Title: A Friend in Need

Author: Sharron Ibbitson

Rating: We'll say PG13 for now, though in the UK probably more of a 15.

Disclaimer: unfortunately Captain Jack and his band of merry men don't belong to me they are the property of Disney and the actors that portray them, there I've admitted that Jack Sparrow doesn't belong to me are you happy now?

Summary: Jack gets kidnapped, and when he is rescued, he is no longer the same Captain Jack Sparrow that was taken, can his friends help him, or is he lost to them for forever?

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A Friend in Need

Captain Jack Sparrow stood at the helm of his beloved Black Pearl, starring out ahead of him at the vast expanse of ocean. A light breeze gently blowing the loose strands of his long hair from side to side. He sighed to himself, this to him was perfection. Stood at the wheel of his ship, his Pearl, yep this was certainly where Captain Jack belonged. He took a deep breath of the fresh sea air, then turned his head to bark out his orders to his crew, after all a captain had to ensure that his crew stayed on their toes. The Pearl had had a very successful couple of months since Jack had managed to claim his rightful place as captain on the fastest ship in the Caribbean two months before. He smiled to himself at the recollection, a pirate is supposed to be out for himself, only after as bigger loot as possible, yet somehow young William Turner and Elizabeth Swan had integrated themselves into the pirate's once stony heart. He almost hated himself for caring about the young couple, as it was so unlike him, yet he just couldn't help himself. Will reminded him so much of old Bootstrap that it was uncanny, Jack shook his heads to clear his thoughts, they were fast approaching their target, and he had some looting to do.


"There she is" Jack told his first mate, gesturing wildly with his hands, and displaying a mad grin of satisfaction as he caught sight of their prey., Gibbs simply nodded in agreement, after all these years he was more than used to his slightly mad captain. He turned his attention to where the younger man was looking. The Spanish ship was at full sail, yet the Pearl was catching her effortlessly. Jack winked at Gibbs then turned his attention back to his crew. "Right you rabid dogs, we've got some plundering to do" he shouted out and Gibbs nodded before seconding the command and ordering the crew to their tasks. Jack silently loaded his pistol and rested one hand on his cutlass and the other on the wheel.

"Right then lads, let's get us some loot" he muttered to himself, as they got close enough to the merchant ship, they raised Jack's personal colours, and began to do they did best. The Black Pearl turned with a grace that was neigh on impossible for a ship of her size, and the gun were aimed menacingly at the other ship. Jack smiled slightly, pleased with the way that his crew were so in tune with each other and his beloved ship. Merchant ships were easy money for the Pearl and they all knew it, yet it never paid to get too complacent. Jack's attention was immediately caught at the loud rapport of a cannon, he ducked down out of habit, and he discovered that the seemingly harmless merchant ship was in fact firing upon his ship.

"They're shooting at my bloody ship" he exclaimed in astonishment, he hadn't seen that coming. "Interesting" he muttered under his breath, though his face was set into a grim line of concentration. "That's no bloody merchant ship" he muttered to the first mate stood besides him. "Return fire, come on now!" he yelled at his crew, and immediately they set to work. "Does nobody honour the bloody rules anymore" Jack ranted to himself and he paced up and down his ship, seemingly oblivious to the cannon balls flying over his head as he did so.

"I think we need to get on that ship" Gibbs commented to his captain, and Jack nodded, the usual look of insanity missing from his eyes as he agreed.

"Men take arms, we're commandeering us a ship" Jack shouted, louder than usual to be heard above the chaos around him.

"Aye aye captain" the men responded as one by one they armed themselves with muskets, and cutlasses and followed their captain, just as they always would.


The fighting seemed to go on forever, yet Jack still didn't know exactly who they were fighting, generally it held no odds to a pirate, but jack was no ordinary pirate, he disliked being tricked in such a deliberate way, he flicked his cutlass into the man in front of him, and set off to help the remainder of his crew. It was difficult to tell who was winning there current fight, if anyone was at all. The whole scene was one of chaos with bodies littering the ground, and the deck wet and sticky with blood spilt. Men on both sides were falling and Jack was beginning to wonder if this was a fight that they couldn't win.

"Captain Sparrow does not give up" he muttered to himself, and it became his own personal mantra as he fought on. He used every dirty trick in the book; to ensure that he would not he killed that night. He locked blades with what felt like the twentieth adversary that night, and kicked the man hard in the knee satisfied when he heard the tell tale crunch. He looked up, making the most of the moment to survey the scene before him, eventually he found his first mate desperately trying to ward off two men, Gibbs looked exhausted Jack noted in concern, and immediately headed in that direction. Grabbing the rigging that hang loose above him, he swung across, his feet impacting solidly with he first man's head, and then he took his sword to the second, his arms burnt from the heavy sword he wielded, yet he did not let up until the man was on the floor.

"Well don't; just stand there? Aren't ye supposed to be filling your pockets?" Jack asked turning to his older first mate. Gibbs managed a weak smile of gratitude.

"Aye Captain, I believe I am" he responded, and with that he turned on his heal and went to round up some others to help him pilfer; as soon as he was gone Jack gratefully sank down to his knees. He rubbed his hand over his weary face, and just concentrated on breathing. He was pent, and for once he didn't mind admitting it, that had been too close. For a moment he thought he was going to end up having lost all of his crew, and then his pearl and that would have been more than we could have bared. He gingerly pushed his hand against his side and wasn't supposed when it came back red and sticky, yet he knew he had only been clipped by his opponent's blade. He sighed again and wearily got to his feet, pulling his trademark waist sash a little higher to cover the obvious sign of injury. He slowly traversed the length of the deck and made his way back to his own ship. Unfortunately for Jack in his tiredness he allowed himself to be sloopier than he usually would have been, and so was caught by surprised by a sword to the throat.