Beauty and the Warg

by Dreamality

Summary: On her way to the Broadway play Beauty and the Beast, Wendy is in a car crash. When she awakes, she is in the one place she's always dreamed of going –Middle-earth! But there's just one problem… she's stuck in the body of a Warg until she falls in love! When she meets Legolas just before the Battle of Helm's Deep, can she convince him to love her, beast though she is?

Disclaimer: Lord of the Rings and all related characters, settings, events, etc. belong to J.R.R. Tolkien and New Line Cinemas. Beauty and the Beast belongs to Disney and their associates. The Broadway play belongs to… well, someone who is not me. I make no money from this venture.


Chapter One: The Journey Begins

Wendy bopped her head and tapped the steering wheel to the beat of the music currently blasting out of her car's stereo speakers. She was singing along under her breath but did not dare sing any louder –she wasn't exactly Christina Aguilera and had been known to crack windows with her off-key singing. But she was so excited that she didn't even notice the strange looks other drivers were giving her for her eclectic dance moves. Wendy was maneuvering through the dangerous Manhattan streets towards Broadway. By the grace of some unknown entity, Wendy had scored tickets to the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast for herself and her best friend!

Wendy was a seventeen year old high school senior who had lived in New York City for ten years. She was tall and good-looking, though like all humans she did have faults. She had plain light brown hair that fell to the middle of her back. It was stick-straight, very thin, and somewhat stringy. She usually wore it in a messy ponytail or bun. Her big eyes were probably her best feature. They were light brown with flecks of green and gold that only showed up in bright sunlight or under a full moon. Wendy had worn glasses until she was fifteen, when her parents had finally agreed to let her get contacts. She had a pleasant smile, as well she should after going through seven years of orthodontics. Her love of coffee gave her teeth a slightly yellow tint, but it was hardly noticeable. Currently her smile was at its widest and brightest. Adrenaline coursed through her body as she came ever nearer to Broadway.

Beauty and the Beast was Wendy's favorite story of all time. When she was little, she dressed as Belle every Halloween, and sometimes coerced her younger brother into playing the Beast. She had gone to prom in an exact replica of Belle's golden ball gown, even dying her light brown hair a few shades darker to match Belle's. Even though she had lived in NYC for so long she had yet to see this play, and now she was finally going! She could hardly contain her excitement –indeed she nearly peed herself in anticipation! Luckily she managed to hold it, although she had a spare pair of pants in the back seat in case of an emergency.

The only thing Wendy liked more than Beauty and the Beast was Lord of the Rings. She had seen all three movies more times than she could remember and had read the books so many times she practically had them memorized. It was the soundtrack for Return of the King that was playing in her car. She had seen ROTK for the fifth time the day before and spent all night dreaming of enchanted Disney princesses ensnaring the attractive Prince of Mirkwood. (There was one odd dream about Arwen falling in love with a beastly Orc, but Wendy just tried to block that one out of memory.)

But Wendy's life was about to take a drastic turn for the worst. She was sitting at a red light, urging it to change to green so she could be on her way. She was about ten minutes away from the designated meeting place she and her friend had a greed on. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity or two, the light turned green. Wendy stepped on the gas, looking ahead towards the bright lights of Broadway. She didn't see the red Mustang come plowing from her left and slam into the driver's side of the car. She didn't hear her own scream. She didn't see the shattered glass or the twisted metal or the blood.

All she saw was a bright white light, so bright she wished she had sunglasses. There was no pain, no sound, no feeling at all. Only the bright white light. In an instant, her life flashed before her eyes, and then an instant later the entire Disney version of Beauty and the Beast, followed by all three Lord of the Rings movies, flashed through her mind. She later recalled feeling confused at this, but at that moment everything went black and she was rendered unconscious.


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