Hold On To Me By: Jade O'Neal

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Catwoman did a cartwheel and grabbed Harley's gun from the cement floor. Next, she did a back flip and came to stand behind Joker. She wrapped an arm around his neck and pressed the gun's barrel to the clown's head.

"Maybe you should think twice before threatening someone, Joker," she whispered into his ear. "You'll end up getting yourself killed."

"You wouldn't dare," he said with a deathly cold tone.

"Oh wouldn't I."

Then here was a click from another gun.

"Not so fast, Kitten." Harley's voice stated, "I'll put a hole in your head if you try anything."

Catwoman narrowed her eyes. "I'll shoot him, Quinn."

"And then you'll die, followed by Batsy. You won't be able to stop it," the girl told matter-of-factly. "You'll both end up dead."

"Damn. I guess I should have thought of that." Catwoman quickly made a roundhouse kick and knocked the gun out of Harley Quinn's hand. Clayface then rammed into her a second later, and she instantly lost her gun and the hold she had on Joker.

Clayface had her covered with his body mass, and she couldn't breathe. Catwoman struggled, but no use came of it. After a few moments of being deprived of oxygen, his grip on her weakened. When his mud crawled away, she gasped for air.

Catwoman glanced over at the once famous actor to see an electric baterang sticking out of him. She knew electricity was the one thing that affected him.

Somehow, Batman had gotten out of his predicament and was fighting Harley, fist to fist. Catwoman saw Joker raise his gun from his position on the floor; he was aiming it at Batman.

Without hesitation, Catwoman ran in The Caped Crusader's direction. She leaped and shoved him out of the way, but didn't miss the bullet in the process. Although it didn't hit Batman, it plowed through Catwoman's abdomen before she slammed into the ground.

She couldn't move.


"Selina!" Batman screamed and looked where the wound was located. From what he could see, the bullet had gone completely through, but he didn't know if it had punctured any organs.

The Joker started to cackle that evil laugh of his, and Batman raised his eyes look at his mortal enemy. The clown still had the gun pointed at Batman's head; this time, there was no way out.

"Here's the punch line, Batsy." Joker cocked the gun and pulled the trigger, but the bullet never made contact. A green shield had appeared out of nowhere.

Batman had to grin. Lantern was still alive.

"Nice try," GL said. "Too bad Batgirl's a genius."

Hawkgirl and Flash came in. She yelled her war cry and attacked Clayface, and Flash raced in and took on the Penguin. Batgirl came to kneel beside her boss.

"She's been shot," he told the younger bat. "Take care of her."

When she nodded, Batman pulled out a baterang and his grapple. He shot out the grapple and flew back into the rafters so he could see everything that went on.

Joker and Harley were sneaking away, but The Dark Knight was hot on their tail. He raced through the rafters and leaped from the beam just above the insane duo. Batman landed on Quinn, did a flip, and stood to face Joker.

"Not nice..."

He narrowed his eyes. "How else would you learn, Joker?"


Hawkgirl flew into the studio, passing Lantern and Batman without glancing at them. Clayface needed to be taken down. She gave her war cry and literally slammed her mace into him. The weapon sunk into his liquid-like body, as if it had fallen into sludge.

Clayface started to laugh at the winged redhead, but she had a plan of her own. Hawkgirl grinned in return. With a simple squeeze from her hand, the electric mace turned on, and shocked the pile of clay that stood before her.

A few seconds of electricity, and he wasn't going anywhere.

She then noticed someone move out of the corner of her eye: Ivy. She launched the mace in the villain's path, and it nailed Ivy head on.

"Oops," she mumbled sarcastically.


"She's been shot. Take care of her," Catwoman heard Batman order. She opened her eyes to take a glimpse of him, but was surprised to see Batgirl instead.

The burglar smiled. "You again."

"Yeah. Me again." Batgirl gently touched the injured stomach. Catwoman winced, and the girl asked, "What stupid thing did you do this time?"

"I just jumped in front of a bullet that was meant for your employer." She closed her eyes again. "Batgirl?"


"I can feel that... I'm losing a lot of blood."

Another person entered the conversation, but she didn't recognize the strong, male voice.

"We have to move her," he said.

"How?" Batgirl asked as she applied pressure to the wound. "She needs medical attention now."

"I'll take her. You help the others."

It was then that she lost consciousness. When she gained it again, all she could see were bright lights.


Batman twisted Joker's wrist, making him drop his revolver. Joker then tried to punch Batman with his left fist, but the crime fighter blocked it and punched him in return.

"I hate you," Joker muttered as he slipped to the floor of the abandoned studio. He was out cold.

The Dark Knight turned to see Batgirl cuffing Quinn, Hawkgirl dragging Ivy to Flash, and Flash cuffing Penguin. Clayface lied still in the corner. Batman pulled out his batradio and contacted Gordon.


"Batman? What is it?"

"I need you to send a squad to the old, abandoned television studio near the warehouse district."

"I'll send Bullock. I'm tied up here at the hospital. Your friend, The Green Lantern, brought in a wounded Selina Kyle."

Batman paused a moment and then asked, "How is she?"

"I don't know. It looks bad. They're prepping her for surgery ask we speak."

"Can you contact anyone? Family, an old boyfriend, or someone?"

"I'll take care of it. You sit tight 'til my boys get there."

Before the commissioner left the frequency, Batman got his attention. "Jim?"


"She saved my life."

"That's what your friend told us."

Batman turned off his radio and looked at Batgirl, who was still drenched, and didn't say a word. She nodded, as if she understood.

He needed to be alone.


Hawkgirl watched Batman shoot his grapple and leave the rest of them behind. The Thanagarian joined Batgirl's side.

"Where's he off to?" she asked the younger girl.

"I don't know," she answered as Superman and J'onn flew into the studio.

"It seems like you have everything under control," Superman observed. "You ladies all right?"

"Catwoman was hurt," Batgirl stated. "Lantern took her to Gotham General."

"Come, Batgirl. Allow me to examine you for injuries," J'onn requested and guided her to where The Flash sat.

Superman then asked, "Where's Batman?"

She shrugged. "No clue. He didn't say where he was going."


Hawkgirl bit her lower lip. "Had Batman fallen in love with Catwoman?"

This time, the Man of Steel shrugged. "Couldn't tell ya."

"Somehow, I figured you couldn't."


Green Lantern crossed his arms over his chest and sighed. He and Commissioner Gordon were standing outside Selina Kyle's recovery room, waiting for news on her condition.

"What happens to her if she makes it?" GL questioned.

"When she's fully recovered, she'll stand trial for a few unsolved robberies that we believe she was involved in," he answered and sipped his coffee.

"Daddy?" a girl's voice said from the doorway. The redhead ran into her father's arms and planted a kiss on his cheek.

"Oh, Barbara. Thank God you're all right. Where in the world have you been?" The white-haired man held his daughter tightly and smoothed her hair.

"Don't be angry with me. I was with a friend," she explained.

He shook his head and quickly kissed her forehead. "Sweetheart, it doesn't matter. As long as you're safe, it doesn't matter."

John smiled and decided to discreetly leave the waiting room, giving the father and daughter their privacy. A feeling nudged Lantern in the pit of his stomach. Either he was thinking of Shayera or, oddly enough, he recognized the girl.


Batman slipped into the hospital room through the window he had easily unlocked. Although he had left the hectic studio hours ago, he had spent most of the time outside Gotham General, watching from a rooftop. It had taken him at least an hour to build up the nerve to even look at Selina's helpless body, let alone step into her room.

He walked to the foot of her bed and checked her chart. Selina had always been a fighter, and this injury proved no different. The surgery had stopped the internal bleeding just in time, and her vitals were strong.

After putting the chart back, Batman made his way to Selina's side and looked her over. She was as pale as a ghost and attached to several machines. He couldn't have possibly felt any guiltier. Because she had some kind of a bond with him, Selina was lying in a hospital bed.

He had nearly gotten her killed...again.

Gently, he caressed her cheek. Even after all the years of the flirting, the attraction, the chasing, and the fighting, Bruce still loved her. He knew he always had.

He knew that he always would.

Batman brushed a few of her bags off her forehead, and she reacted with a soft sigh.


"Full house!" Joker announced with a cackle. Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Penguin, and Riddler threw their cards on the prison table in frustration.

"Hooray for Mr. J!" Harley cheered from her seat on the sofa beside a brooding Lex Luther.

"Thank you, Harl. All right. Pay up!"

"Could you keep it down over there?" Lex yelled. "I'm trying to watch the news."

"Sorry, Lexy," the Joker apologized. "Didn't know you were so ornery."

"He has every right to be, Clown," Ivy huffed and carefully touched her black eye for emphasis. "You and your outrageous plan fucked us all."

Joker laughed. "You didn't have to agree."

"But we did, and I wish I hadn't," Riddler shared as he cashed himself out. "We didn't accomplish a damn thing. None of them are dead."

The Penguin dealt the cards. "This is just a minor setback. We'll be out in weeks."

"Speak for yourself," Lex interjected. "I'll be out in days."

Ivy rolled her eyes and muttered, "Rich murderer," under her breath.

The Joker shook his head with amusement and glanced at his cards. He had two aces, an eight, and a joker. All he needed was another ace because jokers were wild.

"Fact is fact, Joker. You underestimated the Justice League," Two-Face said and sorted his hand. "We should have just killed the kids, without waiting." The former D.A. glared at the clown and shoved him.

Joker fell to the floor and dropped his cards, including the several aces he had up his sleeve. Instantly, he saw the anger in Harvey's eyes.

He gave an innocent face. "Uh... Sorry?"


{Don't waste your heart on a wild thing She's got a soul that won't settle on one thing This bird can't sing when you've tied its wings So, don't waste your heart on me}

Hawkgirl swallowed her shot of scotch and then took a sip of her beer. She was sitting in her favorite, drafty bar, listening to the jukebox's sad country songs.

For the past two days, she had been sulking. Shayera hadn't even tried to contact John. She couldn't think of what she could possibly say to him.

"You okay?" Phil asked and took her shot glass from the bar table. "You look a little depressed."

She shrugged. "Yeah, well, I think I screwed things up with The Green Lantern."

"Sorry to hear that."

"Me too, but what can I do? I've got relationship issues." She propped her head in her hand and began to trace the mouth of her beer bottle with her index finger.

Phil then asked, "Does he know, Angel?"

"He unfortunately does now." Hawkgirl raised her green eyes to look at the wise bartender. "Why do you call me 'Angel,' Phil?"

"For three reasons. One: you have wings."


He slightly chuckled. "Two: you came from above." Phil then took one of her hands into his own. "Lastly, I believe God never gives us what we can't handle. When the going got tough her on Earth, he sent us you."

Hawkgirl couldn't help but smile. "Thanks, Phil. That's lovely."

"I think the bartender knows what he's talking about," John told and sat down beside her.

Phil walked away, leaving the superheroes alone.

"I thought I might find you here," he said. "You doing okay?"

"Yeah. You?"

"I'm good." John then placed a caring hand on her knee and quietly spoke to her. "Listen, Shy. I want to say I'm sorry."

"No. I should make an apology for acting strangely," she told and placed her hand atop his. "You were right. What we have is real, and it shouldn't be ignored... especially in our line of work." She lowered her eyes. "A month ago, I almost lost you."

"But you didn't."

"I know, but your heart had stopped, John. You were dead because you saved my life." Tears spilled down her face, and she ran her fingers through the ends of her hair.

He squeezed her hand. "I'd do it again in a heartbeat."

His words left an unsettling feeling in her already twisted stomach. "I wish you wouldn't say that."

"But its true."

She nodded and straightened the collar of his cream, button-down shirt. Everything inside of her wanted to give into him and into his warm heart. Shayera still found herself resisting him, even though she didn't want to. The warrior on Hawgirl's exterior prevented the inner and lonesome woman from emerging, and she wanted to change that.

Shayera needed to change for John's sake if not her own.

"John?" Her voice was careful and tender.


"I'd die for you in a heartbeat," she admitted softly but firmly.

He smiled and his radiant green eyes gleamed. "I love you too."


Only fifteen minutes after finding Hawkgirl, John led her outside and into the alley. With her against the wall, he leaned in toward her with a thirsty expression of lust and love on his chocolate-colored face.

He studied her beautiful, masked face and loved how her violet halter fit her perfectly. She was everything he had ever wanted and yet so much more.

She smiled at him. "So, what do you want to do?"

John Stewart leaned in even closer and whispered, "I could think of a million things." He gently kissed her delicious lips and wrapped his arms around her.

This kiss, unlike many of their others, was not intense. In reality, it was sweet and affectionate.

"Let's go home, Shy."

"All right, but on one condition."

"Name it."

She grinned and caressed his cheek. "I get top."


"Miss Kyle, I'm very happy you're doing well." Commissioner Gordon told the thief. "I'm also sorry that I'll have to transport you to Arkham tomorrow."

Selina shook her head. "Don't be. It's your job." She then sent him a smile. "Strictly off the record, you always were my favorite officer."

He faintly chuckled. "And you were always my favorite burglar."

"Thank you," she said with a smirk. "I think I need to get some rest, though. I have a big day ahead of me."

Gordon nodded. "Goodnight, Miss Kyle."

"Goodnight, Commissioner."

After allowing her to lie in that hospital bed for a month, the GCPD had decided on sending Selina to the asylum to fully recover from her nearly fatal gunshot wound. She didn't want to go back to that hellhole, and she'd do anything to avoid returning.

The woman tried to swing her legs to the side of her bed, but it only made her flinch. Her injury was still tender, even after all those weeks.

"You shouldn't be moving." His low, intimidating tone had come from the shadows; Selina's window was open, and she hadn't even noticed it until now.

She glanced over to the opposite side of the room and watched his dark figure make its way to her side. Selina felt very comfortable with her "enemy" so close to her. Although she would forever remain the thorn in the Dark Knight's side, Selina knew he'd always "protect" her, even if that meant arresting her.

"Come to check on me?" she asked playfully and grinned.

"I heard that you're being moved."

"Tomorrow, actually. Happy?"

He narrowed his eyes. "You were going to run, weren't you?"

Selina didn't answer him.

"With a gaping hole in your gut, you'd still try to escape. You're so –"

"Diligent?" she finished for him.

"Foolish," he corrected quickly. "You're going to kill yourself one of these days."

"Maybe, but at least I know someone will attend the funeral." When he didn't respond to her remark, the smile left her face. "What are you doing here anyway?"

Batman didn't hesitate to reply. "I wanted to thank you."

Selina looked down at her folded hands and nervously bit her bottom lip. "You would have done the same."

She then felt a gloved finger slip beneath her chin to lift her gaze. When Selina's green eyes met his, he kissed her. The criminal then opened her mouth and permitted Batman to explore it with his tongue. Soon enough, she imitated the act.

Selina wrapped her arms around his neck and tried to pull her body closer to his. She felt a sharp pain, winced, and inhaled loudly. He noticed and slowly backed away.

"I've got to go," he told and then placed a piece of paper into her hands. "Gordon told me to give you that."

She opened it and immediately realized that Bruce Wayne had covered all her medical bills and had posted bail. When Selina looked up again, Batman was gone.

The crook laughed to herself and pressed the nurse-call button. She had pulled some stitches and needed someone to look at it.

"You're welcome, Bats. Just, don't be a stranger."