Chapter 5: Tying up Loose Ends

Journal Entry

June 10th

The call was made. 'You ready? Meet in the park in 15?'

'Make it 30 I have to get cleaned up can't go out looking like this.'

I was sitting waiting as you approached, I noticed a certain trepidation in your step.

We grabbed hold of each other in a hug. I told you I was sorry for everything.

We kissed. Kissing turned to groping to rolling around on the ground. One on top of the other struggling for dominance. I got on top, you always wanted me on top.

'I'm sorry about the way I treated you ,you didn't deserve it, I should have known better, you did love me. I was just too scared to admit it. Can you ever forgive me?'

I lean in close, we lock eyes with each other. I smile. 'No.'

I see the fear fill your eyes.

June 11th

You came to me looking for the love and support of a friend.

I was your best friend. If you couldn't trust me then who could you trust?

But you deserved it.

I want to watch cartoons. The TV has nothing but news on.

News about Bonnie, the bitch. Got what she had coming after the way she played us against each other.

Josh. He got his too, never even saw it coming. Have fun in college you fucking gimp.

I'm bored, going back to bed.

June 12th

More damned news I want cartoons. They found another dead kid, you. They say it was suicide. There was a note about 'love lost'.

Too much pressure on us kids these days.

June 14th

Your parents thanked me for always being such a good friend to you.

I played my part well, the grieving friend, I deserve an Emmy for this.

Made it look good at your funeral, gave you a little kiss.

I put on a grieving face to hide my smile.

No one thinks to question me.













Because I'm Kim Possible.

Definitely THE END

AN: ZING! Sorry its so short. I needed a way to wrap up some of the weird loose ends. That and I don't believe that Kim would be as forgiving as everyone else might think she would be.