Heya all, I'm sorry that I haven't updated Dark Attacks at all or restarted Mitternacht, but um…I'm outta ideas. So I'll pull a move from my friend, Uozumi and start another story. This will start short cause it's like a trailer thingy. So here we go! Ho ya, the words in here are in German, but I don't know it, so I'll write it in English.


            Fire. Death. Blood. A farmhouse in the middle of Germany was alight in the flames of fury. It looked old, not from the current era. The construction is sturdy, built from stone and repaired over the years. The farmhouse over looks a large domain of rows of crops, already reaped for the winter.

            Directly in front of the house, a small family is shattered. A woman kneels in tears before the grisly sight of her family impaled upon wooden spikes that were previously used for scarecrows. Their innards pour from their split stomachs, their faces contorted in fear.

            The impaled persons, a man and a child, stare at the woman on the ground with cold and unwavering eyes that drill into her soul. "Child why do you cry for their deaths?" a chilling voice comes from behind the woman. "They are dead, it is time to move on. I only ended the pain of living."

            "You killed them?" she gasped.

            "I did," he said simply. "As I will you, but your journey won't end here, it shall continue."

            Before she could even start to ponder his comment, he was upon her. She was frozen in fear as he drove his fangs into her neck. 'A vampire?' her dying brain thought before the man spoke again.

            "You shall be mine forever," he whispered as he opened his wrist and fed her some of his life-giving blood. Her body convulsed as her organs gave out and finally died. "Better isn't it?" he asked in her ear.

            "Not really," she growled, grasping a fallen piece of wood from the impaling post. She drove this into his chest and twisted it as best as she could.

            "How dare you attack me!" he howled as he attempted to pull the stake out. She took this moment to get up and shove him into the inferno that was her home. His screams finally ceased after a few minutes as his charred hand stopped grasping in the conflagration.

            Centuries later and a thousand miles away, Amara Balthazar awoke from a dream, only to remember that it had happened. She crawled out of her coffin to see the darkness had fallen already. Another coffin was sliding open as she got to her feet. A pair of green eyes looked out from the casket.

            "Good evening Amara," the boy said, crawling out and joining her.

            "Hello there Harry, how did you sleep?" she asked amiably.

            He flashed a grin, showing his fangs. "Like the dead Amara, like the dead."

AN: This could be fun!