Author's Note: Ok people. This is my first Stargate fic, but my sister Andromeda Silver, has written several. Go check them out. Anyway, this is an excerpt from something I will finish if you people like it enough and want me to continue. Drop me a line, let me know if it's good or bad, if you like the characterizations or not. Thanks!

The soldier leaned in towards Jack and Daniel, Jack slowly tilting his chair backwards as the general came closer.

"Who are you?" the general demanded.

"Us?" Daniel looked over at Jack, who shrugged. "Nobody."

"Why were you sneaking around in the dark on a military base?"

"Because we didn't have a flashlight," Jack retorted.

"Why were you there in the first place? Are you spies? Who sent you?" the general demanded, slamming both hands palm down on the rickety table.

"Does he look like a spy to you?" Jack asked incredulously, nodding his head towards Daniel, who smiled innocently.

"No spy actually looks like a spy," the general countered.

"Then what makes you think we're spies? Maybe we're stupid tourists out to see the sights," Jack replied.

"Well, actually, he's a stupid tourist…I'm his friend," Daniel answered. His eyes suddenly widened at the implications that one sentence could be twisted to mean. "Not that kind of friend!"

"Sure muffin, you just keep pretending," Jack quipped, smiling sweetly and batting his eyes.

"I ask you again, what are your names?" the general demanded.

"My name is Jack-" Jack's smile suddenly grew wider, "-son…Daniel Jackson."

"What?" the general and Daniel cried.

"Daniel Jackson? Renowned archeologist, linguist, and Egyptologist?" the general asked.

"And part time crackpot with hair-brained ideas about the pyramids being built by aliens," Jack supplied.

"Then who are you?" the general whirled on Daniel.

Without missing a beat, Daniel replied, straight faced "Sam Carter."

Jack had to bite his tongue hard enough to bring tears to his eyes to keep himself from laughing.

"The brilliant astrophysicist and Air Force Major?" the general asked.

"The very same," Daniel replied.

"The file said Captain Carter was a female," the general pointed out, narrowing his eyes in suspicion.

"Key word being 'was' a female," Daniel replied immediately.

Jack fell into a horrendous coughing fit that sounded suspiciously like howling laughter.

"All right!" the general shouted, silencing the two errant vacationers. "What were you doing on my base? I would like to know before I have you thrown into prison!"

"You mean we aren't already? Damn, you need to redecorate. Maybe paint this place a nice taupe," Jack said.

"I heard taupe is soothing," Daniel piped up.

"TELL ME!" the general roared. He kicked the chair Jack was sitting in over backwards, knocking the colonel's head against the cement floor.

"Stop it!" Daniel immediately demanded. For an archeologist, Daniel could look quite intimidating.

"Not until you tell me what I want to know!"

Jack had recovered enough to make one more sarcastic remark. "I don't think I want to tell you. You just hurt me some more."