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Usagi straightened her black dress anxiously, trying to get every wrinkle and crease out of it. She sat down on her bed and sighed, still fidgeting with the dark material. Fidgeting seemed to be her only relief from the pain she was feeling. She didn't want to cry once more.

For the week following Minako's death, Usagi had shut herself in her room, not wanting to see anyone. Kenji Papa had complained at first, but had softened at Ikuko Mama's insistence and had begun to leave food at her door. People called for her, but she would only screen calls. There were many calls from Seiya. There were no calls from Mamoru.

Perhaps he didn't hear about it, she thought. Being…being wherever he is. She smoothed the black material over her knees, wondering where Mamoru could have gone. Maybe he's taking care of Masao and Makoto, she wondered, staring at the dress blankly. I just wanted none of this to happen.

"Usagi!" Ikuko Mama cried from the downstairs. "Usagi, come on honey, it's time to get going!"

She stood up slowly, feeling as if time was going at a lethargic pace; as if time were reacting to the melancholy in her heart. Nothing made sense to her. She felt like her mind was wrapped in a sheet of cotton, numbing her. She would soon be off to her best friend's funeral, and the thought shocked her senseless. She grabbed the doorknob with a shaking hand, and paused.

Why can't I open the door?

She rested her head on the door, staring at the brass knob in her hand. Why am I holding it? Why am I heading to Minako's funeral? Why is she dead? Why did she have AIDS? Why? Why? She sunk down to the floor and held her knees, feeling her tears hit the dark fabric she had so carefully smoothed. Why? Why? Why? Her mind screamed frantically, echoing louder and louder the same question. "Why? Why? Why?" she moaned, feeling even more overwhelmed. "Why? Why?"

The door opened, and Ikuko Mama swooped down on her daughter like a hen. "Oh, sweetie," she cooed, holding her daughter close to her.

Usagi collapsed in her mother's embrace. I thought you were better, her mind began to scold her. I thought you were over the worst of it. Minako's dead – you know it. Nothing will bring her back. You know it! "M-Mama," she sobbed, rubbing her eyes like a five year old. "Mama, I-I don't want to have to do this."

Ikuko Mama nodded, and hugged her daughter tightly. "Baby, I know. It's hard seeing someone you love die."

What about seeing the people you care about disappear? Usagi remembered Mamoru's leaving vividly. She was tired of people leaving her. The only way she would be able to go on, she realized, was to go to Minako's funeral and see her one last time. She took a deep breath and sighed. "W-we should go," she said slowly.

Ikuko Mama squeezed her daughter once again. "I'm proud of you, honey," she whispered, and helped her daughter up.

Usagi breathed in deeply, and nodded. "Thank you, Mama," she said shakily, trying to walk towards the door. "Wait!" she cried, running back to the bed. Without another word, she picked up Artemis and, clutching the cat to her chest, hurriedly walked out of her room. As she thundered down the stairs, her tears began to land on the toy's head.


The casket lay open in the front of the church, with Minako's body laying perfectly in the casket. Usagi lingered in front of it, holding Artemis tightly. Minako finally looked peaceful, with no trace of pain from coughing and sadness. She was dressed in a periwinkle silk dress with long sleeves that ended in lace. Her blonde hair was tied up with a familiar red bow, but along with the rest of her, the hair seemed to have lost its shine. Her body seemed empty; it was void of its spirit. It was as if she were hollow, like one of those chocolate bunnies at Easter.

She choked. Here, her best friend was laying – dead. She half-expected her to pop up, sunny smile on her face, and shout out "Fooled you, you dumb blonde!" and everything would go back to normal. If only she would pop out and make it a joke, then she wouldn't feel so guilty. She looked around the church, watching people from all over Kamakura enter and sit in the pews. Taiki entered and nodded her direction, making her way over. "Sit next to you?" she asked, pointing to the end of the bench.

Usagi nodded, moving over slightly. She looked at the books in front of her and sighed, unsure of what to say. "So many people," she finally murmured.

Taiki nodded. "Most of the town came to pay respects."

"Think people from high school will show up?"

Taiki shrugged. "It's been known for a long time that the time she would die was inevitable. I don't know if most college students would want to deal with the along with their workload, however."

Usagi nodded, staring around. There were so many faces, and they all just seemed to blend into one big blob of flesh. The whole room seemed to close in on her, and she grabbed her chest hurriedly, trying to breathe.


She lost her state of calm. She was losing her sense of stability. Things were starting to crack.

"Usagi Tsukino?"

Usagi looked up at the person calling her name, and squinted slightly. "Aya? Aya Ibata?"

"Usagi!" the short brunette cried, holding out her hand to grasp Usagi's clammy one. "How've you been? I haven't seen you on breaks."

"I'm okay, how about you?"

Aya smiled sadly. "I'm all right. Nice place to meet, huh?"

Usagi nodded in agreement with her sarcasm. "Are most of the people from high school coming?"

"Yeah, since most of us knew Minako so well." She shook her head sadly. "Bad time for a reunion."

Usagi's eyes flashed for a second. "So, do you think Higashi will be here?"

Aya looked at her, confused. "Higashi?"

"Yeah – the one that made Minako sick."

Aya gripped Usagi's hand tightly. "I guess you wouldn't have heard since you haven't been home."


Aya took a deep breath. "Higashi died last summer. He died of AIDS."

Usagi's eyes widened. Higashi had died too? He got what he deserved, she immediately thought. No – no. He got something, but no one deserves to die this way. It's best not to think ill of the dead while in a church. She looked down at her lap, shocked. Plus, Minako loved him, even after all she'd been through.

She and Aya said their "see you" and goodbyes, then stared straight ahead at the coffin. Higashi…did he ever think of her fondly? Minako loved him. She loved him even though he killed her. She watched people passing by, hugging each other and exchanging condolences, feeling anger well up inside her. She wanted to scream that Minako wasn't dead, that Minako was alive and well, and that she was sorry. It's a nightmare – a nightmare, her mind moaned as she rocked back and forth slightly on her pew, as if on pins and needles.

Seiya stopped beside their pew, his lips set in a grim line, his face full of shame and doubt. "Taiki," he said, acknowledging the older girl. His gaze turned to Usagi, sending a slight tingle down her back that she couldn't identify. "May I sit next to you, Usagi?" he asked softly and hesitantly, and if expecting an instant no.

He drove Mamoru away! Her mind screamed out to her, but she nodded unemotionally. As he squeezed past Taiki, she kept her eyes focused on the pipes of the organ, unable to look at him.

Seiya sat and stared straight ahead, then leaned close to her. "I'm sorry about, y'know, all of it," he whispered.

She nodded slightly, taking in her words.

"I hope you can forgive me."

"I can," she whispered back.

He sighed in relief. "I don't suppose I caused any-"

"It doesn't matter anymore." She gripped Artemis tightly, hating to say the words that were inevitably following up. "Mamoru left."

His eyes widened, as if taking in as his fault. "I-I'm so sorr-"

"Forget it."

There was a long pause between them as they stared at the coffin. "I can't believe it," he said, bowing his head. "I half expect it to be a joke – she'll pop out and be all better, y'know?"

Usagi smiled slightly, not surprised that they were thinking the same thing. "I know," she said, gently putting a hand over his. Besides her parents, no one missed Minako more than Seiya and Usagi. Gently, he turned her hand over and grasped hers like a life line, embracing the fragile structure. Tears leaked down her face as she realized the finality of it all – that everything was coming to a close.

She sighed, feeling a light tingly feeling running through her arm. Seiya knew her pain and suffering. It felt somewhat right to be grasping his hand. Instead of screaming, she squeezed his hand so tightly she thought she would break all of his bones. I don't want to burden him more, she immediately thought. She released slightly, shifting away from him a few centimeters. She tensed considerably as she felt his clammy hand close over their clasped hands, and froze.

His hands were slimy. They felt as if they'd been rushed out of a river while clasping an algae covered stone. They weren't the hands she needed. She wanted Mamoru's warm hands, one holding her close to him, and one holding her hand. She didn't want Seiya's clammy hands.

As if by some morbid magic, she saw a familiar figure making his way down the aisle. She felt as if her blood had been replaced by foam, making her lightheaded and feel strange. She pulled away without thinking and stood up. "Mamo-!" she started to cry out.

People turned to stare at her, and he followed them, staring at her. She was shocked by his eyes – normally a dark blue with warmth like the night sky over a campfire, now seemed as if the fire had been put out. He saw down in an available pew and turned away from her, leaving her to look idiotic by standing in the middle of a church.

Taiki reached over and tugged on her dress, getting her to sit down. Usagi's head bowed, and she sighed, letting out a small, "…ru." She clasped her hands together as she sat, refusing to let Seiya touch her. Even though she knew that he ended it, even though she had accepted that the week she never left her room, she felt like an abandoned dog – still loyal to the master, but not understanding why she was put to the curb.


Taiki held on Usagi's shoulders as they walked into the sunshine, and frowned. "Why is it in movies it's always raining when there's a funeral, but it's sunny today while we're having one?"

"Minako wouldn't want us to be sad," Usagi said softly.

Taiki shook her head. "It's just strange."

"Why are you talking about movies?"

"Because I'm trying to get your mind off Mamoru," she said, turning her cousin around.

"My mind isn't on Mamoru," she faintly protested.

"Bullshit," Taiki scolded. "You wouldn't let go of any thought of him when you saw him walk into the church. I thought you could accept and get over him by now."

"I am," Usagi said, not looking anywhere near Taiki's eyes.

"Like hell." Taiki lifted Usagi's chin and frowned. "You're heartsick."

"So what if I am?" Usagi cried. "Taiki, I loved him. I love him."

"So much for that. Does he love you back? Are you in his arms, declaring this endless love? Are you with him?"

"No!" Usagi cried, pushing Taiki's hand away and dropping her head like a rag. "But I want to be."

Taiki nodded. "Fine, you want to be. But wishing and wanting won't get you anything."

Usagi nodded, her hands daring to shake. "But I just want a chance to explain. He didn't even let me last time."

"Well, here's your chance, because he's walking this way."

Usagi turned her head slightly, taking a deep swallow and trying to stay calm. Mamoru was wearing a dark gray suit with a deep blue shirt that brought out his eyes. Every blue shirt brought out his eyes. Had he been smiling and had she not been so terrified, the sight of him would have taken her breath away. However, his lips were set and his eyes seemed full of rage and melancholy. Her first reaction was to run, but Taiki's hand was squeezing her arm so hard that she found it hard to breath, but ended up wincing.

"Hello, Miss Tsuki – Usagi," he said, hesitantly dropping his formal manner.

"Mr.-Mr. Chiba," she stuttered, not dropping hers.

He looked at Taiki uncomfortably, then back at Usagi. "May I talk to you, alone?"

"Don't mind me," Taiki said, a bit icily. "I'll go back and talk to Minako's parents." She clutched Usagi's arm one last time, then made her way from the broken couple.

Mamoru looked back at her. "Care to take a walk?"

"Please," she blurted out, eager to get away from the church.

She followed him away from the noisy, solemn scene, aware that everyone's eyes were on her. Taiki's probably trying to ward off Seiya, she thought. Why can't this whole damn thing be easy?

After a few silent minutes, Mamoru stopped and turned. "Are you okay stopping here?" he asked, his facial expression unchanging.

Usagi nodded, daring not to look down at her shoes, even though she wanted to. "I-I'd like a chance to explain," she offered.

"You've already told me what happened."

"You left."

"I stayed at a hotel."


"It was only supposed to be for one night."

"But you're here – now."

"Some people mentioned that night that Minako had died. I stuck around."

"Just for her?"

"I was wondering if you needed me."

Usagi felt, for what seemed like the millionth time, tears building up in her eyes. "I did – do need you."

"Then why did you kiss him?"

"I didn't! He kissed me!"

"But you didn't pull away, did you?"

"I-I couldn't!"

He paused. "Seiya's not just an old friend, is he?"

"You're right – but he's not worth more than you to me. He was just my old boyfriend – a stupid, useless high school boyfriend, I swear."

Mamoru sighed, looking as if his stomach had been hit by a sudden cramp. "Usagi, Miss Tsukino, I think it would be best if we ended it. For good."

At that moment, any good that was left in Usagi, died.

"I will never know if you're thinking of him instead of me."

"F-for good?" she stammered.

He nodded slowly, pained to say it. "And if you would clean out your desk when we get back, that would be best."

Usagi bowed her head. Her throat started to tingle and burn, like pins and needles being shoved in her throat. She wanted to die right there instead of hear any more of this.

"Usagi? Usa-"


He frowned slightly. "This really isn't up for negotiation-"

"Don't try to make me feel better with your gentle let down. You hate me. And you have every right to."

"I don't hate you-"

"Then WHY?" she demanded, wiping away tears, her body shaking. "Why, if you don't hate me, would you hurt me like this?" She wanted him to hold her. She wanted to whisper in her ear that he forgave her, and he would finally admit to her that he loved her. "I love you! I love you! Does that mean nothing to you!"

She waited for him to make a move, and finally felt his hands on her shoulders. She looked up, waiting for him to say what she wanted to hear for so long.

"I was here to tell you how I felt, but I can't do that now," he said softly.

She began to sob, trying to bury herself in him, but he kept her at a distance, away from his body, fearing that if he did hold her, he would lose his own senses. Slowly, he let go and began to walk away, but paused. "When…when you were with me, did you ever think of Seiya?"

Usagi shook her head and took a deep breath. "When you were with me, did you ever think of Erika?"

Mamoru shook his head. "No." He then turned and walked away, finding it the hardest thing he'd ever done in his life.

Usagi fell to the grass, still clutching Artemis to her chest. This pain was unbearable. She had lost Minako, and now Mamoru. She felt as if she would never be allowed to keep anyone.

Ami surprised her by kneeling near her and hugging her around the neck. "That's what happens when you fall too fast," she murmured, stroking the blonde's hair as she collapsed in her embrace.

At that moment, Usagi swore she would never love again.


Ikuko Mama sighed and sipped her tea, tapping her fingers against the porcelain delicately. She glanced at the clock again for what seemed like the tenth time in a minute, and gently put down her tea cup. Her mind debated again and again whether she should go upstairs and talk to her daughter, but didn't trust herself to move.

The back door opened and shut with a squeak of the rusty metal, and she looked up to see Ami look at her, discouraged. "I-I'm sorry, Mrs. Tsukino," Ami started quietly. "I'm just here to make sure Usagi's ready to go back to Tokyo."

Ikuko Mama nodded. "She should be in her room," she said, picking up her tea cup again, sipping before she realized it was empty. She stood up and walked over to the sink, grabbing the tea kettle to pour herself another calming cup. "She's been spending so much time packing since…she's certainly grown, hasn't she?"

Ami didn't know what to do. "She's been through a lot, Mrs. Tsukino," she replied slowly.

There was a tinkle of porcelain followed a quick intake of air, and a sudden sob that made Ami rush to the sink. The tea cup had cracked, a piece smeared with blood from where it grazed Ikuko Mama's hand. "Why won't she tell me what's wrong?" she asked, wiping one of her tears away. "Does she not trust her mother?"

"Mrs. Tsukino, no, that's not it," Ami protested, quickly picking up the pieces of the tea cup.

Ikuko Mama looked at Ami, her eyes wide and filling with tears. "Ami, what is going on at that college of yours?"

Ami pulled out the trash-can and dumped the pieces. "I can't answer that, Mrs. Tsukino." Awkwardly, she stepped back from the sink. "I-I think I'll go get Usagi," she said nervously, then sprinted from the kitchen up the stairs. Soft music was playing through Usagi's door, almost making her want to turn away and let her grieve in peace. Instead, she knocked lightly. "Usagi?" she asked timidly. "Usagi, you in there?"

No answer met her, only the sound of a click, and the music disappearing. She took this as a sign and opened the door. Two black suitcases were sitting by the bed, and the covers covered up Usagi's body, leaving only the top of her odangos popping out.

Ami sighed. "Usagi, I'm glad to see you're ready to go back, but this has to stop. You've been moping in here for two weeks now."

Usagi didn't move.

"I know you're going through a tough time, what with Minako and Mamoru, but maybe Mamoru's leaving was the best thing for you."

"How can you say that?" Usagi sobbed delicately.

Ami paused. "Maybe that's not the best sort of words, but-"

"But what?" Usagi lightly demanded, reaching for her remote and switching the music back on.

Ami pulled the covers away from her, making the blonde shiver in the sudden cold air. "Usagi, this has got to stop. You know far too little about Mamoru, and you can't possibly be in love with him like this."

Usagi sat up swiftly. "Oh, that's right. You're the genius. You know everything," she dolled sarcastically. "Everything's just perfect with you, you know. You have Motoki – who happens to be a math genius – and a great grade average, and of course, you know that Mamoru and I would never be good together because it doesn't make sense to you, right?"

"Usagi, stop it," Ami tried to protest.

"You think you knew so much more about this relationship than the people who were actually in it! You were always telling me that I shouldn't have been with Mamoru, that I shouldn't have had sex with him, that I shouldn't have even seen him, but you're wrong! You're not right about everything, Ami Mizuno! You're wrong! You're wro-" Usagi was cut off but Ami slapping her across the face.

"Shut up!" Ami all but screamed. "Why do you think I said those things? Just to show off? To make you think that I knew everything? I did it because I care for you!"

Usagi held her cheek and looked down, not wanting to look Ami in the face.

Ami paused, and continued in a softer tone. "I know you love him, but you shouldn't have fallen so fast, Usagi. You were bound to get hurt from the beginning. And he has all that drama to deal with, what with Erika and his family and Masao and Makoto-"

"You were right." Usagi's sharp sob made her stop. "You did know it, Ami. I was only going to end up hurt. I did end up hurt." She pulled her knees up to her chin and started crying, falling eventually into Ami, who wrapped her arms around her.

"Usagi," Ami whispered, stroking her hair.

"Why didn't he love me?" Usagi asked, wishing there was an answer to her question. "Why didn't he love me?"

Ami lifted Usagi up and wiped her tears away. "I promise you, it can only get better from here," she said softly, attempting a smile.

Usagi didn't try to smile back. "Somehow, I don't believe you." She looked past Ami to the cabinet, and pulled herself out of Ami's embrace. "Things keep going wrong for me," she sighed. She stopped and stared the picture that used to reside in the trashcan. The glass had been taped together with obscene amounts of scotch tape, but the picture was still the same – Usagi and Minako, smiling and making silly faces. "Almost as if people can't stay near me."

"That's ridiculous," Ami said, standing up. "People love you – you deserve to be loved!"

Usagi shook her head. "I don't think it's that simple, Ami."

Ami sighed, and grabbed the handles of Usagi's suitcases. "Well, I'm going to put these in the car. Taiki's been waiting for forever."

Usagi nodded, still staring at the photo. As soon as Ami left, she went over to the bed, swiftly picked up Artemis and Luna, and started toward the door. She stopped, turned back to the photo, and held it in her free hand. "I promise I'll keep you in a better frame," she whispered, then held the photo close to her heart. "And I promise I won't throw you out again."

"Usagi? Come on, we're going to miss the train!" Ami cried.

Usagi rushed out the door, down the stairs, and into the kitchen to see her mother waiting. "Mama," she whispered.

Ikuko Mama paused. "Usagi, is everything…are you…okay?" she asked timidly.

Usagi paused. How could she explain all that had happened to her in the past months? From Asanuma to Mamoru, Makoto to Motoki, Naru's kidnapping and Masao…there was too much to tell. She forced a smile, and nodded with all the strength she could muster. "I'll be fine, Mama," she said, trying not to show any sorrow. "I swear, I'll be okay."

Ikuko Mama's hands were clasped together in a clammy nervousness as she studied her daughter. She suddenly let go and flew to her daughter, wrapping her arms around her. "Oh, my baby," she said in a stereotypical mother response. "You're so grown up, and you're leaving me!"

Usagi's first reaction was to groan at her mother's sappiness. Poor Mama, she thought sadly. I haven't told her anything anymore. I've been leaving her out. She put an arm around her mother and hugged her tightly, tensing slightly as she heard the horn blaring through an open window. "Mama, I have to go," she murmured, letting go.

Ikuko Mama reluctantly let go of her daughter, and watched her leave the house for the second time in almost three years. She clasped her hands together, silently praying. Oh, God, please protect my daughter in all she is doing at that school, she pleaded in her mind.

Shingo dropped his backpack at the back door and grabbed a cookie from the cabinet, then turned to his mother. "Mama? What's wrong?" he asked, also following Taiki's car pulling away.

Ikuko Mama sighed, looking down at the ground. "Just watching your sister go back to school," she said. She turned to her son, and smiled. "Come on, Shingo. Let's get your homework done."


Usagi stared out the window. I'm sorry, Mama, she thought as she watched the neighborhood she grew up in pass by the window quickly.

Taiki looked back at Usagi through the mirror. "I guess you're ready to go back to school, right Usagi?"

"Not eager to get back to the work," Ami lightly joked.

Usagi squeezed the stuffed cats tightly, thinking of Minako's funeral as it popped into her mind. If she went back to Tokyo, maybe she'd be able to start over and have a better time. And I could forget Mamoru…she thought. I just will clean out my desk, then find a new boyfriend, and be happier than ever before. Yeah, that's all I need to do. I'll forget him, and when people ask, I'll say "Mamoru who?" or "What's a Mamoru?" or something like that. I'll never think of him again. I'll never wonder why he didn't love me, or why he dumped me, or why he's with a bitch like Erika, or -

"Usagi? Usagi, we're here," Taiki said, leaning back. "Do you need help with your bags?"

Usagi looked forward, feeling dazed. "That was fast," she said softly.

"You were deep in thought," Taiki said. She smiled, then got out of the car to get the suitcases out of her trunk.

Usagi sighed, and looked down at the scruffy stuffed animals. "I guess I better go," she said softly, then got out of the car to follow Taiki.

Ami looked at the schedule, then turned back to the two. "We have about twenty minutes to kill," she said. "Now, do we have everything?"

Taiki looked around at the luggage, and shrugged. "You tell me." She looked at her cousin. "You have everything?"

Usagi looked around slowly. "I think so," she replied.

Ami and Taiki looked at each other with looks of sympathy, then Ami looked at her watch. "I'm going to go get some drinks from the vending machine. I'll be back."

Taiki nodded, then looked at Usagi. "Well, we-"

"Just say it, I know I'm pathetic. You don't have to waste your time around me," Usagi blurted out. "I'm a wreck, I'm a mess, I'm pathetic, just say it, Taiki."

Taiki put her hands on Usagi's shoulders. "That's enough," she scolded. "You've been a mess ever since you got here. Hell, you've always been too damn emotional. If I wasn't annoyed by it then, then I'm not annoyed by it now. I'm just worried. Ami's worried."

Usagi looked at the ground. "I just don't understand any of it, Taiki," she whined. "What did I do wrong?"

Taiki sighed. "Obviously, you're never going to get over him until another boy comes along."

"Stop joking about it!"

"I will when you stop picking at it."

"He left me!"

"Well, I think that he had good reason, the way you're acting."

Usagi paused, feeling frustrated and unsure of what to say. Taiki sighed and muttered, "Usagi, you have to get over it. That's the only way that you'll ever recover."

"I don't know if I can," Usagi whispered.

Taiki stared at her cousin. "You really loved him, didn't you?"

Usagi squeezed the stuffed animals so tight that Taiki feared the stuffing would pop out. "Taiki, why didn't he love me?"

"Usagi?" another voice interrupted.

Taiki and Usagi looked up to see Seiya walking toward them hesitantly, a bouquet of roses in his hand. "I-is this a bad time?" he asked nervously.

"Not at all," Taiki butted in, pushing Usagi towards him. "Perfect timing," she muttered. "I'll put the suitcases near the train," she told Usagi before she murmured murderously, "Be nice."

Usagi wouldn't look Seiya in the eye. " 'Llo," she murmured.

"I'm glad I caught you before you left," he said. "I was afraid I would never see you again."

Usagi looked up angrily. "Why does everyone have to make a joke at my expense?" she demanded.

Seiya stepped back. "I didn't mean to – I didn't think I – are you sure you're okay?"

Usagi sighed. "I'm sorry," she mumbled dejectedly.

Seiya stared at her, concerned. "I-I got these for you," he said, holding out the bouquet.

"Thank you." She took it delicately, and continued to look at the floor. An awkward silence filled the space between them, and it looked as if the two would leave on bad terms. Finally, Usagi stared with, "Seiya, I-"

"I still love you, you know," he blurted out. "And, and that's why I want you to be with him. Because I l-love you."

Usagi looked up, her eyes shining with amazement. "Seiya…"

"If you're not happy, then I can't be happy, Usagi. And it kills me that I can't be the one to make you happy. But if you're happy with him…"

Usagi looked down at her feet, dismayed. "But he doesn't want me," she said sadly.

"He'd have to be crazy not to want you," Seiya said. "I mean it."

Usagi looked up again, and pulled him into a warm, inviting hug. "Thank you, Seiya." They held each other for what seemed like a long time, both of them glad that they still could be close, although the barrier of unrequited love existed in the middle.

"Usagi! Usagi, the train's almost here!" they heard Ami cry.

They pulled apart slowly, and Usagi surprised him by standing on her tip-toes and kissing him softly on the cheek. "Come to Tokyo sometime," she said.

"I may, actually," he almost stuttered, but managed not to show his embarrassment. "Now that Minako – now that I'm not really needed around here anymore."

"Usagi!" Taiki cried.

Usagi smiled for the first time in days. "Call me," she said.

"Will you pick up?"

"Of course!" she said in a mock frown. "Only if you call."


"Coming!" She flashed Seiya another wonderful smile, then ran off to the train. Seiya watched as she hugged Taiki goodbye, exchanged words, then grabbed her suitcases and stumbled aboard the train. He finally put his hand to his cheek where she had planted one, feeling how feverish his skin was. He finally blushed, and smiled sheepishly. He could never get over her, no matter how hard he tried.

Ami put down her suitcase and handed Usagi her drink. "Well, everything should be back to normal, huh?"

Usagi smiled slightly. "Huh?" she asked, not hearing Ami at all.

Ami chuckled lightly. "You still like Seiya, admit it."

"It's better to be loved by someone, don't you think?"

Ami stopped laughing. "Usagi…"

Usagi stared out the window, watching Kamakura speed outside her window. Back in Tokyo was only heartbreak, and unemployment. How could she ever get over Mamoru now, when they lived in the same city?

"Cheer up, Usagi," Ami said, touching her arm lightly. "Everything will work out the way it's supposed to."

Usagi sighed. "I hope you're right, Ami." She knows everything, but I hope she's right about this one.


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