Journal Entry March 4th 2005

God what a day I've had. Kim, Mon and I went to the movies and I met the second most beautiful girl in the world, right behind Kim. She was selling tickets at the theater. Of course since I'm such a loser I have no chance with this girl right? After the movies we went to Bueno Nacho. I asked Kim 'what kind of a chance does a guy like me have with a girl like that?'. She had to ask Monique whether she should give me her 'honest opinion or best friend fudge'. Makes me wonder what her honest opinion was? Probably that I had not much chance of getting with a girl like that. 'Then what sort of a chance would I have of getting with you Kim?' Of course I didn't ask her that.

March 5th

Actually talked to Zita (that's her name I found out) today at the theater, of course I had to buy a ticket to every show, and still never got to really talk to her. Anyway while I was seeing one of the many movies I had a ticket to I got a beep from Kim. She was waiting for me outside the theater. We were walking out and almost passed by Zita.

"Wait." I stopped Kim from walking any further.

"What?" Kim was sounding irritated for some reason.

"Zita might see us." Kim was all like yeah so? "Try and see it through her eyes. You and me coming out of a date movie…together." That's when I found out just how much my supposed best friend thought of being seen with me.

"You and me…on a date?" God she made it sound like it would be the worst thing that could happen to her.

I just looked at her for a second then covered my tracks "Yeah what am I thinking, lets go."

First she lets me know I have basically no chance of ever getting with her. Then tops it off by saying she wouldn't be seen even going on a date with me. What a great friend she is.

March 7th

Had an interesting encounter at school today. Saw Bonnie and Josh talking, well more like yelling at each other. Seems that Josh was dumping Bonnie to go out with Kim, my Kim. After Josh left Bonnie just sat down and did something I'd never seen her do. She cried. That's when I had an idea, so I walked over to her.

"Hey Bonnie." I was smiling, she took it the wrong way.

"What the fuck do you want loser? You here to gloat? Maybe get yourself some points with Kim?"


She looked a little confused, 'the best friend of my worst enemy isn't here to rag on me?'" What then?"

"Seems we have the same problem." She looked a little more confused, then she asked me "That problem being?"

I gave her a tissue "Kim."

Her eyes lit up as she dried her tears, "If you're playing me I'm going to fucking kill you. But tell me more." We went to her house to discuss our mutual problem and how to deal with it. I even got a rebound fuck off her. Lots of fun that girl.

April 8th

Kim called today. "Hey Ron you want to come over and surf cable TV? We got like 50 new channels."

I had to turn her down once again, I had a busy schedule, not as busy as when I had both Zita and Bonnie on tap. But busy nonetheless, Bonnie had a voracious appetite for sex. "Not tonight Kim I have…uh other things to do. Bye"

Anyway I had to get to Bonnie, it wouldn't do to let that fine piece of ass go to waste. Besides we still had to figure out what to do with Kim.

More later got to head to Bon's

That dirty little bitch, she has someone keeping an eye on me. After I left Bonnie's house Kim showed up.

Kim watched me leave Bonnie's house, and let me get out of sight before she knocked on the door.

"What the hell do you want Kimmie?" Bonnie was hot, Kim had the nerve to come to her house?

"Why was Ron here?" An innocent enough question.

"If you want to know, why don't you ask him? Bitch!" Bonnie slammed the door in Kim's face, wish I could have seen that. Bonnie called me on my cell after that "Hey Ron. Its Bon. Yeah, hey listen Kim was just here looking for you."

Guess I should have known better than to think Kim would just let me be. Seems she missed having me at her beck and call.

April 9th

Kim and I were at Bueno Nacho, one of the few things we still did together that I actually derived pleasure from. I was enjoying a Naco when she asked me.

"Ron why were you at Bonnie's yesterday?" I damn near choked on my food.

"What? How did you know where I was?" I sure sounded pissed. Did I stalk her when she was doing her thing? No.

"I had Wade track you down for me." She sounded apologetic, but who knows she lies to me all the time.

"Why?" A simple enough question for you to answer Kim, do your best with it.

"I have been worried about you, you spend so much time doing stuff without me now."

"Sorry that my life isn't Kim-centric enough for you, and not that its really any of your business but Mr. Smith has Bonnie and I working together on a school project - if that's ok with you Ms. Boss Lady."

"I'm sorry Ron, blah blah blah…" I kind of zoned her out for a bit there.

"Don't worry Kim. I know that sometimes growing up means growing apart; but I'll always think of you as a friend. Probably the best one I ever had." 'Until you turned bitch on me that is.'

God I am a hell of a good liar, she felt so bad that she treated me for dinner that night and even gave me a little kiss. She probably thought that was the highlight of my life. Not!

May 20th

Kim and I hang out when we can make the time, of course there have been a few occasions where she forgot about me, like my time isn't important.

May 26th

Haven't been on any missions lately, Kim has been too busy with josh to do much world saving. Fine with me, that gives me more time to spend with Bonnie. We have actually gotten to be fairly close, even discounting our mutual dislike of Kim and Josh. Of course Bonnie has her reputation to protect so we never act chummy in public, she even still rips on me in front of Kim. Besides her being with me isn't exactly going to give Mankey any fits of jealousy. From what I've been hearing in the locker room (between the beatings I get from the aforementioned Mr. Mankey) he is wanting to take Kim's cherry, Which gives me a great idea…