Trouble: A Knights of the Old Republic Fan-fiction
by: Sam Lincoln

Rating: PG

Summary: A hyperspace accident throws Bastila and Revan into a galaxy of intrigue. Whatever happend to happily ever after?

Spoilers: If you haven't finished the game you'll be damn lost.

Trouble: Chapter Twenty

A pair of hooded figures walked into the cantina near the lone spaceport on Deragil VII. Deragil was a small, mostly abandoned colony on the Outer Rim. Very little traffic past through the spaceport, and most of what did was the sort of cargo that a person didn't ask questions about. The cantina reflected Deragil's motley nature, and none of the patrons paid the two humans any mind as they made their way to a shadowy booth in the rear of building.

"Glad to see you could make it," Mace Windu said a Bastila and Revan slid into the booth.

"There might be a bounty on our heads, but so long as we steer clear of the Outer Rim we should be ok."

"Clashed with Palpatine you have, understand now do you?" Yoda asked.

Revan bowed his head, "I know the price that must be paid to defeat Palpatine and the Sith."

"Much like you Anakin is," Yoda said, cutting Revan off. "At once our doom and savior. Trouble yourself not that you do not walk Anakin's path. Other tasks intended for you the Force does."

"Yes, that's what I've been persuaded to believe," Revan said with a sidewards glance at Bastila.

"What happens now?" Bastila asked.

"Now we wait for Palpatine to make his move. The Republic will fall, there will be civil war, and in the end, if everything goes as it should, the Sith will be destroyed and the Republic can rebuild," Windu said.

"A new hope for the galaxy as it were," Revan said bitterly.

"Be not bitter," Yoda said. "For the best this will be in the end, but heavy the cost is yes," he added.

"What will you do now?" Windu asked.

"Is this the part where I give you the coordinates to Rakata and you send Jedi there to form a secret Academy to weather Palpatine's rule?" Revan asked.

"I don't know, is it?" Windu asked evenly.

"I'm sure that's what Palpatine expects, but it's not what I have in mind," Revan declared. "This is your mess. I did my best to clean it up, but your actions made that impossible. You're on your own from here on out."

"So that's it, you're just going to become a hermit and shut yourself off from the rest of the galaxy?" Windu challenged Revan.

Revan shook his head, "This isn't our time or place, we don't belong here. We've already been to Rakata, and I've spoken with the ancient living computer that resides in the Temple of the Ancients. It says it knows how to recreate the hyperspace accident that brought us here in the first place."

"So running away you are," Yoda observed.

"I'd call it going home," Revan countered. "If we were to stay it's inevitable we would encounter Palpatine again, and next time we might not be as lucky as we were."

"The coming Rebellion will greatly need both of your talents," Windu pointed out.

"They shall have to do without," Bastila declared. "Palpatine would know if either of us were behind any Rebellion movement and he would stop at nothing to destroy it, and us."

"But if he were to think a brewing Rebellion had no Jedi influence he would be more inclined to view it as a nuisance and not worth his time," Revan said, cutting Bastila off. "But you already knew that," he added.

"Crossed our mind the thought has," Yoda allowed.

"Before we go there is one thing, could you give this to Anakin for me?" Revan handed Windu a holocron. "There were some things I wanted to tell him that I won't get the chance to."

Windu took the holocron from Revan's hand. "I thought you had washed your hands of us."

Revan shrugged, "Like Master Yoda said, I see a lot of myself in Anakin." Revan stood, "We should be going, I don't want to keep you from Coruscant for too long, you never know who might take notice."

Windu nodded, "It truly was an honor to meet both of you."

"We feel the same Master Windu," Bastila said.

"May the Force be with you both," Yoda said. He reached out with a clawed hand and touched Revan's. Neither Bastila or Windu noticed the Force flow between the two Jedi, but there was a flash of recognition in Revan's eyes that he quickly suppressed. Yoda nodded slightly as if to answer an unasked question.

"I think you'd better keep your benedictions to yourself Master Yoda," Revan grimly said. "You're going to need them more than we will." As Revan turned to leave a datapad fell out of his robe and landed on the table. Neither Revan or Bastila paid it any mind.

"Now glad are you that they came here?" Yoda asked Windu as they watched Revan and Bastila walk out of the cantina.

"Yes old friend, you were right. They've altered events, and forced Palpatine's hand. He will move before he is ready and now we have a chance."

"More important than that seeds Revan has planted in Anakin. Grow they will into the Jedi's salvation."

"For all they have done for us, I wish we could have told them something of the road that lies ahead of them."

"Dark their path is, yes, even to me," Yoda agreed. "Done with them the Force is not, but turn to light darkness does eventually."

Windu reached out and picked up the datapad. "Who knows, that might even be the case for us," he said. A smile played across his lips as he read the coordinates for Rakata off of the pad.

"Master, my spies have been unable to find any trace of the Ebon Hawk or it's crew," Dooku told Palpatine. Dooku regretted that they were holding this meeting face to face. Palpatine's rage after the battle of Korriban had been tremendous. Even now, weeks afterward Dooku was reluctant to meet with his master in person. "It is as if they dropped off of the face of the galaxy."

"They have gone into hiding somewhere my gaze cannot penetrate," Palpatine declared. "And I know exactly where he is."

"Rakata," Dooku said. "We do not know the coordinates of the planet, and there should be enough residual Dark Side energy to mask their presence," he continued on, ignoring the annoyed look on Palpatine's face.

"Yes, Rakata, very astute guess Lord Tyrannus," Palpatine snarled. "He undoubtedly will find a way too activate the energy shield that protected Rakata from space bombardment. So that if we were to find Rakata we would be unable to harm him."

"From there he could mount a very effective resistance movement against you my lord," Dooku pointed out.

"Yes," Palpatine mused, "he could at that. Tyrannus, I have a new charge for you."

"Yes my lord?"

"Construct me a weapon that can destroy an entire planet in one shot," Palpatine instructed his apprentice. "Revan might think himself safe on Rakata, but we will show him the true meaning of power."

"But such a weapon would have to be enormous," Dooku said as he tried to imagine such a weapon.

"Indeed, and what better way to display the might of the new Sith Empire?" Palpatine asked. "Seek out the Geonosians, they have the expertise necessary to create a weapon of this magnitude."

Dooku bowed, "As you command my lord."

"And Tyrannus, one more thing." Palpatine reached out with the Force and grabbed Dooku by the throat. "Don't think that your attempts to recruit Bastila Shan and use her to move against me went unnoticed. Never forget which one of us is the Master and which is the Apprentice."

"I remember Master," Dooku gasped out as he felt his throat being crushed.

Palpatine released his grip on Dooku who dropped to his knees. "Go, there is much you need to do." Dooku picked himself up and strode out of the chamber without saying a word. "Dooku grows more hard to control by the day," Palpatine mused to himself. He had not wanted to have to destroy his current apprentice jus yet, Anakin Skywalker was still not ready to be initiated into the ways of the Sith, but if Dooku's insolence continued to grow Palpatine might have no choice.

"Sleep well Anakin," Obi-Wan counseled hid Padawan. "Don't forget, tomorrow we're going to Alderaan for a trade conference."

"Yes master," Anakin said. Obi-Wan turned and walked out of the darkened dormitory room. Anakin waited for the door to close behind Obi-Wan before he reached under his bed and withdrew a holocron. He cradled the holocron between his hands and played the message recorded on it.

A small hologram of Revan flared to life. "Hello Anakin, I wanted to be around and help with your training, but sometimes life doesn't work the way you want it to. I have to return to the Outer Rim, and you will probably never see me again."

"However I did want to leave you with some advice. The first is listen to Master Kenobi, he really is looking out for you and wants to see you succeed. The second s that no-one, not even Master Yoda, has all the answers."

Revan paused a moment before continuing, "What I'm trying to say here is that you should follow your heart, not the Jedi Code. Don't get me wrong, the Jedi Code contains a great deal of wisdom and you should aspire to follow it's guidelines, but if you follow any creed blindly you are potentially compromising who you are and that just as surely leads to the Dark Side as pushing Jawas into a furnace."

"Don't fear love Anakin," Revan continued. " It gives you strength and someone who knows love, well they can never truly be claimed by the Dark Side. There will always be a little spark of the light buried in them.

"I should wrap this up because I don't have much time and you probably don't want to listen to me ramble on. May the Force be with you Anakin Skywalker, I'm sure you destined for great things." The hologram of Revan flickered, then faded out.

Anakin returned the holocron to its hiding place and stretched out on his bed. He wondered what would cause a Jedi Master as powerful as Master Delwynn to depart with such speed and secrecy. "Trying to figure out why a Master does things is as hard as trying to herd tachs," Anakin muttered to himself.

Anakin put Master Delwynn out of his mind and rolled over on the bed. He tried to picture his mother's face as he drifted off to sleep but was perplexed when Queen Amidala of Naboo slipped unbidden into his dreams.

"Are you ready?" Bastila asked Revan. They were standing in the Ebon Hawk's cockpit which hung in orbit around Rakata. It had taken several weeks to make the necessary modifications to the Ebon Hawk's hyperdrive. "You've seemed...withdrawn since we met with the Masters."

"It's nothing, I've just been thinking."

"About what?"

"If we go back...I don't think Jolee's vision will come to pass," Revan carefully said.

"How do you know?"

Revan shook his head, "It's just a feeling I have. There's something dark looming there."

Bastila took Revan's hands in hers, "Revan there is always something dark looming. We simply have to make do with the time we have between galactic emergencies."

"We could stay," Revan said. "Nobody would be the wiser if we turned around and landed on Rakata."

"You'd be terribly bored playing the hermit," Bastila pointed out. "I don't care if we're careening into another crises. We're going home, back to our friends and family. I've missed them all, haven't you?"

Revan nodded, "A galaxy without Mission or Jolee does seem poorer doesn't it?" He admitted. "So you're ok that we're leaving the fairy tale ending behind?"

"Fairy tale endings are for children," Bastila admonished. "I'm far happier with the real thing."

Revan pulled Bastila close, "That's good enough for me." He leaned over and kissed Bastila. "Ok T3," he called out. "Let's get this show on the road."

The droid twittered over the com that it was readyy to activate the hyperdrive. Bastila and Revan settled into the pilot seats. "You know there's no guarentee that this will work," Revan pointed out.

"I'm perfectly willing to place myself in the Force's care," Bastila said calmly. "Wherever we end up is where we're supposed to be, and most importantly we'll be there together."

Revan smiled, "I can't argue with that. Activating the hyperdrive now." Revan pushed the levers that operate the hyperdrive forward and a familiar rumbling began to shake the Ebon Hawk. "Hold on," Revan said. "We're on our way."

Standing still in space the Ebon Hawk appeared to shudder violently and began to glow a brilliant white before shooting into hyperspace with a flicker of pseudo motion. The frieghter left nothing behind to mark its passage and the dead planet of Rakata continued is silent orbit as if nothing had happened.

-the end.

Author's notes: And it's offically done, finally. Where did Revan and Bastila end up? That's up for you to decide gentle reader, though I suppose if you don't want to break continuity they wound up back in their own time. That was actually the challenge I put myself up to. Write a story that both "improves" on the prequels and at the same time doesn't too horribly breaks the continuity that Lucas set forth. Whether or not I pulled that off is again an exercise for the reader. I hope everyone enjoyed this little tale, it certainly gave me something to do when I was bored at work. See you next time.

-sam, 1/1/2005