*** Slaved Prince *** GENRE: Angst

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RAITING: PG-13 for now, R for later chapters

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WARNINGS: There will be slavery in this fic. Don't Like, don't read.

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AUTHOR NOTES: So this is my first English LOTR fic, so please, don't be to harsh on me. Before you read this, I knoooooooow Elrond would never do anything like this, but this is fiction you know?

SUMARY: Thranduil sends his son, and only heir to Rivendell hoping to protect him. Lord Elrond accepts to take care of him, but (there's always something, isn't it?) Legolas won't be any other elf, he will be taught to be some kind of personal assistant to Lord Elrond. But, what will happen with Aragorn´s arrive?

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**Slaved Prince**
(Introduction) Legolas was sitting in a tree, humming a song and watching the sunset, when his caretaker came running to him.

"My prince, please come down. I must take you to the king," said the elf, out of breath.
"Ohh, couldn't we stay a little longer?" asked Legolas, hopeful.

"No, my prince, as much as I would like to please you, I'm afraid that we can not linger here any longer. Your father is waiting for you," replied the elf, taking Legolas´ hand and leading him towards the kingdom.

"Fine then, if Ada is waiting then we should hurry!" said the little one and started running, leaving the elder elf behind and worried.

"Be careful, my prince!" he said, watching Legolas running.
"I am always caref...uh.." The little elf couldn't even finish the word when he collided with another elf. " Sorry," he said, standing up and running again.

The young elven prince of Mirkwood was one of the fairest of the Elves. He had long blond hair that reached his shoulders, beautiful ice- blue eyes, and a thin frame. Though he was still very young (even for elves), he was one of the most loved elves in the realm. Not only because he was beautiful, or Thranduil´s heir; he was also gentle, intelligent and had a good heart.

Thranduil, as you all know, is Legolas´ father and the king of Mirkwood. He is a very loving elf, always concerned for his son's welfare. He loved Legolas.

"Ada, you wanted to see me?" asked the young elf, entering his father's study, and running towards him.

"Legolas! How many times have I told you not to enter a room without knocking first?" said the king, his face stern
Legolas stopped abruptly. "I'm sorry, Ada," he said, lowering his gaze to the floor, pouting.

"Come on, Legolas," said Thranduil, opening his arms, calling for his son with a smiling and warm face. When his son was finally sitting in his lap, Thranduil took a deep breath.
"What is it, Ada? Why did you want to see me?" asked Legolas with a playful voice, laughter still lacing his tone.
"You know we are having some problems here in the realm, don't you, Legolas?" the King asked and waited for some kind of response; when Legolas nodded he carried on. "The dark forces are gathering strength." He paused again and sighed. "Legolas, I want you to go to Rivendell to live with Lord Elrond.

"But Ad.." Legolas was going to talk back when his father cut him off.

"Let me finish, Legolas. You are going with Lord Elrond. He'll take good care of you. We talked and reached an agreement... you are going to be raised as any other elf." He watched his son's face. It was perplexed.

"Ada, I don't want to leave you. I want to stay with you. I promise I'll be good, I promise I'll be good. I promise," said Legolas with tearful eyes.

"No, Legolas, I has nothing to do with you being bad or anything like that. It's because I love you that I want you to leave. I'll die if something bad ever happens to you, my sweet boy," said Thranduil. "I'm sending you next week with an escort of our best warriors to protect you on your way to Rivendell."
"Do I really have to go?" whispered Legolas.
"Yes, my dear boy, you really have to go. But don't worry, you'll have so much fun in Rivendell that you'll forget about me," he said, trying to cheer his son up.
"No, Ada, I could never forget you, never!" cried Legolas, hugging his father tightly.


The week went by amazingly quick. Legolas had been really sad, he did not want to leave his father and be alone in Rivendell. He understood that his father wanted to protect him, but he did not understand why he had to leave. If he could only stay in Mirkwood, then he'd be really happy.

"My prince, everything is ready for us to go," said one of the warriors that would be accompanying Legolas to Rivendell

"Thank you, Aliöth. Do you happen to know where Ada is?" Legolas asked.

"He is talking to the captain." Legolas didn't respond; he just went running toward his father's whereabouts. He had to say goodbye.

"There you are, Ada! I wanted to say goodb... What's wrong Ada?" asked Legolas, confused. His father's eyes were full of tears.

"Nothing is wrong, Legolas, I was just talking to Halieth about your trip and I realized how much I'll miss you," he said hugging his son

"I'll miss you too, Ada," said young Legolas, starting to cry.

"No, Legolas, we mustn't cry. Now, it's time for you to leave. I'll go with you to the borders, then you'll continue with your escort," said Thranduil, taking his little son's hand and walking with him towards the horses, helping him to mount.

When they were passing the borders of Mirkwood, Legolas looked back and saw his father waving his hand and crying. He couldn't believe he was leaving Mirkwood.

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