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Chapter 7: Approaching the Battle

Legolas looked around for Aragorn as the Uruk-hai came closer to the Deeping Wall. He finally spotted him and heard his voice as he shouted out instructions to the Elves.

"Tangado a chadad!" (Prepare to fire!) Aragorn yelled. The Elves listened to him and notched their arrows, aiming at the sea of monsters below.

"Faeg i-varv dîn na lanc a nu ranc," (Their armor is weak at the neck and beneath the arm) Legolas called out to his countrymen, glancing side-to-side. Everyone, Elves and Men alike, were tense with anxiety, worried about the looming battle. None wanted to fight, but all knew they must. It was neither here nor there to Legolas, all he wanted was for him and Aragorn to both make it out of the battle alive. And Gimli as well, come to think of it.

"Leithio i philinn!" (Release the arrows!) Aragorn ordered, his voice ringing clear to everyone. With a dull twang from every bow, a shower of arrows flew over the side of the Wall, raining onto the Uruks. Many fell, but still more advanced. Legolas' heart was heavy in his stomach as thoughts of what these fiends could do to his Aragorn came unbidden to his mind. The Elf couldn't believe they were in battle so soon after he held Aragorn in his arms when he thought he had lost him.

"Did they hit anything?" Gimli asked Legolas eagerly, interrupting the Elves thoughts.

"Many, but not enough," Legolas replied shortly, his keen eyes seeking out Aragorn's lean form. He was determined to make sure no harm came to Aragorn. He wanted to keep the Ranger safe at any costs.

"Fire!" Gamling shouted to the men. More arrows showered onto the Uruk-hai, but their numbers somehow seemed unaffected.

"Ribed bant!" (Full volley!) Aragorn ordered to the Elves behind him. Another sheet of arrows flew over their heads onto the Uruk-hai, making little difference. Legolas was anxiously looking from the advancing army to searching out Aragorn's form and back again. He was a bundle of nerves and knew he would be reduced to nothing if the battle raged on for very long. Next to him, Gimli was fidgeting, eager for Uruk blood.

"Send them to me! Come on!" he demanded impatiently, shifting his weight from foot to foot. Below, the Uruk-hai wielding crossbows had managed to shoot down several of the Elves from the Deeping Wall. Other groups of the enemy began to lift ladders loaded with Uruks. Legolas' heart stopped, the resumed beating triple the normal pace.

"Pendraith!" (Ladders!) Aragorn shouted. Legolas looked around for him and their eyes locked.

"Good!" Gimli growled, shifting his weight eagerly. Looming shadows fell over the warriors as the ladders neared the walls.

"Swords! Swords!" Aragorn cried, pulling out his own. Legolas readied his bow, silently chanting to whatever deity listening to keep Aragorn out of harm's way. He didn't think he would be able to bear it if Aragorn died in front of him. The Elves drew their blades, preparing for close combat. The first ladders hit the wall and sneering Uruks leap over the barriers and launch themselves at the Elves. One threw itself at Legolas and, startled, the Elf dodged to the side, sticking an arrow in its back. He renotched his bow with the dripping arrow and shot it into an Uruk's neck. His movements became blurred and mechanic as he systematically notched, aimed, and released arrow after arrow. He could see Gimli chopping though various Uruks. His eyes sought Aragorn's muscled form, but their search was in vain. He began to panic after a few minutes of looking around with no fruition.

"Oh, Aragorn, where—"

Suddenly, the lithe Ranger leapt into his line of vision, slicing with his sword and sending an Uruk head rolling. He caught Legolas' eye and grinned at him, his eyes twinkling as they threw a promising wink his way. Legolas' heart jumped and he felt as if he were melting into a puddle, the usual reaction to one of his love's looks or winks. He felt his vigor renew itself as he began fighting with a new jolt of adrenaline.

"Legolas, two already!" Gimli shouted, holding up two thick fingers proudly. Legolas shot through another Uruk-hai and looked up at his friend.

"I'm on seventeen!" he called back, his cheeks flushed with energy. He was amused when Gimli glared at him in outrage.

"Argh! I'll have no pointy-ear outscoring me!" Gimli exclaimed. He spotted and turned to an Uruk just climbing over the wall, hitting it in the groin and killing it as it fell to the stone below their feet. Legolas smirked and fired two more arrows, deciding to join in the competition.

"Nineteen!" he added, a triumphant tone decorating his voice. Gimli scowled. Legolas grinned. He saw Aragorn out the corner of his eye slash through several Uruk-hai warriors, fighting to reach the wall. He struggled and finally managed to push one of the many ladders off the wall. Legolas silently cheered him on, but realized a second later, the flood of Uruk-hai had barely diminished. He shared an anxious glance with Aragorn across the sea of heads as they threw themselves into the battle.

Legolas fought his way to Aragorn's side and together, they battled against the seemingly never-ending supply of Uruk-hai storming the Keep.

"Legolas, promise me something," Aragorn panted as he cut easily through an Uruk diving at him.

"Anything, melethnîn," Legolas replied, releasing several arrows in rapid succession.

"If I die tonight, promise me you'll find someone else to love," Aragorn whispered, ducking under a charging arm. Legolas nearly dropped his bow as he stared in shock at his beloved. "Legolas, move!"

The Elf stuck an arrow through the neck of an Uruk as it closed in on him.

"Aragorn, you can't be serious!" he exclaimed.

"I'm deadly serious," the Ranger replied, his voice thick.

"I won't do it. I'm sorry, I – I can't," Legolas argued stubbornly as he and Aragorn absentmindedly continued fighting.

"Legolas, I can't guarantee that I'll make it through this battle. You however, are one of the greatest warriors I've ever seen. You'll survive."

Legolas glanced around quickly and spotted a little niche where they would be hidden from everyone else. He pulled Aragorn from the battle, the other man responding with a yelp, and pushed him into the forgotten niche.

"Legolas, what are you doing?" Aragorn hissed, glancing frantically around. "We could be killed!"

"Aragorn, I absolutely refuse to find another to love if you die," Legolas whispered urgently, getting right to the point. The Ranger opened his mouth to protest, but Legolas placed a slim finger over his mouth to prevent it. "I spent most of my life alone. Then I found you and I truly started living. I don't even want to imagine what my life would be like without you. I won't."

Aragorn looked as though he was going to protest, but Legolas' earnest look seemed to make the words die on his tongue. He leaned forward and captured the Elf's lips in a deep kiss (1).

"I love you," he whispered when they broke apart.

"I love you, as well. And don't worry, you filthy Ranger, I will keep you alive," Legolas teased. Aragorn laughed as they leaped back into the battle. Legolas looked down the battlement and saw Gimli standing between to ladders, hacking away at the Uruk-hai as they appear over the ledge. Legolas fought his way closer and heard Gimli counting.

"Seventeen! Eighteen! Nineteen! Twenty! Twenty-one! Twenty-two!"

Legolas laughed as he threw himself back into the battle, making sure to keep Aragorn in his line of sight. He heard a shout and glanced over to the Causeway. A group of Uruk-hai warriors were advancing towards the door of the hold, using their shields to block any attacks.

"Causeway! Na fennas! Hado ribed! Hado!" (Causeway! Hurl to flow! Hurl!) Aragorn shouted to the Elvish archers, gesturing wildly towards the column. A sheet of arrows was released. Aghast, Legolas watched as several of the Uruks on the side were shot down, the rest of the warriors continuing on. Below on the ground was a strange sight. The Uruk-hai were separating and making a free path for another. The Uruk was carrying a torch and was running towards the wall. Legolas realized they had a berserker on their hands armed with some form of dynamite. His hands were on his bow and arrow even as Aragorn's voice rang out.

"Togo hon dad, Legolas!" (Bring him down, Legolas!) Legolas unleashed and arrow, burying itself in the Uruk's shoulder. It yelped and stumbled, but ran still. "Dago hon! Dago hon!" (Kill him! Kill him!) Legolas shot another arrow at the Uruk. Again it stumbled. Then it leapt towards the wall. Legolas dove to the ground a second before that section of the wall was blown away. He scrambled to his feet and frantically searched for Aragorn. He saw him lying on the ground. His heart stopped and he forgot all about the battle, fighting to reach his beloved. Somewhere above him, he heard Théoden shout, "Brace the Gate! Hold them! Stand firm!" A cry came from somewhere in front of him and he saw Gimli leap onto the Uruk-hai.

"No!" Legolas cried. A swarm of Uruks prevented him from seeing when was going on with the Dwarf.

"Aragorn!" he heard Gimli shout. He cut down as many of the beasts as possible and spotted Aragorn stumbling to his feet.

"Gimli!" Aragorn turned to the Elves behind him. "Hado i philinn!" (Hurl the arrows!)

A shower of arrows, Legolas' included, shot down the first group of the Uruk-hai flooding through the breach in the Deeping Wall.

"Herio!" (Charge!) Aragorn roared, drawing his sword and leading the Elves into the thick of the frenzy. Legolas grabbed a discarded Uruk shield and sent it sliding across the ground towards a staircase. He leapt onto it and rode it down the stairs, shooting several arrows into Uruk-hai warriors. At the bottom of the stairs, he kicked the shield, stabbing it into an Uruk-hai. He glanced towards the breach and saw the multitude pouring through the hole.

"Aragorn! Fall back to the Keep! Get your men out of there!" Gamling shouted as he fought his way into retreat.

"Nan Barad! Nan Barad!" (To the Keep! Pull back to the Keep!) Aragorn shouted, gesturing to the warriors wildly. "Haldir, nan Barad!" (Haldir, to the Keep!)

Haldir nodded and turned back to the onslaught of Uruk-hai. Legolas struggled to get to the Keep while making sure Aragorn was doing the same. He dashed through the swarm of fighting and heard Haldir shouting orders to his men. He looked towards the voice and saw an Uruk stab the Elvish warrior's arm. Haldir killed the Uruk and glanced down at his wound disbelievingly. Legolas' eyes widened in horror, watching as if the world had slowed, as an Uruk-hai warrior slid its sword into Haldir's neck.

"Haldir!!" Legolas snapped his head around and saw Aragorn racing to Haldir's side. He caught the fallen Elf as he fell, landing on his knees. Aragorn saw Legolas looking at him and bowed his head in grief as Haldir's head rolled back, his eyes empty and unseeing. Aragorn lay the deceased on the ground and let out a feral yell as he leapt to his feet and jumped onto a ladder, knocking it off the wall onto the army below.

"Aragorn, no!!" Legolas exclaimed, running to the edge and looking over. He heard a cracking sound to his right and glanced over. The Uruk-hai had broken through the gate and were shooting the Rohirrim warriors defending the gate.

"Brace the gate!"

"Hold them!"

Legolas looked down once more, searching for the foolish Ranger that he loved. He was nowhere to be seen. Legolas felt the tug of death on his heart once more even as Gimli tugged on his sleeve.

"Let's go, Legolas, we've got to get inside!" he cried, dragging the Elf away from the edge.

"Gimli . . . we can't leave Aragorn out there," he protested.

"Aragorn can fend for himself. He's a king. We're not. Let's go!"

With that, he was pushed inside the Keep. He whirled around in time to see the heavy gate slam shut. Théoden was hacking off and Uruk's arm that had its meaty fist clamped around Gamling's throat. In return, the king received a lance in the shoulder, denting his armour. Gamling struggled to lead the man away from the fighting. Legolas knew it was selfish and irresponsible of him, but he ducked behind a pillar where he couldn't be seen.

"Please, let him be all right," he whispered to himself, close to tears.

"I hope you're talking about me," came a throaty voice. Legolas opened his eyes with a start and saw Aragorn smiling wryly at him. He threw his arms around the bloodstained Ranger and held him tightly.

"You have to stop throwing yourself into situations where death is a certainty," Legolas mumbled into his shoulder. Aragorn laughed.

"I'm sorry, my love. I promise, I won't do it again intentionally," he teased, pressing his lips to Legolas' to cut off the impending retort. Legolas sank into the kiss, allowing himself a moment of pleasure in what seemed to be a year of pain. After a moment, Aragorn pulled away and kissed Legolas again softly.

"As much as I'd love to do that all day, we do have to help these poor people," he murmured against Legolas' mouth.

"Do we?"

"Yes, melethnîn, we do," Aragorn laughed, pulling the Elf out of his hiding place. "Come on."

"Hold them!" Théoden shouted to the men. Aragorn dashed away from Legolas' side and stabbed at an Uruk peering through the broken gate.

"How long do you need?" he asked, turning back to the king.

"As long as you can give me!" Théoden replied. Aragorn nodded and locked eyes with Legolas. They each nodded, an unspoken promise being given, before turning away and returning to the battle.

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