Slaved Prince

GENRE: Angst

AUTHOR: Leannan Sidhe


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WARNINGS: There will be slavery in this fic. Don't Like, don't read.

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AUTHOR NOTES: So this is my first English LOTR fic, so please, don't be to harsh on me. Before you read this, I knoooooooow Elrond would never do anything like this, but this is fiction you know?

SUMARY: Thranduil sends his son, and only heir to Rivendell hoping to protect him. Lord Elrond accepts to take care of him, but (there's always something, isn't it?) Legolas won't be any other elf, he will be taught to be some kind of personal assistant to Lord Elrond. But, what will happen with Aragorn´s arrive?


Elrohir was strolling down a hallway in Rinvendell's gardens when he heard a scream. Instantly he recognized Legolas´ voice and hurried over to find Legolas

The sound had been heart wrenching, filled with pain. Elrohir felt scared for Legolas.

He was now running; his steps were almost soundless, the air was rushing past his ears. What could have happened to make Legolas scream like that?

When he finally reached one of the desolated chambers of Rivendell, he heard, "Ada... Ada, please help me, please..."

"No one is going to help you, slave."

He entered the room right away to find the young elven prince lying on the floor and Eledhlim laughing as if he enjoyed the scene. His laughter cutoff suddenly as soon as Elrohir came into the room.

"What happened here, Eledhlim?" asked Elrohir, kneeling beside the young elf.

"I don't know, Elrohir... He was playing with the iron rod and burned himself, the silly elf," was Eledhlim response.

Elrohir was not fooled, but decided that Legolas's health was the priority at the moment. He'd deal with Eledhlim later. He scooped Legolas in his arms and carried him towards the healing chambers.

When Eledhlim was found almost dead near Rivendell almost 200 years ago, Elrond had taken care of him. Eledhlim had never told Elrohir what had happened to him before they found him, but the son of Elrond had the feeling it had been awful.

That was why Elrohir felt doubtful about Eledhlim's actions. He knew Eledhlim was capable of harming a child, but did not know to what extent.

"Don't be frightened, Legolas. Everything is going to be okay," whispered Elrohir reassuringly to the young elf that was unconscious in his arms.

When Elrohir finally saw the healing chambers he felt relieved and entered, calling for one of the healers, "Baradiel!" He waited impatiently, wishing the elf would hurry up.

"What is it, Elrohir? What do you..." The healer paused, noticing the young elf in Elrohir's arms. "What happened to him?" he asked.

"He has a burnt hand, and he obviously passed out," replied Elrohir.

"Lay him on the bed over there and let me see him," said Baradiel, washing his hands.

"I am afraid the wound on his hand is not the only one..." whispered Elrohir sadly.

"We shall check him over then. Hold him up while I remove the tunic," instructed the healer. "Where was he?" Baradiel removed the child's robe to ensure there wasn't any other wound on his body, but unfortunately he did find another on his back.

"Near my Adar´s study. He had already passed out. Eledhlim was with him," said Elrohir looking nervously into the healer's eyes, unable to see Legolas' abused body.

Baradiel nodded going to one of the cabinets where he fetched a basin with cool water and a clean cloth . "Lay him on his stomach please."

The healer waited for Elrohir to settle Legolas on the bed before he submerged Legolas´ hand in the water and washed it thoroughly, trying his best not to cause any more harm. When he finished, Baradiel applied a soothing ointment over the wound and dressed it with the clean cloth.

He then proceeded to clean the wound on the child's back. This one was larger than the one in his hand, and obviously more painful. As soon as Baradiel's hands had touched the burn the young elf had awoken, screaming in pain and trying to move away from the healer's touch, but Elrohir had held him in place.

"It's okay, Legolas. Hold still for a second. I know it hurts, but my friend is trying to help you. Let him cure you, Legolas," said Elrohir, trying to calm down the young elf, stroking his hair.

Legolas hissed when the healer resumed his treatment, and Elrohir continued to soothe the elf. "Try to think in something else but the pain, Legolas. Think about the night sky. The moon shining, the stars sparkling above your head..."

Elrohir's words worked on the young elf. Legolas stopped moving and took deep breaths, trying calm down.

Baradiel finished washing the wound and then applied more soothing ointment over the elf's back. Then he went to another one of his cabinets and took a small vial that contained a clear liquid. "This will soothe the pain..." he said, trying to get Legolas to drink the liquid. When Legolas, with Elrohir's assurances, finally drank the liquid, he immediately felt sleepy and was quickly asleep. "I'll go and fetch a night robe for him. Could you stay here with him?" asked Baradiel

"I'll stay," he said, removing a strand of hair that had fallen over his forehead and put it behind his pointy ear.
Legolas woke up suddenly; he was dizzy and confused. The young elf opened his eyes and, overwhelmed by the brightness of the room, closed them again with a whimper.

"I'm glad you finally woke up, Legolas," whispered someone.

Legolas opened his eyes slowly this time, and saw Elrohir hovering over him. His dark hair fell in a cascade over his shoulders, and his bright chestnut eyes sparkled with concern.

Legolas looked around the room, trying to decipher where he was. Elrohir, realizing the confused look on Legolas´ face said in a low voice, "You are in the healing chambers. You are going to be okay now."

"How did I get here?" asked Legolas in a somewhat frightened, but relieved voice.

"I heard you scream and looked for you. When I found you, you had already passed out and I brought you here," was Elrohir simple response.

"But what about Eledhlim?"

Elrohir felt the fear in Legolas´ voice and replied soothingly "I'll take care of that. Now rest, my fair prince, rest."

Elrohir felt the urge to keep Legolas awake so he could ask him about what had happened, but the young elf needed rest.
Eledhlim was scared. If Lord Elrond found out what he had done to Legolas he could be expelled from Rivendell. The Lord could be strict sometimes, but he did not approve cruelty.

Eledhlim recognized he had crossed the line. Many times he had overdone something, but every time Elrond would forgive him because of his past. But this time it involved a child. An innocent child.

He feared Elrond would banish him from Rivendell. As scared as he was, he tried to make himself look good in front of Lord Elrond.

"Lord Elrond," he said entering the Lord's study. "I want to talk to you about the slave..."

"Don't call him a "slave", Eledhlim. Now, what about Legolas?" replied Elrond, in a calm, but distracted voice.

"He burned himself and tried to make Elrohir think I had done it," said Eledhlim, lowering his eyes and playing absently with a book on the Lord's desk.

"He did? How did that happened? Is he okay?" asked the Lord, concerned for the child's well-being. He had promised Thranduil he would take care of his son, and if something bad happened to him, he had no idea if he was going to be able to face the elven king.

"He is fine, my Lord."
"Has anything changed?" asked Baradiel, entering the healing chambers.

"He woke up a while ago, but I told him to rest."

"Good, good. Here." Baradiel handed Elrohir the sleeping robe for Legolas.

Elrohir took it and tried to undress the elfling without waking him up, but he wasn't successful. Legolas´ eyes shot open.

"Shh, Legolas, it's okay," said Elrohir reassuringly. He waited for Legolas to calm down and then asked him the question that had been lingering in his mind. "What happened, Legolas?"

"Eledhlim punished me," replied Legolas in a low and shaky voice.

Elrohir carefully hugged Legolas and held him, trying to keep the young elf from any other harm. "I'll protect you, Legolas. As long as I can, I'll take care of you."

The reason of the punishment was left unspoken. Elrohir could ask Eledhlim about it later.

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