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"..." talk

'...' thought.

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Ray (Berzerker) is not an original character, he is from x-men evolution. I don't know why he is in here, i just felt like putting him in. But he doesn't have a major role. Roberto (sunspot) also isn't an orginal charater, he also is from x-men evolution. I added him in because him and Ray really don't get along so i just wanted to have a couple of fights you know. Samuel isn't an original character either. yup you guessed it, he's from x-men evolution.

Chapter 13.

Narrator's P.O.V

Elektra walks through the halls trying to follow Dr.Mcoy's directions, but it seems to her like she was going around in circles. She went up a flight of stairs and came to a hall with a bunch of doors with numbers.

'This must be the bedrooms' she thought

She kept on walking when one of the doors opened and a girl with short black hair came out.

'Maybe she can help' thought Hermione as the girl started to walk away.

"Hey, wait" screamed Hermione

And the girl stopped and turned around and Hermione went up to her.

"hey, um.. sorry for screaming but I'm new here and a little lost"

"it's alright, where are you trying to go" asked the girl

"I'm suppose to go see Professor Xavier but I don't know where he is"

"ok, do you want me to take you?"

"yeah, that would be great"

"alright then, follow me. I'm Jubilee

"Hermione, nice to meet you"

"You too, come on let's go " said Jubilee

Then they started on their way to the professor, after a couple of minute of silence Jubilee spoke.

"so, what powers do you have?"

"Something to do with Electricity"

"oh, cool"

"yeah, too bad I don't know how to use it" said hermione with a sad face

"well that's why you're here, to learn"

"I guess, what can you do"

"I could make fireworks... sorta"

"Fireworks?" she said looking very confused

" yeah, it blows stuff up"

"oh... cool"

"thanks, so I heard there are two new students, do you know the other one?" Jubilee questioned

"Harry? yeah i know him, stupid prick?" hermione said with anger in her voice

"So you guys aren't friends?" questioned jubilee in respond to hermione's change of tone.

"I... am not sure. I mean for the past five years, we were inseperable and then at the beginning of this year he suddenly changed, I know that he is sad and going through a rough time but he doesn't have to be so mean.. Alll i ever did was try to help and comfort him and all he does is bite my head off... Uh gosh he is getting on my last nerve"

As she gets angrier the lights starts to flicker, and Jubilee notices some sparks on her hands.

"Um... Hermione, maybe you should calm down a little, you're sort of messing up the lights with your hands"

"what?" she answers has she look at her hands

"whoa, that's is so... weird" she says watching the sparks run along her fingers.

"uh yeah, think you could not do that next to me, i sorta don't want to get shocked" says jubilee

"well i didn't make it happened it just did, sorry"

"I know, you can't control it yet"

"well here we are" says jubilee as they stop in front of 2 Big doors.

"the professor's office, Good luck"

"um... thanks" she answers raising her eyebrows

"its just that everytime i am in here it's for a lecture" she said to hermione's confusion.

"oh... ok"

"well, see you around hermione" then she turns and leave.

Hermione raises her hand to knock on the door but hears a voice telling her to enter.

'he's telepath, right' she said to herself.

She opens the doors and sees the professor at his desk, upon her entering he looks up.

"ahh Ms. Granger, you got my message"

"yes sir, I would have been here sooner but i got lost."

"that's ok, please have a sit." he said motioning to one of the chairs in front of his desk.

As hermione sat down, he spoke again

" how are you feeling Ms. Granger" he questioned looking at her

"Better than before, my headache is going away"

"that's great" he paused again as if contemplating on what to say next

" I am terribly sorry about what happened on your way here" he decided to say

" the kidnapping, yeah that was bad."

"did they hurt you" he asked with a sincere look on his face

"apart from magneto chocking me and getting a concussion, no not really"

"well you're safe and better now


"so... Ms.Granger do you at all have any idea as to why magneto would want you?" he asked with a very serious face

"no... i don't sir, i asked john and he didn't know either"

"john? he was your guard?"

"yes sir"

"ok... Mr. Drake said that he handed you over"

"he did? why?"

" I think stJohn (1) is just a little confuse, deep down he wants to do the right thing."


"so you can't think of any reason you have caught magneto's eye?"

"no sir, none at all"

"ok, let's focus on another subject like your powers"

"uh... yeah"

"did you cause the flickering of the lights?"

" um... i think... maybe... I'm not sure"

" well what were you doing at the time?"

" I was talking to jubille and i sort of got angry, and the lights just started messing up"

" i see, well Ms. Granger, your power is still tied to your emotions so the energy that was coming off must have affected the light."

" Oh.. ok"

"yes, so please try to control your temper, would you like to try your powers now?"

"yes. that would be great" she said with enthusiam.

"Ok, just focus on were made you angry before and try to imagine the energy in your hands, it may take a while so... do not be angry if it doesn't work." he said as she closed her eyes and looked very focused.

After a moment some purple sparks started to show around her hand and shoot up. She opened her eyes and saw the enegery on her fingertips.

"Oh... my... gosh. wow" she says observing how the lines are surrounding her hand

"Impressive Ms. Granger, you have it on your first try, the key is just to concentrate, and when you are aiming it at something just focus to make it move." Said Professor Xavier

"this is really wicked," said hermione with a smile on her face

"ok, i do i make it go away?" she asked

"Just concentrate, sort of wish it away but you have to concentrate, its like the magic you are able to do."

Hermione looked at her hands with an extreme look of determination upon her face, and she was shocked to see the sparks retreating.

"wow." She said feeling very proud

"Good job Ms Granger, we can practice using your powers sometime when i am available, would you be interested in that?" asked the proffessor

"yes, that would be great" she responded with a smile

"ok Ms.Granger, we will arrange it. You probably want to be going to explore your new school, so I will let you go, also you will be sharing a room with rogue all your belongings are already there, It's room 16 (my birthdate)"

"ok, thank you" She says as she gets up to leave.

" You're very welcome, i hope you find your way there" He says as she makes her way towards the door

"so do i" she says then opens the door and leave.

Hermione left the room and followed the same path that Jubilee walked with. She hoped that retracing her steps would bring her back to the hall with the bedrooms. She walked for about a minute when she finally reach it.

'yeah, i didn't get lost, now to find my room' she said and continued to walk looking at the numbers.

'13, 14, 15, 16.' she stop in front of the room.

Hermione stood staring at the door. She reached for the door knob and turned it but it was locked.

' I guess there's someone in there' she thought

So she decided to knock. After about three knocks she heard the lock being open and saw the doorknob move. The door opened and rogue appeared looking a little angry, but after realizing who it was the frown faltered.

"oh hermione, hey" she said

"um.. hey, am i disturbing you?" asked hermione.

"no, not really I was just working on this essay but i can do it later, don't worry about it. So what up?" she asked

"the professor told me that i'll be sharing this room with you so i just wanted to see it"

"your my roommate, right. I almost forgot, come on in"

Hermione walked in the room. She looked around and it was a little plain but pretty big. There's a dresser agains't the wall with a radio on it, two closets on each side of the room, two full size beds. The bed next to the window had books spread out over it, there was a poster on the wall above the bed of some rock group. The other bed was made and neat.

"so what do you think?" asked rogue

Hermione turned around as if forgetting rogue was in the room.

"it's nice"

"i hope you don't mind me getting the bed next to the window"

"no, i don't"

"ok great, this closet is your's" she pointed to the one on the right.

"the radio is mine but feel free to use it, as long as you don't play any fluffy love songs, and you don't break it. I've been trying to save money for a t.v so you could chip in and we could buy it together"


"also the school's rules are posted on the door, there's not that many but they're important"

Hermione looks at the door and sees a sheet labeled rules.

"your stuff are by your bed"

"ok great" hermione went and sat on the bed.

"so how do like the school so far" asked rogue

"it's ok, I haven't seen that much of it though"

"oh yea, with you being in the med lab and all, do you want a tour"

"well i don't want you to leave your homework because of me"

"its ok, i have the weekend to do it"

"are you sure"

"yeah, plus i've heard Prof. Munroe and Prof. Wagner went to get pizza"

"alright" she gets off the bed and makes her way towards the door.

"oh, almost forgot" rogue goes to the dresser picks something up and walks back to hermione

"here is your key, don't lose it"

"thanks" hermione said as she puts the key in her pocket.

Rogue opens the door, they walk out and rogue locks the door. And the tour began. About 30 minutes later they made their way to the game room, where hermione sees most of the kids, some of them where playing games and others were just talking or watching the movie on the big screen. In front of the t.v was a couch with about 3 people sitting there and some on the floor. Rogue started to make her way towards the couch and hermione follwed. When they were close enough hermione saw bobby and two other guys on the couch and kitty and harry were playing monopoly on the floor.

"hey guys" rogue says and the heads turned to look at her

"hey" they all responded

"Rogue, where've you been?" asked bobby

"i was doing homework, and then hermione came so i gave her a tour of the schoool"

"I was looking for you. The ring is on" said bobby

"cool, i haven't seen it yet" said rogue

"really, it's awesome. so rogue who's the babe?" asked a boy with short blond hair and some red in the front nodding towards hermione.

Upon hearing the comment hermione started to turn a light pink. Rogue rolled her eyes but answered

"this is Hermione, she's new along with Harry."

The blond guy jumps over the couch and starts making his way over to her.

"Hermione? I'm Ray" says the blond extending his hand, with a little smile on his face

"Nice to meet you" she says shaking his hand.

"You have beautiful eyes" Ray says

"um... thanks" hermione, not used to flirting with started to blush again.

"So hermione... do you have a boyfriend?" (talk about bold and direct) he asked


"really, how come a pretty girl like you is not taken" he asks

"so hermione, what power do you have" asked the other boy that was sitting on the couch.

"what's with the interuption Sunspot, couldn't you wait after we were done talking." says Ray sort of angry

"what for Berzerker, not like she's interested anyway, you're just wasting her time. so what power do you have" He asks again.

Hermione opens her mouth to speak but someone beat her to it.

"how the hell do you know she isn't interested, just because you have no luck with girls doesn't mean you have to butt in and try to mess me up"

"you messed yourself up, with that face" (stupid yeah i know) he answered, this time he jumped over the couch

"I am really getting sick of you, and your mouth" Ray says

"Oh yeah, why don't you do something about that" sunspot responded

Ray moves forward to tackle sunspot but out of nowhere a boy is standing in between them.

"come on you guys, do you have to do this every night" says a boy with long blond hair.

"he started it, he always has to butt in and mess everything up" says ray

"doesn't matter that i butted in, you didn't stand a chance anyway." sunspot retorted

"move out the way samuel and let me kick his ass" ray says

"As if you could" answered sunspot

"could you guys please cool it, we have new students how about some manners" says samuel playing the peace maker

"Tell roberto to shut his mouth than." says ray.

"whatever, i'll be the bigger MAN and back away" says roberto

He then turn back to hermione

"what power do you have" he asks for the third time

"It has to do with electricity, i can generate it from my hands"

"oh cool, that's sort of like my power" says ray, cooling down

"i could shoot it from my hands. Guess we have something in common" he says with a smile

"oh please" came from roberto.

"shut your face" says ray getting angry again

Hermione wanting to avoid another argument speaks

"So what can you do?"

" I can absorb the power of the sun, and use it as energy., that's why they call me sunspot."

"oh, that's really cool" says hermione

"thanks" he answers.

"Pizza's here" yelled a voice

Then everyone made their way towards the kitchen, more like ran.

The rest of the night went by smoothly. Ray and Roberto kept on arguing some more because everytime ray would try to flirt, roberto would make a remark. Hermione also got introduce to new people like Samuel, the boy who broke up the fight. she learned his power was he can move at super fast speed (hence why noone saw him appear) and he could use his speed to bounce of stuff and not get hurt. So they named hin cannonball. She also met piotr (ok. no one can say that name so how about from now on he is peter?). They called him colossus since he can turn into a whole body of metal and is invulnerable. Hermione also spent the rest of the night avoiding harry. Finally, 11:00 o'cloc'k came around and she was pretty tired so she went to sleep.

A/N: Ray and hermione's powers aren't the same. he shoots electricity from his hands and nothing else, she can manipulate her electricity and also she can drain power from energy sources to give her power an extra boost.

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