Stuck On You

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Summary. A man who doesn't believe in love and a woman who doesn't trust it find out just how wrong they can be. . .

Warning. . .This Does Contain Lemon! Read At Your Own Risk. . .

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Syaoran untangled his fingers from the massive curls of Sakura's hair and rolled over in bed to look at the clock. It was six in the morning, and through the window, he could see the sun was starting to come up.

Nice morning. The best he'd had in years actually. He turned to his side and smiled at the person who made it so damn wonderful.

Sakura was sleeping contently with her hands tucked underneath her cheeks, a blissful smile playing on her lips.

He reached out and brushed some stray hair off of her angelic looking face and smiled slightly at her reaction to his touch. Her leaning into it made his heart swell.

Life didn't get much better than this.

He sat up in bed, stretched, then looked at the clock again. It would be nine in the morning back in China. Song Lei, Syaoran's close friend and chief of police, would already be at work, chomping on gum for his anti-drug against smoking, and making China a better place to live and play. Grabbing the cordless, he punched in Lei's cell phone number. While it ran, Syaoran stuffed his pillow behind his back and leaned against the headboard. At long last, Lei answered.

"I'm staying here." Syaoran said. Sakura woke at the sound of his voice, and he pulled her against him, letting her listen to the conversation.

"Where? Japan?" came Lei's muffled yet undeniably curious voice.

"Yea, I had a slight diversion and missed my flight outta here."

"Syaoran, I hope you know I know you better then that. You Forgot my ass! Wild animals couldn't get you to leave China. . .and now some sort of Diversion is keeping you there?"

"You forget that it was all Meiling's plan to get me to relax here. Meiling is much worse then any wild animal you could encounter." Syaoran laughed.

"That's true," Lei chuckled, "but what's the real deal Syaoran? Don't tell me you met a woman?"

"Maybe." was Syaoran's fast and easy response.

Lei laughed at the other end of the phone. "Let me guess. Great breasts. A platinum blonde Marilyn Monroe type—"

What ever was going to come out of Syaoran's mouth was quickly suppressed by Sakura's slight shriek of terror and sudden pull of the covers so that she could cover herself up.

Syaoran chuckled and responded with a quick: "I'll leave those details for you to figure out."

"When do you think you'll be back?"

"Not going back." Syaoran pulled Sakura to him, cherry face and all, and hugged her to him.

"Going to use the Li money to live then?"

"Nah, I might open up something here. It'll be a good investment."

"Like what? No offense man, but your not good at anything but fighting."

Syaoran could feel his friend smirk on the other side of the phone. "Well, that's what I was going to open up. A karate school. There's a sort of abandoned building down the road from this really quant bookstore. I was gonna buy it and put all of my years of practicing to good use."

Sakura smiled against him and drew patterns on his chest, a content sigh coming out from her throat.

"Looks like you've got everything planned out already. So what's the Real reason you're not coming back?"

"Got a cute little green eyed girl I'm thinking about settling down with. She's stubborn, impulsive, and —"

"Does she cook?"

Syaoran grinned. "Yeah. In fact, we're gonna go eat a snack as soon as I get off the phone. She's got a new dessert I've been dying to taste."

"You're getting married!" Four harpies shrieked simultaneously, miraculously keeping any glassware in tact.

"Are you happy or mad at me?"


Before poor Sakura could make a quick getaway, she was tackled by Tomoyo, Meiling, Rika, and lastly, Naoko.

She was instantly bombarded with questions and compliments along the lines of, "When did this happen!", and, "I thought this day would never come!" Until finally, "Who is it?"

All eyes turned to look incredulously at the speaker. Tomoyo.

Meiling had the decency to smack her over the head and glower at her for ruining such a time stopping moment.

"What do you mean, 'who is it'? WHO DO YOU THINK IT IS SUNSHINE!" Meiling cried.

Sakura laughed. It was moments like this that made her the most happiest.

"Hey Sakura. . .you know what this means right?" came Tomoyo's sly question.

"What?" Sakura tilted her head to the side and acknowledged them with a confused gaze.


"Oh shit. . ."

Once again, Sakura was bombarded with questions along the line of, "How many strippers should we get?"

Why did she tell them she was getting married again?


'How did I get myself into this mess?'

In his hands, Syaoran held a newly bought tiny kitten. 'What possessed me to get this scrawny little thing?'

He held the cat an arms length away from him as he walked down the street to his car.

"Oh, but he's just lonely." Sakura breathed against his ear, nibbling it gently.

"I'll buy a cat to play with him."

'Oh yea. . .I did tell Sakura that I would buy her dog a cat. Why the hell did I say cat? All they're going to do is fight all of the live long day.'

Syaoran sighed and inspected the cat closely, holding it close to him. His fur was such a dark shade, one might consider it black, and it was sleek and clean. Syaoran wondered for a moment why anyone would want to throw put up such a distinct and exquisite cat up for adoption.

Suddenly, the cat hissed a loud growl and scratched Syaoran's nose with the tip of his nail.

"Shit!" Syaoran retracted and once again held the cat at an arms length. "I think I know why they didn't want you. . .stupid cat. . ." Syaoran murmured.

The aforementioned feline looked up at Syaoran with big gold eyes and meowed cutely.

"Yea yea. . .just don't attack me again or you'll be sorry, cat." Syaoran stopped. "I can't keep calling you cat can I? Alright, I've always been keen to Spinal. How about that, 'ya smelly cat, you like Spinal?"

Spinal growled deep in his throat, possibly a sign that he didn't like the name given to him. Syaoran only smirked. "Great, Spinal it is."

Three Weeks Later

Soft Sakura pedals drifted down, down, down settling lightly on the blushing bride's breasts. Sakura Kinomoto Li had been married a magnificent total of three hours and twenty-two minutes, but her new husband and new owner of the 'A Shot In The Dark' karate school, Syaoran Li, had already carried her through the threshold of Sakura's shop, trounced up the stairs with her cradled into his arms, stripped away her silver-and-white flower-studded wedding gown, provided delicately by Daidouji Fashion, laid her in the center of their bed, and right this very moment, smiled down at her as he sprinkled the last of the petals all over her body.

Only minutes ago, he'd been a man in a tremendous hurry, convincing her to sneak away from their April 14th wedding reception in the park, from the rabid screaming girlfriends Sakura had, who'd generously agreed to take care of Kero and Suppi, as Sakura liked to call Spinal, during the honeymoon, from the dazzling fireworks, and from Syaoran's four overly exuberant sisters. They left gum-chomping Song Lei, who'd spent the evening dancing with Natsumi, the young and single owner of "Midnight Escapade", and a few dozen relatives of both Sakura and Syaoran, who were too busy downing beer to notice anything else going around them.

Now he was a man of great patience. A man who obviously had a plan. . .of total seduction.

Syaoran turned on the music that Sakura had expected to be something soft and romantic. "Can't Help Falling in Love" maybe, or "Surrender," which she was more then willing to do of course. Instead, pure rock rolled in through the room and Syaoran began his moves.

He tore off his coat, his tie, and his shirt, his pelvis rocking and rolling in rhythm with the music, offering Sakura her own private floor show.

A lock of his dark chocolate hair fell over his brow, and his hips swiveled seductively. He kicked off his shoes, and in a strip that left Sakura breathless, he rid his body of all other nuisances – except one.

Surprised and delighted, Sakura crawled to the end of the bed and took a nice long look at Syaoran's shiny new belly button ring and. . .well, she also peeked at another fixture on his fabulous body, on that wasn't exactly dangling.

Reaching out to Syaoran, she caught the golden ring, curling her finger through the lustrous circle.

"Goodness, what a nice ring you have." She said, and tugged her husband, the man she loved and would always cherish, toward her gently.

"A girl like me could easily get stuck on a guy like you."

The Big Bad Wolf winked.

"That's the idea, my dear. That's the idea."



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