the corner having a discussion about a clothing sale with Doujima. And he may also have noticed the tiny mailbox on his computer screen that was now open and showing a letter from Robin.

It was too bad Michael would never read that letter.


From: Eveonthelamb

To: Unleashed971

Subject: Meeting


Uncle has found a place for us to meet. He has a client who owns a shop in the mall. The shop is currently closed and Uncle has the keys. Pappy thinks it would be perfect since even if SOLOMON did detect us, they couldn't act out in the middle of a crowded mall.

I can't say the name of the store, for the same reasons I can't use anyone's names, but you'll see Uncle outside the shop.

Oh, Uncle is Pappy's brother. Apparently he needs a code-name too.

I'll see you tonight.

I love you.



Amon was sitting at the counter of the bar across the street from the hotel. He'd left Robin alone, but he'd also told her not to leave the hotel room. He was dressed in his civilian clothes, but he still carried a cold, dangerous look in his eyes. He wasn't sure if his decision was the right one. He didn't want Robin to see Michael today. He knew that if she did, it would make her want to stay. Then again he knew she may never get another chance.

Amon was not the kind to hide the truth – no matter how unpleasant it may be. However that was exactly what he'd done. Amon knew that once he and Robin left Japan, they would not return. If SOLOMON called off the hunt then – and only then – would it be safe to come back. But SOLOMON did not call off hunts. Amon and Robin would never see this land again. Instead they'd spend the rest of their lives moving around.

Unless Toudou was right. Unless Robin was destined to lead her people to a new age. Then perhaps they could return to Japan. However Amon didn't make his decisions based on what might happen if they were lucky. Luck was unreliable. He based everyone on odds. And the odds were they'd never see Japan – or Michael – again. He had kept this fact from Robin because he needed her to cooperate with him. He didn't feel any remorse about leaving Japan behind; but he knew she did. He knew it would tear her up inside, and he didn't need that.

Robin needed hope to survive. Amon understood that. So he did his best to keep her hope alive. He had promised her he'd watch her.

Still . . . this was wrong. Staying here even one more day was a mistake.


Amon looked up to see Robin entering the bar, their laptop computer tucked under her arm. In an instant she was at his side, opening the laptop and indicating an email Nagira had only just now sent.



To: Eveonthelamb

Subject: Fwd. Shape-Shifter

One of my contacts gave me some disturbing news.

From: Pachinko101


Subject: Shape-Shifter

Nagira, got some news today. Thought you'd like it. No charge this time; just remember that this makes us even, okay?

Zaizen's alive. I saw him with my own eyes at a local library the other day. He smashed a computer and took off. Well, I knew you'd be interested so I followed him. He met up with a witch named Dimitri Barkoff. Word is Barkoff came over here when the STN-R got wise of him. He's a shape-shifter.

Dunno why Zaizen's meeting a shape-shifter, but I figured this kind of thing was right up your alley. So . . . we're even now. Okay? My debt is paid. So leave me the hell alone Nagira.


Tokyo is one of the busiest cities on the planet, and the traffic can be brutal. Michael had not driven very much in his life, and did not realize this until it was too late. As soon as his car reached the traffic jam he decided to go on foot. Robin was too important to wait for rush hour to end. He and "Sheila" ran down the side of the road as the sun blazed overhead. It was still early, but the sun seemed hot even in the morning hours today.

"Tell me what she said one more time." Michael asked as he and Sheila hurried down a side road, towards their destination. Sheila shook her head. She had already gone over the entire conversation she'd supposedly had with Robin three times; and still Michael wasn't satisfied. Apparently Amon was dead and a witch was now pursuing her. She had tried to fight, but the witch could control water in the same way she could control fire and it made her craft useless against him.

Michael rounded the corner, not waiting for Sheila who was dragging behind. According to Sheila's further story, Robin had hidden herself in a condemned apartment building to hide from the witch. She was on the third floor, but would have to keep moving so he didn't find her. Michael felt in his gut that there was something amiss with the tale – but his heart was speeding him forward. His mind may have told him to stop and think; but the mind's logic can rarely overcome the heart's love.

Michael looked out ahead of him and there it was. The Honda Apartments, condemned for over half a year. There was a large scorch mark on the ground outside the doorway, and a puddle of water had formed on the stairs. Any doubt in Michael's mind was driven away and he ran forward once more into the twisting, winding hallways of the building. The only thing he could find was spider-webs; no sign of Robin or a witch.

"Michael-sama." Sheila's voice sounded in his head. "I have something to tell you, and I doubt you'll like it."

Michael felt a cold shiver run down his spine. Something hard and cold, something that felt a lot like the barrel of a gun; was now pressing into his back.

"In fact." Sheila's voice was replaced with a manly tone. "I think you'll positively hate it."


"Well we can't go on a hunt without Michael." Karasuma snapped.

The STN-J was in disarray. Michael was over two-hours late to work and Administrator Kosaka was madder than they'd ever seen him. A hunt was supposed to be underway; but Michael had all the data stored on his computer and no one knew his password. Therefore they could either wait for him; or attempt a hunt with no information on the witch. Either way it was bad news.

"Look." Kosaka attempted to explain once more, as a vein throbbed in his forehead. "Headquarters is already watching this unit like a hawk. Any instability within the STN-J now could mean we'll all lose our jobs! HQ doesn't trust us, and never will. We have to be operating at one-hundred and ten percent! Is that clear?"

"As clear as your bald spot, sir!" Doujima saluted him. Kosaka responded by swearing like a sailor.

Sakaki sighed. "Look, I'll go check Michael's place. Maybe he just overslept or something."

"I doubt it." Karasuma responded, looking serious. "Michael's very responsible, for him to miss work . . . I'm worried."

"Michael is not the issue." Kosaka growled. "He'll be fine, if I decide not to fire him. The issue is the witch data!"

"Can't we just get it ourselves?" Sheila asked.

"No." Karasuma responded. "He hadn't transferred the files into the public domain; it's still on the root server. And we don't know his password."

Sheila bit her lip and looked at his computer. Of course it was cliché, but she had a funny feeling that she knew what his password was. She made her way to his chair and sat down. Quickly she typed it in "" and the folders opened. "Got it." She announced as Kosaka and Doujima traded insults.

"Really?" Sakaki blinked.

"Yep!" Sheila smiled back.

"Then what are you waiting for, let's get to the briefing room!" Kosaka didn't even wait for the hunters. He and Hattori disappeared into the briefing room. However the rest of the STN didn't move quite so fast.

"I'm worried about Michael-sama." Sheila said at length.

"Yeah, me too." Sakaki admitted.

Karasuma glanced at the computer screen. The witch was a telepath. Nothing new. "Okay, two of us can go look for Michael while the other two go after the witch."

"I'll go. Sakaki can you give me a ride?" Sheila asked innocently enough. However Doujima quickly stepped in.

"Oh no you don't!" She announced. "I know your game, missy. Oh Haruto, I need a ride. Oh Haruto, I'm hungry let's get dinner. Oh Haruto, I'm unsure of my sexuality will you help me find out? Well it's not going to work!"

Sheila blinked. "What?"

"Did I miss something?" Sakaki asked.

"Shut up and c'mon, we're going after Michael." Doujima announced, grabbing Sakaki by the wrist and leading him to the elevator. Sheila merely blinked once again and Karasuma made a sound halfway between a laugh and a sigh.


Michael opened his eyes. He didn't remember closing them, but judging from his headache he had been knocked unconscious. He was in a dark room, and he was alone. Michael was still worried about Robin; but his mind had finally won a round. He was now thinking logically instead of with his heart. He'd have to find a way out of here if he was going to find Robin. He couldn't see; but he could hear.

There wasn't much noise inside the room, but there was a window on the far wall and he could perhaps hear something from it. The window had been painted black so his sight was stopped, but if he could break it . . .

Then there was the chair. Michael was tied to it, and he had lost the use of his hands. Still the cunning hacker had an idea. Moving his left foot down to the back of his right sneaker, Michael pushed the end of the shoe off. Then he lifted his right leg; the sneaker dangling from his toes. Michael kicked and the shoe flew straight towards the window. However a sneaker cannot shatter a glass window and Michael sighed in disappointment as it did nothing but bounce off.

Okay. Plan B.

Michael glanced around. His eyes were beginning to adjust to the darkness and he could see a bit better. The walls were wood with few things hanging on them. However there an odd shape sticking out of the wall behind him. Michael scooted his way backwards until he was close enough to see it better. A nail. Good. Michael scooted the chair back even further and began to rub the ropes which held his hands in place against the nail. It took a while, but Michael managed to cut the ropes enough escape from the chair. Then (after retrieving his shoes) he walked to the black-painted window.

This would hurt, but the nail was the last of his good fortune and he had no other options. Michael punched the glass as hard as he could. However, unlike movies, glass doesn't just shatter. Instead Michael bit his tongue to keep from screaming and he grabbed his hand.

Alrighty-then. Plan C.

Michael knew the odds were low, but he may as well try, right? He grabbed the window ceil and lifted. And to his amazement and bewilderment; it opened. It was hard to imagine that someone had gone through enough trouble to paint the window; but had forgotten to lock it. Eh, he wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Michael glanced outside. The window was too small for him to fit through, but now he had some clue as to where he was.

Apparently he was in a basement. That explained the small window, and the fact that he couldn't see over the fence at the end of the yard. However he could hear and that gave him all the clues he needed to close this case. There were gulls squawking in the distance; so he had to be near the docks. And there was also what sounded like a jackhammer. Construction site? They were scheduled to rebuild the dock that had been destroyed last month. He knew this because the dock had been destroyed during a hunt.

He was near the eastern docks of the bay. Okay, good. Now he just needed to escape.

"You'll never squeeze through there."

Michael's blood ran cold. He nearly fell as he turned around so fast.

Zaizen stood at the door. He looked like crap; his skin was pasty and he'd lost a lot of weight very quickly. His hair was falling out and his teeth were yellow. But he had enough strength for sarcasm; and enough to lift a .38 in his left hand. Michael felt sick to his stomach.

"Don't worry, I won't kill you." Zaizen smiled. "Not until Robin gets here."

---- ---- ---- ---- ----

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Well? Poor Robin and Michael. All they want is a little time together.

Well, don't worry too much. You guys know I'm a sucker for happy endings. Well; Semi-Happy endings anyway. I'll see you all later, and I promise it won't be another seven months before chapter four.

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