Of Elflings and Wardens

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Rating: G

Summary: Haldir escorted his Lord and Lady to Imladris to visit their young grandsons, Elladan and Elrohir. While visiting, Haldir learns some of the ins and outs of parenting, much to his chagrin.

Characters: Mainly centered on Haldir and Elladan, though Haldir can't tell the twins apart.

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AN: The twins are about equal to 3-4 year olds in human… I don't know the conversion for elves, but just remember they are VERY young. Savvy?

AN2: Ever have one of those days where you ask, 'Why me?'

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Haldir, March Warden of Lothlorien, Captain of the Elven Army, sighed and shifted slightly in his chair. At the beginning of the day, he had enjoyed the conversations around him, the tones excited and buzzing. As he recalled the afternoon's events, he smiled softly, remembering the great joy that shown on his Lord and Lady's faces as they beheld their twin grandsons.

Galadriel, like all elves possessing the ethereal presence, had never glowed as brightly as she did when an elfling toddled into her awaiting arms. Haldir seemed lost in the recollection, his mind replaying the praises and calls of delight when one of the elflings completed a task.

Though he had been in Imladris for the past three months with his Lord and Lady, Haldir still couldn't tell the twins apart. Where one was, the other was surely close by. The last time the Warden had seen the twins was when they were but yearlings, but now they were well into their teens, learning more complicated language and Erestor had begun teaching them simple Elven runes.

Haldir sighed, shifting again in his cushy chair, mindful of the child now nestled in his lap. Haldir's gentle blue eyes took in the form of the slumbering elfling, arms wrapped around the Warden's midsection and head resting comfortably against the broad chest. Little legs were tucked up and wedged underneath Haldir's arm, limiting his mobility. Slightly glassy gray-green eyes stared blankly, unseeing into the distance as the elfling walked in Elven dreams.

Haldir sighed again. Usually, he was well adapt to spending several hours of immobility, guarding the borders of his home and spending countless hours lost in the boughs of the great trees. However, at the moment, the Warden's joints were locking up, and he was becoming increasingly restless. Lord Elrond, his wife Celebrían, Lord Celeborn, and Lady Galadriel had left over two hours ago to enjoy an afternoon stroll before dinner. Haldir was left all alone with the sleeping elfling curled up on his lap. Not wanting to disturb the child, even after Celebrían had offered to take him to his rooms, Haldir remained behind to allow the elfling to sleep without disturbance. As the noble elves passed, Celebrían had kissed the Warden's brow and told him that if he tired, he can always take the little one to his brother, who was sleeping down the hall.

Haldir tried to stretch and startled when the small elfling in his arms yawned and rose, wiping his sleepy eyes with the back of his hand. Haldir grinned at the tussled hair and pouty look the elfling gave him and chuckled to himself when he realized he didn't know which twin he held. Celebrían had spoken his name before she left, but Haldir couldn't remember which was which.

"Good afternoon, young one," Haldir said softly, wiping the stray hair out of the pale gray eyes staring back at him. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes," the elfling grumbled hoarsely, "You are soft."

Haldir winked, "Just do not tell that to my command. I may lose respect in my ranks."

A brilliant smile met the Warden's eyes as the child yawned again and nodded, agreeing that he would keep the elder elf's secret.

Haldir felt guilty with his question, but asked anyway, "Are you Elladan or Elrohir? I can not tell you two apart."

The elfling's lower lip protruded as he crossed his arms and huffed, "I am Elladan. Elrohir is smaller than me. We are not that much alike."

Haldir held back his laughter at the cross look on Elladan's face. He held his hands in resignation and nodded his head as the elfling scooted off his lap and swayed momentarily, allowing the final vestiges of sleep to be shaken off.

Noticing the child looking around the empty room, Haldir said, "Your mother and father went on a walk with your grandparents. They should be back at any moment."

Elladan's small hands rubbed at his face and he turned to Haldir, "I have to go."

Haldir frowned for a moment, wondering what the elfling was saying, but Elladan's predicament became known when the elfling held up his tunic edges and showed the knot tied in his breeches.

"Ada ties too tight," Elladan frowned, tugging at the lacings and the complicated knot. "They fall down all the time. He ties them so they will not fall, but I can not take them off!"

Haldir chuckled at the elfing's attempts at undoing the large knot and motioned him closer, "Allow me to assist you, young Elladan."

Elladan complied and when the lacings were undone, held tightly onto his breeches and waddled into the adjacent room. Haldir shook his head, remembering the same problem that his brothers had when they were elflings, and their own ada created complicated knots in lacings.

Haldir was pulled from further musings by a pretty elleth, sticking her head in the door. He straightened up, tidying his clothes that were rumpled from a sleeping elfling, and smiled politely, the tips of his ears burning. "Good eve, My Lady."

The elleth blushed rose across her fair cheeks, "Good eve, My Lord. Have you perchance seen Elladan?"

Haldir felt his throat go dry as he took in the sparkling blue eyes of the elleth, "Yes, he has awoken and will join his parents shortly."

"Very well," the pretty elleth smiled, coyly avoiding the warden's gaze. "I shall tell them immediately."

"Is there any reason you must rush?" Haldir asked, stepping forward, his eyes wide and expectant. He had seen the elleth around Imladris before, helping the Lord and Lady and walking with Lord Erestor through the paths discussing topics that were lost upon his ears. He had watched the elleth, not daring to ask her name, nor approach her. For some reason, the very thought of having a conversation with the member of the opposite sex sent the March Warden skittering for the sanctuary of the trees.

The pretty elleth seemed startled, and blushed a deeper shade of pink, "No, there is no rush, My Lord."

"Please, call me Haldir," Haldir said, wondering why his voice sounded a bit squeaky. He felt his cheeks flare to life as the elleth gave him a shy look, her smile lighting up her face.

"Haldir," the elleth repeated, rolling the name on her tongue and smiling at the sound. "A very nice name."

"May I ask yours, My Lady?" Haldir asked, his throat parched as a desert.

"Landriel," she said timidly. "I am one of Lord Erestor's students."

"I have noticed you around," Haldir blushed, finding it hard to speak with his uncooperative vocal cords.

Landriel quirked a brow, and when Haldir made eye contact, both shied away, blushing furiously. Her voice was raspy as she spoke, "I have noticed you as well. I did not wish to seem brash to ask of your name."

Haldir felt himself swell up with pride and beamed ear to ear, "I had feared the same, Lady Landriel."

Landriel's blue gaze flickered to Haldir, and lingered on his broad frame and stoic posture. She felt her cheeks blush further, but instead of shying away, she looked directly into Haldir's eyes. Her heart caught in her throat at the flushed face that accented his stormy eyes.

Haldir unnecessarily cleared his throat and asked, "Would you care… what I mean to say is…after dinner… would you like to take a walk with me… that is, if you are free…."

Landriel demurely bit her lower lip and nodded, "I think that would be lovely."

Haldir's smile broadened, a feeling of elation filled his being. He opened his mouth to speak, but a meek voice from the adjacent room interrupted.


"I am here," Haldir said faintly, his eyes trained on the blushing elleth in front of him.

Landriel blushed and smiled, her eyes holding Haldir's, both oblivious to their surroundings. The warrior elf could feel his heart beating so fast against his ribs he felt that the beautiful elleth before him could hear every thrum. Landriel felt herself grow weak in the knees, wondering if the proud elf before her realized the effect he was having on her and her nerves.

A very irritated voice broke through the silence, throwing both adults into sudden realization, and to Haldir, great embarrassment.

"Haldir, will you wipe me?"

Haldir instantly flushed a deep red, his eyes wide in terror as he struggled to form words in response to the elfling's request. He stood gaping, like a fish out of water, as Landriel seemed divided by amusement and embarrassment.

"Haldir, I fall if I try. Haldir?" a timid voice called once again.

Landriel stuttered, "I shall see you after dinner."

Haldir could merely nod as Landriel disappeared quickly around the corner, her face brighter than the roses that grew in the Lady's garden. Haldir stalked towards the room that held the struggling elfling, vowing to himself that no matter how cute the little ones are, he was never going to have one! They were too much trouble, and their cuteness didn't counter the embarrassment that they cast innocently into the world and, unfortunately, the brunt fell upon unsuspecting adults.

Haldir shook his head, wondering why the Valar seemed to enjoy seeing him struggle. When he finally gets enough courage to speak with a beautiful elleth, he ends up embarrassed. Haldir groaned, wondering if things could get any worse, and secretly hoped that by the time he was to meet up with the elleth the Valar would grace him with a strike of lightning. Somehow, Haldir didn't think he would be that lucky.


AN: I know, poor Haldir. Unfortunately, this story isn't far from the truth. It's happened to me and to a friend of mine. Kids just seem to KNOW when to say the most embarrassing things to get adults all flustered. shakes head