The Night n Gale 2

The Return of Seroas

The wind blew lightly from the north west, the Night n Gale swayed as the small waves hit her sides.  The moon was full and they had just set sail out of the way from skull mountain.  Where they witnessed Catherine's fall and the proof was with them in the galley.

            "I don't remember what happened exactly but I was about seven years ago, and then I remembered being a bird.." he trailed off looking far off into space.

            "Well there is no need to worry cause we got rid of Catherine who then was a young sorceresses that was ready to try out new black magic," Hikari told him smiling and patted his shoulders.

            "You have a brother don't you?" Sora questioned seeing if this was  indeed Yamato's long lost brother.

            "A brother…hmm I couldn't recall…no wait," his eyes clouded over for a moment as if he was remembering, "Yeah….blonde hair…he was trying to find me," he whispered looking at Sora.

            Sora then looked over at Taichi with pleading eyes "If we find Yamato and tell him that we found Takeru he'll be so happy, would you do this for me?" she whispered to him.

            Taichi tried to resist they had a busy schedule but he could do something else to try to reach Sora's friend, "Sora you know I can't just turn the ship around, we still have to reach the next Island so we can gather supplies. But it won't hurt if you send him a letter telling him to meet at us at our next docking," he said.

            She nodded, "Koushiro you have any parchment handy?"

            Koushiro nodded handed it to her, "Oh and you can use my new invention!" he got up and ran into this room, "I actually had this already made but with the attack on the village and Catherine up to no good we didn't' have time to test it," he handed her the a feather that had a pointed end.

            Sora looked at it as did Miyako who looked at Koushiro shocked. Sora was confused but she pressed the pointed end onto the parchment and it was writing, "Whoa. that's different" she said quietly.

            "You like it? I call it the dispensable ink feather, But the down side is that you have keep refilling every once so often. Just the regular feathers." Koushiro said with a sigh.

            As Sora wrote with the dispensable ink feather as Koushiro had called it  they had continued their conversation.

            "It wasn't until I saw Hikari that I knew that she could help me," he closed his eyes for a moment, "I sensed her magical presence," he re opened his eyes again and looked at her, "And she did which I'm grateful for.. but there is some one that I haven't seen in a long time. My brother, I remember him now…but so long that I haven't spoken or seen him…" he trailed off for a moment.

            Taichi frowned slightly he looked to Sora, "And on the matter of your brother, Sora thinks she knows him. She will be sending a letter to your brother letting him know, about you."

            "Thank you, Captain." he expressed happily, "And thank you Hikari, for giving me this chance to meet, who could be my brother," he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

            Hikari blushed lightly, "It was really no problem," she explained.

            "AHH!" Sora cried out ink had squirted out of the feather that Koushiro had made and all over her hands, "Koushiro!" she shouted upset.

            "Sora! Calm down, I thought of just the thing to get rid of ink spills too," he ran into his room, Sora was a bit calmer but she wasn't amused either, "Here just put some of this on the ink. And then wash it out. You should be alright," he grinned.

            "It smells like orange's," she said sniffing the air as she rubbed her hands she left the room then returned moments after, "it did work how cool."

            "I told you so, I also discovered that the acid in oranges cleans very excellent on reasons why it dose. I haven't further explored any further," he replied.

            "That great Koushiro, awesome work by the way," Taichi said with a smile.


Within the rubble of the skull mountain a hand emerge, "I have life!" a voice growled evilly. Slowly from the rubble emerged a man his clothes tattered and dirty from the fallen rocks. Observing his hands he then looked over at his daughter, "Catherine!" he hurried to her unmoving form.

            He went over to her body, "Catherine my beautiful daughter…" he trailed of held her close to him, hugging her body.

            "Ha ,ha, ha!" a laughing voice came from the shadows, Seroas looked about and found nothing.

            "I can help you, get your daughter back, after all they don't call me the King of souls for nothing," the creature commented and laughed once again. Then in front of him he appeared it wasn't anyone new in fact it was some one old.

            "How will you help my daughter? You didn't even help her get even with Taichi for manipulating her the way he did!" he growled angrily.

Laughing gingerly Scratch smirked then pointed to Catherine, "I can bring her to life if you give me a chance, and this time you don't have to promise me Taichi and his crew. I could just go get them myself," he replied.

"Alright it's a deal, now bring my daughter back to me," he said quickly.

"Ah, ah , ah . Not so fast, you see, it's not as simple as that. I can't just snap my fingers and wha la your daughter will come back from the dead," he scratched his head for a moment, "Yes, I am the evil lord of hell. But I'm going to need some souls in return," he rubbed his chin looking at Seroas.

"I'll get you Taichi's soul for my daughter, he killed her. If she weren't so smitten by him in the first place then maybe none of this stuff would have happened," he looked out the hole a top of skull, "YOUR SOUL SHALL BE MINE!!" from his hand boomed a blot of electricity, it sparked then caused a loud thundering with in the clouds.


The crew sudden felt a chill, then heard a loud thundering up in the sky. Hikari jumped up she looked around the galley, then ran up deck.

The rest followed her, "Hikari what's wrong?" Taichi questioned her concerned for his little sister.

"Something's not right…something is defiantly not right…" she trailed off, she looked into the starry night sky but saw no clouds the moon was only half yet it limunated the ship.

"What do you mean?" Sora questioned her sorceresses friend.

"You all felt that, chill…it was evil…the evil didn't stop...when Catherine died" she cried, "And this time, it's stronger, much stronger then Catherine," she whispered with worry.

"Stronger evil? It couldn't be.." Jyou said remembering something suddenly.

"And I don't know if I will be of any effect on his magic," Takeru came up to her putting a hand on her shoulder.

Hikari looked at Takeru with confusion in her eyes, "You can feel it too?" she replied shocked.

"Feel it yes, I've been with a lot of sorcerer's and sorceresses. Over the seven years that I was a hawk, I was able to feel magic."

"Seroas," Koushiro spoke, Taichi looked at him and shook his head.

"No, my father killed him he can't be alive. Not after we got that stone the one the destroys all evil," Taichi explained, "I mean how is that possible?"

Suddenly everyone felt a violent rock, the ship felt like it was cannon vaulted on it's starboard side. The crew was knocked down, and they gather themselves and got up on there feet again.

            Taichi looked at Hikari, "I don't know, I can't feel anything….whoaa!" Hikari was thrown back as were the others.

            "This has to stop…" Sora cried getting up on her two feet again.

            "I doubt that will happen unless you pray for it to happen," Jyou said as he himself got up from the ground.

            "Well something has to happen, And I intend to find out. Sora and everyone stay below deck, I'm going up," Taichi replied he made his way toward the stairs.

            "Are you mad! I'm coming with you," Sora cried.

            "NO!" he yelled at her. Another jolt rocked the ship sending Taichi into Sora and they both fell on the ground.

            The crew got back up again, "I'm going out there," Hikari said.

            "Okay that's enough of this, we are supposed to a team! Are we not?" Miyako cried.

            Taichi frowned he looked to Sora then Hikari and unfortunately Miyako was right, he just didn't want Sora or Hikari hurt, "Okay, well let me look. Then I'll come back down and report," he replied.

            The crew gave an alright, nodding there heads in agreement. Slowly Taichi turned and made way toward the door leading to the deck. He reached for the handle and slowly opened it and exited out onto the deck.

            Taichi saw nothing until a big wave of water  hit the starboard side. Taichi fell on his hand and feet he looked up and under the moon light sky he saw a massive creature.

            "Who is thee who passes by my toll with out paying an award!" the dragon like creature hissed. he stood fifteen feet high just from half of his body that was showing, around his head was like a main of a lion and his red fan like ears tucked neatly behind his head and a long red dorsal fin ran the parameter of his body that stuck out from with in the depths of the ocean.

            "Passes, I wasn't aware there was a toll, by a creature such as yourself," Taichi said standing soaked to the bone by the wave that had hit him.

            Sora and the others soon came up on deck, they stop turning to what Taichi was looking at and shocked.

            "We have no treasures to give you," Taichi said standing tall to the dragon like creature, "We are nothing more but simple merchants we wouldn't have nothing for you to take as treasure nor do we have a single schilling."

            "Simple merchants you say, you don't seem like it. I say you were pirates," the creature grumbled at them.

            "Don't assume            ! we are going to ports and shipping supplies back and forth it's simple as that," Sora cried Taichi put his hand over her mouth quickly. And gave her a stern look.

            "She didn't mean that, but why do you think that?" he questioned looking up at the sea drake who snorted at him.

            "Because I'm interested in your money! I'm more interested in your souls!" he roared.

"NOO!!" Hikari cried she jumped in front of Taichi then, thrust her arm outward and a beam of lighting flew from her finger tips, "GO AWAY!" she shouted angrily.

"ARRRGHHH!!" he roared mightily then thrashed backward falling into the ocean.

"HIKARI!, what are you doing! he just wanted money. Remember father told us about creatures like that, they only want us to pay a toll," Taichi cried, he spun her around to face him.

"Brother, that was a sea drake alright, but it was under evil influences. One namely who would be known as Seroas," she whispered to him.

"How can you be so certain?" he replied heatedly.

"I know cause evil suddenly flows within him," she declared she closed her eyes then saw visions, visions of destruction. the Night n Gale was broken in two crew mate and friends struggling to swim to shore.

The ocean bubbled, Sora who was over looking the stern of the ship spotted it bubbling, "It looks like he's gone, but it may also be him come back to the surface. Taichi I suggest we get out of here, I agree with Hikari," she said with quaintness.

"We can't just speed of, that creature must  way faster then our ship, the dolphins are even faster then our ship," Taichi declared. he paced with worry. but soon that worry turned to fear as the ship was rocked violently but what arose this time wasn't the Sea Drake.

A sea serpent rose from the ocean, it hissed sticking out his long forked tongue.

"Whoa… too many monsters!" Miyako cried, she quickly hid behind Koushiro who tried his best to safe guard her.

"GRAB ON TO SOMETHING!" Taichi shouted aloud over the splashing waves that hit the deck. The ship rocked back and forth.

Everyone managed to grab onto a firm planted object, as the ship swayed back and froth.

"TAICHI I WILL HANDLE THIS!" Hikari shouted out to her brother. she let go of the ropes that she was holding on to then concentrated. In her hand grew a fire ball, she ran her other hand on top. She then launched it at the sea creature  hitting it straight in the head it fell over creating a huge wave of water to hit the ship, Sora grabbed Hikari before she could be swept over board by the current of the wave.

Soon forth the water calmed.

But in the sky formed a face, and it spoke, "Taichi and Crew…you certain most probably don't know me but I know your father very well," his demonic voice replied coyly.

"You! you're the one that father has told us about," Hikari stated looking up at in the dark night sky, sunrise was slowly ascending, and it cast a orange hue across the clouds.

"The one and only and you'll all pay for my suffering, You took away my daughter and I intend to make you pay!" he growled with vengeance.

Sora frowned she felt a chill suddenly, as did Hikari, a cold wind came over them. the crewmates look two and forth. The winds picked up and the sail began to fill rapidly. Waves began to form, first small three foot waves, then eventually they grew bigger to about ten feet in height and five feet wide hitting the Night n Gale hard.

"Take cover!" Taichi shouted over the howling and rough ocean.

The crew did there best to take cover from the over powering gail like winds and fifteen foot waves that pounded the ship. the Night n Gale then capsized then bobbed back to the top the anchor was the only thing that was keeping it from the ship from sailing and further out to sea.

The boards creaked and cracked, the water pressure began to get at the ship.

"TAICHI! THE ANCHOR! IT WON'T HOLD ANY LONGER! IF THIS KEEPS UP IT WILL TEAR OFF," warned Raul who desperately tried to see his Captain but with out a due.

"RAUL CUT IT OFF, IT'S EITHER LOSE THE SHIP OR  RUN A GROUND! DO IT!" Taichi cried, he had no other choice.

The Night n Gale was in peril, Raul cut the anchor away. The ship was thrown around the ocean like a toy, the crew barely able to maintain there footing on board.

Meanwhile, Seroas observed from a pool of water that was in front of him, he had fixed his cave up now, back to it's original state. Red velvet curtain's, table cloths, and many candles to light the cave.

He grinned as he watched Taichi and crew barely hold on for dear lives as there ship began to fall apart, "ha ha ha!!" he laughed manically, "The sooner you lose your lives the quicker I have my daughter back!"

To Be Continued…