DISCLAIMER: This is all just my imagination. J.K. Rowling is the wonderful inventor of the main character. I have yet to invent any - next chapter I think.

Author's Note: This is going to be a super duper Harry Potter story - just so you know. And there will be no kissy-kissy between Harry and Hermione - romance will play a very small part, if it play any at all. An I'm not a super duper fan who knows Harry's mother's thoughts when he was born so it also goes that I do not know exactly what happened when, just the general story and ideas, so plz don't attack me b/c I don't put in how Harry's hair is very messy or how Ron is freckly or how Dumbledore wears blue robes rather than burgundy robes. I just don't care about that. But plz do put constructive criticism and flames are welcome. I usually find them entertaining. So enjoy.

1: Sixth Year at Hogwarts

Harry Potter was lying on his bed, covered by a second hand tattered blanket. His arms were crossed behind his back, and he sighed. His brilliant green eyes stared up at the ceiling and his hair had slightly grown. The Dursley's didn't want to pay for any haircuts for him.

He shifted to a more comfortable position and threw the blanket of himself. The hem of his pants was a couple inches too short for him already. At least when he got back to Hogwarts, he could get some money out of Gringgots and buy himself some clothes that actually fit. His shirt hung on him, for it was Dudley's old one.

"Harry!" Uncle Vernon shouted from downstairs. Just then, Hedwig arrived at the window. He let in Hedwig first, knowing that Uncle Vernon wouldn't appreciate the wait.

"Coming!" Harry yelled as he stampeded down the stairs; what were they going to make him do now? Ever since he got back at the start of summer, it had been one chore after another. He entered the kitchen to find Vernon reading a newspaper and practically spitting on it in his disgust.

"What is this boy? Your kind is even making trouble in the normal world." He shoved the newspaper under Harry's nose and Harry got a glimpse of the headline. Unexplainable Mystery. He snatched the paper out of Uncle Vernon's hands and sat down in a daze. Apparently, a light in the form of a skull with a snake as a tongue had appeared in the night sky. It had been glowing green and eyewitnesses were said to have an evil chill in the air. Local scientists couldn't identify the factors that caused such a phenomenon. The Religious community was up in arms; proclaiming the end of the world was coming. They have no idea, Harry thought.

"That's Voldemort's mark. He's that very bad wizard that tries to kill me every year. You must remember him." Harry said to his Uncle sarcastically. He barely registered the slap across his face. He could feel the inside of his cheek bleeding. Aunt Petunia made a sound of distress behind him. He turned to see what she was concerned about. She had never cared about the other times Uncle Vernon had slapped him around. Standing in the doorway was Hagrid.

"I just came to get you Harry. Not a moment too soon, I see." Hagrid eyed Vernon, who trembled then covered it up with a glare and snort.

"Take him then. He's just a useless freak." Hagrid's face became an angry red. He really despised these relatives of Harry's, if they could even be called that. He noticed Harry spitting blood into the kitchen sink before running upstairs then warned Vernon in a low tone.

"Touch him again sir, and you won't be seeing the last of me." Considering the fact that Hagrid towered over Vernon immensely, Vernon decided it would be wise to shut up.

"I'm ready Hagrid." Harry came downstairs, one of the first smiles of summer on his face. He didn't want to question why he was being taken away a week before school started but he was curious. Hagrid nodded, glared at Vernon for good measure, and grabbed Harry's trunk for him. Harry kept Hedwig in her cage and carried her carefully through the doorway. She hooted appreciatively.

The door slammed loudly behind then. Hagrid rolled his eyes, muttered "Muggles" underneath his breath, and smiled at Harry. "Well Harry, shall we go now to the Burrow? Ron and Hermione are already there."

"That would be cool." He nodded and Hagrid held out a small necklace. At Harry's questioning look, Hagrid explained.

"It's a portkey. It brings us into the Burrow's yard." Harry sighed. He was never going to like these portkeys. Bad memories. He grasped it in his hand and felt the tug on his bellybutton. He landed awkwardly, almost stumbling and landing on a garden gnome. The gnome shrieked in outrage and Harry fell in surprise.

"Stupid gnome." He muttered as he stood up. He heard laughter and saw Ron and Hermione watching him from the back door. "Hi guys." He waved, and then scowled when they wouldn't stop laughing.

"Sorry mate, but it isn't everyday you see the Harry Potter taken down by a garden gnome." Ron explained as Hermione wiped some stray tears from her yes. Both Ron and Hermione then hugged him tightly. He hugged them back and heard Hermione gasp and Ron grunt.

"You've gotten strong this summer Harry. Take it easy on me." Hermione said as she unwrapped her arms from around him. Harry was surprised, then thought about all the extra chores and outdoor work he had to do this summer. That probably explained it.

"You guys look great." Harry said to them. It was true. Ron had a growth spurt. He must stand close to six feet now, Harry thought. Hermione had also changed. Her hair was still in utter disarray but she cultivated it somehow, it didn't look so…poofy as it did last year. She had also developed some curves, like the sixth year girls from last year. He wonder what they thought about him, in his ragged clothes and longer than average hair.

"You look…unadjusted." Hermione said carefully. Harry laughed. "I look like crap and you know it. When can we go to Diagon Alley?" Hermione broke out with a small grin.

"Soon, Harry. Maybe tomorrow or the day after." Hermione finally noticed Hagrid. "Oh I'm sorry Hagrid. How are you?" She gave him a quick hug and Hagrid smiled, his cheeks turning a little red.

"I'm fine Hermione. Hello Ron. But I've got to be going now. Professor Dumbledore wants me back as soon as possible. You take care Harry. Owl me if you need anything. I'll see you at the train next week." Harry waved goodbye as Hagrid left through the portkey.

Hedwig hooted, tired of being ignored and confined in her cage. Harry leaned down and opened it up and she flew up into the overhanging trees. "Be careful," Harry warned, as she looked at him "I don't want you to get hurt by the other birds. Or maybe, you shouldn't hurt them." Hedwig hooted again then flew off into the sky.

Ron led the way inside his house. Harry inhaled the scent of fresh bread and something sweet cooking in the oven. "Harry! So glad you could make it. Supper should be ready in a couple minutes. Go clean yourself up and take a seat beside Ron. There you go." She talked as Harry walked upstairs with Ron. Hermione stayed downstairs, taking quietly with Ginny.

Ron threw him some clothes. His room was still a bright orange, dedicated to The Chudley Cannons, his favourite Quidditch team, and his clothes were scattered all over the floor. Harry shook his head. The Dursley's would kill him if he ever let his room get this bad.

"Mom will kill me if I let you stay that way, so here's some clothes." Ron threw him some dark pants and a light t-shirt. "They should fit you better than what you're wearing now mate, so don't complain." Harry arched an eyebrow at him. The shirt was baby blue. Ron smirked. "It will look good with your hair. It doesn't work with mine. Hurry up." He left the room to let Harry change in peace.

Harry emerged downstairs tugging on his slightly too-tight shirt. He heard Ginny giggle and Fred and George burst out laughing. He grimaced. Ron was going to pay for this.

"Looking good Harry." Fred called out.

"Boys, quit teasing Harry. You look lovely dear. Now let's go eat." Molly ushered everyone into the kitchen. The table was set with steaming food and crisp vegetables and cool drinks. Harry's stomach rumbled just looking at it. "Your father will be home later tonight. Eat up." The next few minutes were filled with silence as everyone helped themselves to heaps of food and chewed with relish.

"So Harry, are you going for the Quidditch team this year?" Fred asked. He sounded a little envious. He and George had been great beaters before they ditched school last year to run their joke shop.

"I am on the team." He said confused.

"I meant for the Captain. Are you trying out?" Fred persisted.

"Umm…I don't know. As long as I'm on the team, I'm happy. Maybe Ron should try out." Harry suggested. Ron just started laughing. "What?" Harry questioned.

"I can barely deal with the pressure of game days, let alone lead the team. No thanks. You try out. You win. We'll get the House Cup yet again." Ron said through a mouthful of food. Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Let's talk about what's really on our minds – at least, on the intellectual minds. What do we know about Voldemort's sign above London?" Hermione said briskly. The table fell silent.

"You sure know how to kill a good mood Hermione." George said. Hermione made a face at him. "We know that it's a sign. He's not afraid of showing the Muggle world about the Wizarding world. He wants them to be afraid. And we know that's not good." George finished.

"So he's planning on attacking soon?" Ginny asked. They all nodded. "Are we prepared for that? Is Dumbledore ready? Are you ready Harry?" Ginny looked at him, concern in her eyes.

"I don't know. I feel fine, magikally. But I haven't felt anything from Voldemort this summer. My scar feels normal." Harry shrugged. "But we all know the prophecy. I'll be the only one able to bring Voldemort down. I have no choice but to be ready." He sighed.

"I think Dumbledore is ready at Hogwarts also. He's been very busy this summer. Maybe he put up new protection wards." Hermione chipped in.

"I don't think we should be discussing this right now." Molly interrupted. At the groans she heard, she arched her eyebrow. "I said not now. You will have plenty of time to discuss this with Dumbledore at Hogwarts. Right now, we have to make a trip to Diagon Alley to get your school supplies and get Harry some new clothes." The table quieted. No one argued with Molly Weasley.


Next day:

"Where to first Harry?" Hermione asked as they walked into Diagon Alley. Harry looked around.

"The bank. Ron still is making me wear his funny clothes." Harry gestured towards his purple shirt and khaki pants. Hermione giggled again. He glared at her. They walked towards the bank. Harry soaked in the casual atmosphere of the place. Witches and wizards wondered around, looking into the small shops and talking loudly with friends.

Hermione waited outside as Harry ran in and got some money from his vault. He came out with a huge grin on his face. "Let's go." He grabbed her hand and dragged her into a robes store that also sold casual outfits. He quickly bought dark blue jeans and a couple dark t-shirts. He changes and came out of the dressing room, smiling with relief.

"I never saw you as a dark person Harry." Hermione remarked. "I thought the baby blue was cute." All she received was a swat on her arm and Harry paid the man who helped him out.

"Now, let's go. We have to get our books and ingredients and supplies for the school year." Harry and Hermione walked through the stores methodically until they had acquired all that they needed. Hermione quickly did a shrinking spell on them so it would be easier to lug around, and Harry put all their packages in his pockets.

"Ron!" Hermione called to Ron, who was down the street. He waved back and struggled to carry his packages over to them. Harry noticed that his packages contained well-made goods. Fred and George must be doing very good with their store. Hermione shook her head at Ron, and then shrunk his packages for him.

"Thanks Hermione. Let's get something to eat. I'm starving!" Ron led the way to the Leaky Cauldron. The server quickly brought them their butterbeers and Ron was fairly drooling looking at the menu. "I think I'll have the lasagna. It sounds so exotic." Ron said as he pondered the list of foods.

"I'll just get a poutine. It's a Canadian thing, apparently. Lots of fries, cheese and gravy mixed together. Dudley discovered it this summer and I really wanted to try it." Harry said. Hermione looked intrigued.

"I think I'll have that too." They made their requests to the server and waited only minutes for their food.

"What's the plan for the next few days Harry?" Ron asked. He was scooping up his food at a remarkable rate. Hermione looked over at him an kicked him under the table. Ron sheepishly slowed down and swallowed.

"I think I'll just sty at the Burrow. Hagrid brought me there for a reason, right? So until I get a hold of Dumbledore, hopefully he'll tell me what's going on, I'm just going to lay low." They all dug in after that.


September first:

"I can't believe we're finally sixth years." Ron said in amazement. He watched the nervous first years walk by. "Were we ever that small?"

"Yes we were. Quit staring. You're making them nervous." Hermione said to Ron. Harry threw Ron a questioning look. Why was Hermione on his case all of the sudden? Hermione just continued to stare at the Train.

"Hermione, are you okay? You've been short with Ron all weekend." Harry asked quietly. Ron glared at her.

"I'm fine boys. I'm just a little nervous, as you should be Harry. We don't know what will happen this year, and no doubt that something will happen. I'm just trying to be prepared." She defended herself.

"And being prepared is telling Ron not to stare at the first years?" Harry questioned again. Hermione's face flushed red.

"I'll just go sit with Ginny in another cart since all you are doing is attacking me. I'll talk to you guys later." Hermione swept out of the cart in a huff. Ron looked at Harry. Harry shrugged.

"I have no idea what I said to make her so mad. Was she like this before I got to the Burrow?" Harry asked, landing back into the seat. He didn't want to chase after her. When she was done being mad, she could come back.

"No, maybe it's just you." Ron gave him a wide eyed innocent look. "Maybe she likes you now mate?" Ron ducked as Harry threw a piece of flint from his pockets at him.

"Don't say that. Hermione is like my sister. Would you go out with her?" Harry shot back. To his surprise, Ron's ears exploded with red. "You would! You like Hermione!" Harry started laughing and Ron glared at him.

"Sod off. She's just a friend." Harry grinned again. "She is. But she's mad at you now, so what are you going to do about it?" Ron asked. Harry shrugged.

"She'll get over it. She always does. We'll be fine by the time we get to Hogwarts." Harry looked out the window. They hadn't moved yet. "I wonder what's taking so long."

"Everyone's on, I think. I can't see anyone on the platform. What time is it?" Ron was looking out the window.

"It's 10:59 am. We should leave in one minute." They grinned at each other, remembering the time when they missed the train back in second year. They sat back, listening to people run from one cart to another, trying to sit with friends, and counted down the last seconds until eleven o'clock. "four, three, two, one…"

"Harry?" Ron whispered. "Should we go look?" Harry growled. He just wanted to get to Hogwarts.

"Right. Let's." He opened the door to the cart and peered into the corridor. The last few doors were closing quickly as everyone found seats. He gave it a few more minutes then looked back at Ron. "Let's go find Hermione and Ginny." Ron nodded and they walked quietly along the corridor, listening at doors, trying to find the girls.

"Do you think it's anything serous?" Ron asked from behind Harry.

"No, my scar isn't hurting at all. It's probably nothing. I would just feel better if we knew where the girls were." Harry heard a laugh inside his head as his scar exploded with pain. "Ron, find the girls. Tell Hagrid, my scar…" Harry collapsed as Ron ran past him, banging on doors to carts, yelling for Hermione and Ginny. Students peered out and a loud hum of noise began as everyone started to yell and fear mounted. All Harry could hear was a deep laughter and he could feel something warm dripping around his fingers. He smelled copper. He was bleeding. His scar was bleeding.

"Harry…Harry get up." Ron shook his shoulder hard. Harry looked up and saw Hermione with Ginny. They both had very worried looks on their faces. "We found them. We have to get to Hagrid." Ron helped Harry up and they stumbled around the staring students and crying girls.

"Voldemort…he's here Ron…we have to do something.." Harry whispered through his pain. He didn't see anything, just blackness around him now. They jumped off the train and saw Hagrid just jumping on.

"Hagrid!" Hermione screamed. There was Death Eaters swarming the platform. Ginny and Hermione quickly turned around and jumped back on the train, but Ron was a bit slower, lugging Harry about. Harry finally broke through the blackness and saw the masks of the Death Eaters. In a savage twist, Harry threw all his weight against Ron and he flew into the girls as they were reaching for the both of them. The door slammed in front of Ron, leaving Harry outside on the platform. Hermione was casting spell after spell on the doors but they refused to open. Harry could hear Hagrid's roar of anger as he tried to get the doors open by force, but they were magikally shut. Most likely to protect the Hogwarts students, Harry thought with sort of a mad grin.

He turned around. In front of him stood ten or so Death Eaters. He could feel the smugness from behind their masks. He stared at them and beyond them he could see the platform filling up with more and more Death Eaters.

"Give up Potter" Said a familiar voice.

"Why hello Malfoy. How's the business?" He spoke sarcastically. He could see Malfoy's shoulder tense up.

"You are baiting death Potter, but my Lord wants the honours himself. You will see him now." As Malfoy spoke, Harry could hear Ginny and Hermione crying behind the door. He felt the train move and moved away from it. They were going to be safe. Harry nodded an walked forward. The Death Eaters separated and let him pass through unharmed. A couple growled at him, and he snarled back. Bunch of cowards.

"Happy birthday Harry Potter." Was his greetings from Voldemort. He stood among his Death Eaters, almost casually. It was hard to define him from the others unless you saw his face, which he did not hid behind a mask. "What did it feel like turning sixteen?" Harry glared at the thing that was once Tom Riddle.

"What do you want now Voldemort? To kill me? Go ahead. Try it. You've tried it before, yet you keep failing." Harry taunted him. Voldemort laughed again, amused by Harry's show of defiance.

"That is true Potter. I do." They both turned as they heard the screech of brakes. The Hogwarts Express was slowing down. Hagrid must have done something to it. Or maybe Hermione. Harry had to hurry up now.

"A duel Voldemort? It didn't turn out so well for you last time. Shall we try it again?" Harry started to walk towards him, his hand going for his wand.

"No, I think this will be far more entertaining." With that said, Voldemort turned towards the trains which was slowly making its way back to the platform and raised his wand. "Dilorico!*" The train screeched as its sides were ripped open and Harry saw the frightened faces of his friends through the tearing metal. He threw himself at Voldemort and was stopped by a full body bind spell. He felt his blood dripping over his face and down his neck. It felt hot, boiling. He began to struggle against the bonds. The wizard who threw the spell looked on anxiously as Voldemort continued to tear the sides of Hogwarts Express open.

"Harry!" Harry dimly hear Hermione call his name, and Ron's whelp of pain. It only increased his struggling. He started to feel the bonds around him weakening and didn't realize that he was starting to glow a bright white, gleaming like silver. It was as if his aura had become suddenly visible. He threw off the bonds of magic with a violent twist and heard gasps of surprise. Voldemort turned around, displeased that his fun had been ruined and laughed.

"It's time now. Death Eaters!" Voldemort abruptly ended the spell that was killing the Express train and as students hovered in fear on the mangled insides, he performed a quick bubble charm just before Ron and Hermione could run off to help Harry. They ran straight into with a hard thud and they kicked the bubble in frustration. "He's ready for the transfer." Voldemort said as he aimed his wand at Harry's gleaming aura. "Traiectio!*" Immediately, a black haze swam out of Voldemort's wand and circled Harry, falling like mist onto his aura. The silver seemed to tarnish, then diminish as Harry weakened.

Harry felt his magik ebb painfully. He felt like something was being taken from him, being stolen. No, it's mine, whatever it is, he thought. He stood up straight again, clutching his wand in one hand. It's mine, it's mine… he kept repeating in his mind. He felt the blackness fade away and looked up to see Voldemort enraged. Harry collapsed as he fought the last of the dark magik away. He felt weak, and he could see his wand hand trembling.

"Kill him" Voldemort said to the surrounding Death eaters. "Now." Harry saw their wands point as they muttered together "Avada kedavra!" He saw the flash of green aimed at him before he fell into the welcoming darkness.


My spellys:

* Dilorico - to tear open

* Traiectio - transferring