The Night n Gale II Chapter 18

Scratch and His Prison


Izumi glanced at the devil with narrowed eyes. She had to do something for everyone seeing that they had saved her from a life in that prison. She was going to do it for her village and for them and for Takuya. She and Takuya had to survive so they could go back to their village and repair the damage Catherine had done and hopefully return to living peaceful lives once again. Scratch was not going to be the one to stand in the way of that dream. She closed her eyes and envisioned the help from the sky, ground, water and fire.

"Sky, ground, water, fire..." she began as she held her arms outward.

Takuya looked at her in shock, "Izumi no!"

Izumi's hair began to rise in all directions, "Lend me your powers and create three cyclones," she opened her arms wide.

The crew watched outside as Scratch was besides himself with laughter, "You think a little elemental magic will scare me away blondie!"

The clouds grew dark and the winds picked up. The Harpies hadn't made a move to flee. They were still flying in the sky and dive bombing the protective shield Seoras had placed at the mouth of the cave.

"What is she doing?" Hikari asked worried. she then looked to Takuya for answers.

Takuya frowned, "She is asking for the help of four elements. It takes a lot of energy out of the person if they were to summon that much."

"We can't let her then!" Seroas said quickly as came around to face his daughter who was concentrating in a spell.

"WAIT! You can't interrupt the spell..there is nothing you can do to stop the spell now."

Soon after there were three massive clouds converging on the unsuspecting Harpies that swarmed the area. They turned into three massive funnel clouds and with the clouds came a thunderous sound of roaring.

Scratch looked to the clouds and frowned at them. He turned to face the crew in they're in closure, "Do you really think that you could defeat me with those clouds?" he asked incredulously.

"What ever it takes," Izumi said strongly. She held with her mind the clouds and directed them so they vacuumed up all of the Harpies that each could then one by one the clouds vanished taking the Harpies with them.

Scratch snarled at the blond haired magician, "It will take a lot more power missy," with that he snapped his fingers. The side of the mountains began to rumble and stones fell. As soon as the stones fell they began to rise and form the shape of stone Cyclops's.

Izumi fell forward onto her knees. She couldn't not with stand the massive amount of energy it took for her to conjure up those large funnel clouds that had consumed Scratch's army of Harpies.

Takuya and Hikari helped her back up, "Are you okay?" Hikari asked concerned.

"I am," she breathed.

Takuya sighed, "We are losing."

Hikari looked at the stone Cyclops, "let me clean up those cyclops."

Seoras nodded, "You can cast magic from with in the shield."

Hikari took moment to think then closed her eyes and conjured a very large fireball. she then opened her eyes and aimed for the closest cyclops. She sent the fireball flying forward toward the cyclops and struck the first on in the shoulder. It had wobbled for a few minutes then toppled backward on to the other cyclops. The pile of rocks then lay in their wake.

Hikari then looked a little happy however Seoras wasn't.

Takeru, Hikari, Takuya were exhausted from the massive amounts of energy it took to battle earlier that they would need a good weeks rest before they could fight again. It was now up to him.

"I still have the energy to battle Scratch. I am the only one that is probably equally matched against him."

" have to be careful," Izumi said with worry.

"I know what I'm up against. Don't worry Izumi," Seroas said and then stepped up to the barrier.

"Good luck," Taichi said suddenly.

Koushiro and Jyou nodded in agreement. Sora glanced at Seroas then to Taichi with a worried expression. "Good luck," she said.


"I just wish we could help," Taichi replied.

"There is nothing you could do against Scratch's magic. This is my favor in repaying you Taichi for rescuing Izumi from that jail," he said quickly then turned back to face the barrier. "The barrier will hold don't worry you will be safe here." he was about to touch the barrier when Izumi called out to him. He turned to regard her.

"Your the only family I have left!"

"Don't worry Izumi."

"I can't help it," she said tears poured down her cheeks.

"I will be fine, I promised you that I will help you repair the village and I intend to keep that promise," he replied quickly. Then with out hesitating he exited from the barrier and the safety with in and looked at Scratch.

Hikari was trying to comfort Izumi as was Takuya. While Takeru, Taichi, Koushiro, Jyou and Sora watched on as Seroas approached Scratch.

"Devil it is you against me and I've waited for a long time for this," Seroas said.

Scratch who was floating in the air started to laugh excitably. "Finally there will be someone worth fighting!"

Seroas regarded the devil for a moment then smirked at him, "It will me by pleasure to burry you."

"AHH ahahahahahah!!" Scratch laughed mechanically. Then he stopped with a serious face staring at the sorcerer with a glare, "No, I would like to think it would be my pleasure to burry you. The one that goes back on his words." Scratch pointed his finger at him then and a shot a ray of fire at Seoras who dodged it quickly.

Seroas then shot out his right hand and sent a five rays of black energy toward the Devil they hit him but didn't affect him much. Scratch laughed, "You forget, black magic belongs to me and there fore I'm im-" he staggered back after a ball of white energy hit him.

"But you aren't immune to white magic," Seoras said quickly.

Scratch snarled at him then rose his left arm in the air and brought it down quickly toward the earth. As soon as he done that there was a rift in the earth and it traveled all the way toward Seoras, just stopping dead infront of him. The earth then began to shake.

Takuya, Izumi, Hikari, Takeru, Taichi, Sora, Koushiro and Jyou looked on confused. "What is happening now?" Jyou questioned.

Seoras then conjured up another ball of light and aimed it toward Scratch who avoided it this time. From the rift in the earth emerged hands on either side of Seoras appeared and grabbed his arms holding him down. Scratch watched on amused and then he began to laugh, "You are a fool to think you can beat me," he said with all seriousness.

"At least I'm trying!" Seoras shouted back at him.

"No, Dad fight!" Izumi shouted at her father.

"Izumi don't worry. I'm going to transport you somewhere safe!" Seoras said to her as he kept his glaze steady on Scratch.

"They aren't going ANYWHERE! Those are my souls that you owe me and now you are going to watch while I collect them," Scratch stated angrily as he pointed to the cave where Taichi and the others were.

"We are nobody's souls!" Jyou exclaimed.

"I'll just utter a few words...and boom, your mine," Scratch replied. He turned toward the cave where the crew was being protected by Seoras's shield.

Taichi, Jyou and Koushiro stepped forward drawing their sword and waiting for the goat man to come toward them.

"You can't fight him with weapons," Sora stated. She then grabbed Taichi's sword arm wearily.

"Sora we have to try. Either we succeed or we die trying," he replied.

Sora frowned at him, "Then we give into what he wants. Our souls," she explained.

"She is right," Takeru replied he looked to Hikari, "Can you use some magic?" he asked her.

Hikari nodded, "I can."

"Wait, you two already consume enough energy when you were battling the Harpies. You can't use more magic," Taichi said strongly.

"What are you going to do with a sword Taichi?" Hikari questioned.

"I'll try my best," he said.

Hikari frowned a little angry with him, "You'll try nothing!"

"Okay, okay, you two we have to focus," Koushiro said to them.

"Let me do it," Izumi said trying push Takuya way.

"No, Izumi you can't," Takuya warned.

Scratch looked at them as they fought amongst each other about who was going to attack him. He was amused but he knew none could do him harm. "It's all pointless really. I will win in the end," he said aloud.

Seoras struggled to free himself from the hands that where holding him in place, "Scratch it's me you want!" he shouted.

"No, I'll deal with you later. First I will collect what I was promised." Scratch advanced then stopping short of the cave. He blasted the cave's shield with a stream of fire however it bounced back at him nearly hitting himself with is own magic. He snarled angrily and turned to Seoras.

"Disable the shield!" he demanded.

"Over my dead body," he declared.

Scratch smiled at him, "Well...if you say so," he then pointed his finger at Seoras. "Here is a taste of hell."

Izumi watched wide eyed as Scratch was about to send fire toward her father. With out thinking she dashed forward and through the shield. "STOP!" she shouted.

Takuya ran out after her, "IZUMI!" he cried.

Scratch turned to see the girl running toward them. He pointed his figure toward her then Takuya manage to catch up with her and flung herself and himself to the ground. The blast of fire barley missed the two.

"ALWAYS something like this has to happen," Jyou said getting up and then looked to Taichi and the others. "I'm going. Are you all in?"

With out much deliberation the others nodded and they left safety of the cave.

Izumi got up first and she stood infront of her father, "YOU CAN'T TAKE AWAY MY ONLY LIVING FAMILY MEMBER!" she shouted. Her body began to glow a deep red.

Scratch was laughing at her, "You did a very good thing missy. And now I have my souls out in the open."

With out a second hesitation Izumi cast a tornado of fire at Scratch. It caught him off guard and knocked him to the ground. The devil angered looking around at the closest object being Takuya. With his hand he made a motion and Takuya started to float into the air. He was trying to grip at his neck as he struggled to breath. "Come one and save your boyfriend or else his soul is mine."

Izumi couldn't see straight she had used too much of her strength and struggled forward. She could see that Takuya was in trouble but her vision was going in and out of focus, "Takuya..." she whispered then everything went black.

Takeru had sent a bright ball of light toward Scratch it deterred him for a moment.

Takuya took the opportunity to escape and quickly ran over to where Izumi was. All the while trying to catch breaths of air.

"SCRATCH..." A sudden voice boomed over the valley. Everyone including the crew looked around.

Scratch too was looking back and forth then he found a figure infront of him. The figures robes where white and on it was a sequence of a dragon. He then realized who it was and gasped, "Mavolo..." he gaped at him.

"Yes, I've watched you play with them and it's time for you to go back where you came from," Mavolo pointed at him.

"Y-y-you can't, you can't do what you did before," he said holding his ground against the most powerful white magician in the world.

Mavolo with out talking held his hand outward and made a fist, "Your too late."

Scratch tried to move but he couldn't. It was going to happen all over again. Scratch was bitter now and he glared at his captor. "Do it then! Do it!" he shouted.

Mavolo and Scratch then disappeared into thin air.

Seoras was freed from the arms with the help of Jyou and Koushiro who hacked away at them. Takuya, Hikari and Takeru tended to Izumi who had luckily enough only passed out from exhaustion.

Taichi looked toward the ice cave and then back to Sora, "I wondering what Mavolo has in store for him?"

Sora shrugged, "I don't know to be honest. But what ever it is he must have done something to Scratch before. They knew each other."

Taichi nodded, "He must have sealed him away the first time and now this time he will do it for good."

"Lets hope so," Seoras said.

Island of Kerdos

When Mavolo and Scratch reappeared they were in a rock cavern and at it's center was a chair made of stone. He made him sit down in the chair then as soon as he was seated chains came flying out of the four corners of the stone chair. They clamped on to Scratch's four limbs.

"I'll get out! I'll promise you!" Scratch threaten as he tried to free himself of the chains.

"I'll make sure that I make your escape twice the more difficult then the last time," Mavolo said to him quickly. He then set , around the chair, various spells each preventing the future escape of the devil. Nor could the simple human free him either. The chains where enchanted and could not be cut, burned or melted.

"I'll come to vist you to makes sure you are still here," then with that Mavolo left with the snap of his fingers and returned to Skull Mountain.

Scratch then let out a angry cry of frustration that echoed with in the walls of the cave.


Jyou surveyed the damage the tornados that Izumi had unleashed upon the Harpy Army. He then turned around and found that Mavolo had returned. Everyone was gathered around Izumi who was still unconscious. Mavolo bent down to her and then restored some of her energy so she could wake up.

"Mavolo how come you came?" Seroas asked.

"Because it was the only way to handle Scratch. You wouldn't have been able to get him to go to the Island of Kerdos," he explained.

"Lets not dwell on why. Scratch is tucked away now right?" Taichi asked.

Mavolo nodded, "He is and he won't be getting free any time soon."

Izumi had awakened and was staring up into the concern faces of Takuya and Hikari. She got up to a sitting position slowly and looked Takuya. She saw the red marks that where around his throat and sighed a breath of relief, "I'm sorry I couldn't help you."

Takuya shook his head, "Don't be sorry."

Izumi felt tears weld up in her eyes, "It was my fault he could have killed you."

"He won't be able to do anything anymore," Seoras said.

Izumi looked up at her father she gathered her strength and forced herself up and gave him a hug, "Dad I'm glad that you are alright."

"You did something very dangerous, Izumi. You could have died yourself," Seoras stated a bit angry with her.

"I had to protect my only living family member," she said.

"How about we not focus on that's over. Scratch is locked away where he can't do anymore harm and Catherine is frozen in the ice cavern," Takuya said to her.

Izumi took his hand in hers. As she did the rainbow bracelets reacted and began to glow. Mavolo looked on amazed as he realised the strange power the bracelets held. The bracelets seemed to react to feelings and emotions and he was in awe of that.

Taichi, Koushiro, Jyou, Sora, Takeru and Hikari both smiled as they watched Izumi hug Takuya.

"Finally it looks like she will get her happy ending," Hikari said feeling content that they finally defeated the two who had caused plight to so many people.


The crew had spent one day on Skull Island. They traveled around meeting the villagers and telling them that there will no longer be Catherine or The Devil of The West to bother them. They received many gifts of thanks from most of the villages they had visited. When they had finally arrived to the Night n Gale it was almost night. Everyone boarded the ship except for Mavolo who thanked Izumi and Takuya for sharing their tale about the rainbow bracelets. He also wished to study them more and asked if he could visit their village at anytime to come and study them. They agreed saying that he could come at anytime.

They were only a few hours away from arriving to Izumi and Takuya's home land. Koushiro was in the crows nest watching out for shallow water. Jyou, Taichi, Izumi, Takeru, Takuya, Hikari and Sora were on the deck sitting and relaxing for the first time since they could remember clearly.

Seoras then came above deck and joined them.

Izumi looked forward, she could make out the shape of the island and it made her sad in a way. She would probably miss her new friends that had helped her so much. "I want to say that we will miss you guys," she said motioning to everyone.

"So will we," Hikari agreed, "But we will definitely come to visit you."

Izumi nodded, "I'd like that very much."

"If you wanted we can help you put your village back together again?" Taichi offered.

Izumi looked to Takuya then Seroas and she nodded, "If it isn't too much of trouble to ask of you?" she said

"No problem," Taichi answered with a smile.


The ship was docked out a few hundred feet away from the coast and they took the row boat the rest of the way onto the island.

They made their way toward Izumi and Takuya's village and found a surprise. There were people there. Not only were these just ordinary people but they were the elemental magic people. Izumi and Takuya looked on wide eyed at the event before them. It must have been about maybe twenty to thirty people there.

Izumi and Takuya took off running toward the village.

One of the villagers looked up and then came a great smile across his face, " IZUMI! TAKUYA!" the man cried he ran forward and hugged each of them.

Izumi and Takuya both had tears of joy in their eyes as they saw all these people.

The man then looked behind the two and saw Seoras, "YOU!" he pointed at him angrily.

"Please don't be angry with him. He helped us fight against the his daughter and The Devil," Izumi said pleadingly.

Takuya nodded, "He did."

The man then looked away from the two and at Seoras, "I'm offering you my help," Seoras said to him.

"Gamba, he has turned a new leaf. He honestly wanted to help," Takuya said.

Gamba nodded then agreed, "That's fine, but it doesn't make my opinion of him change. What about those other people?"he asked pointed to the crew in the background.

"They rescued me from a prison, I don't how I got there though, but they rescued me. And Sora, the girl with the light orange coloured hair, helped Takuya as Catherine was holding him prisoner." Izumi explained.

Taichi and the others approached then as Gamba waved them over. "I have to say thank you for helping Izumi and Takuya." he frowned as he shook hands with Taichi and everyone and turned to Takuya and Izumi, "How is it that you are alive? We saw that she got you both. We thought you both died."

Izumi and Takuya looked at each other. The two didn't know how it was possible either and they shrugged. Both looked at the rainbow bracelets that were fixed upon their wrists. "It has something to do with these bracelets. We meet with Mavolo and he explained that when two people are needed in the world. There is a tribe that knows this and rescues these people from certain death. They then place these bracelets on them. I guess it is their way in saying that we are branded for life," Izumi explained.

Gamba nodded, "Very well, we won't question how anymore. It is a simple mystery."

"But there is something we want to ask," Takuya said looking very confused. "We thought that everyone had perished. How is that you are still alive?"

Gamba nodded, "About only half of us survived the attack. We hid underground for almost a year. We had then sensed that Catherine's magic suddenly stopped about only a day ago. Now we set about finally repairing the damage that she had caused."

Taichi smiled, "Then I guess you have enough help to rebuild then."

Izumi nodded, "Thank you so much for everything. You will try to come and visit once and a while?" she said.

Both had came up to Taichi and the crew, "Your welcome," he replied.

Hikari begun to get tears in her eyes, "I'll miss you," she said to Izumi. And the two hugged then Hikari hugged Takuya, "You take good care of her."

"I will," he answered.

"Don't worry we will see each other some time. We can write letters to one another too you know," Izumi said with a smile.

Hikari began to laugh and wiped away her tears, "I'm sorry I'm just an emotional person sometimes."

Sora two fought back her own tears, "It was nice to meet you and to get to know you both." she said giving Takuya and Izumi a hug.

"It was nice to meet you as well," Takuya answered. Izumi nodded in agreement with his statement.

"Take care of yourselves," Koushiro said shaking hands with both of them.

"Yeah and make sure you both take care and hopefully we will meet again in the future," Jyou said with a smile.

"Thanks, Jyou and Koushiro for your nice words," Izumi said.

Takeru was next, "We will see each other again like Hikari said," he replied with a smile. He gave Izumi and hug and shook hands with Takuya.

"Well If everyone is ready we are going to head back to the ship," Taichi replied looking at the members of his crew.

Everyone nodded, "We are ready." Hikari answered.

"Oh and Seoras, thank you for your help. I'm just glad you decided to side with the good side instead of being on the bad side," she said looking at Seoras who stood beside Gamba.

"I did it for my late love, Atsuko and my daughter," he explained.

Hikari nodded, "I understand."

"I must apologize to you again Taichi. For my other daughter's advances toward you. I also apologize for also trying to kill all of you before," he said sincerely as he could.

"It's okay, we are alive so it's alright," Taichi replied with a laugh.

They all nodded and then with a wave they turned around and headed in the opposite direction in which they originally came.

Izumi and Takuya waved back then returning their hands at their sides. Izumi then took his hand in hers. He looked down at his hand and hers then up at her and smiled she then squeezed his hand lightly.


It took a week for them to sail to Sora and Takeru's home town. Once they arrived and took care of loading the ship once again with supplies and unloaded the remaining of cargo from the other villages. Soon after everyone disembarked and went to look for Mimi and Yamato.

"Do you have to go?" Hikari asked Takeru quietly so her brother wouldn't hear her.

"My job is done and I got my revenge against her. However I would like to spend a little more time with my family," he explained.

Hikari nodded feeling a bit sad but she did understand what he was saying, "I'll miss you is all."

Takeru smiled, "So will I. But you have to keep faith that eventually we will see each other again." he silently pointed in Taichi and Sora's direction.

Hikari smiled, "Your right."

"Of course he is," Jyou said putting a hand on Takeru's shoulder.

"We thought we would give them some time alone," Koushiro explained. Hikari turned discreetly to see Taichi and Sora walking together. They both seemed to be talking about something that she couldn't hear.

Suddenly from out of no where, "SORA!!" Mimi came running out of a house to their left and hugged her tightly, "It's so good to see you again!"

"Mimi...don't tell me.." Sora said she pulled away and looked at her more carefully. "Are you going to have a baby?" she asked.

Mimi smiled, "I am."

"That's great congratulations are in order then," Taichi said to her.

"Thank you."

Yamato then came after her seeing Takeru first he gave him a hug then invited everyone into his and Mimi's house.

"I heard about what everyone did," Yamato said in surprise.

"You can thank Takeru. He was the one that took Catherine on and he nearly died doing so," Hikari explained as she remembered back to last week.

"Actually it is all thanks to her attraction to Taichi," Takeru said with laugh.

Taichi frowned, "Thanks I guess?"

Sora laughed at him and patted him on the back, "He is just joking with you Taichi."

"But she was obsessed with me...speaking of which what did you say anyways?" Taichi asked. He was now very curious to know exactly what it is that Takeru said to Catherine before she was trapped in her ice prison.

Takeru thought for a moment, "Well...I just said that you were never in love with her. The whole point was to get her angry so that she would acted on her anger. Which she did."

Taichi nodded, "Good idea."

"Thanks, I thought it was pretty good too."

Yamato finished pouring everyone a cup of wine except for Mimi who got herself a glass of water instead. "Let's make a toast then," everyone raised their glasses. "To my new baby girl or boy and to Taichi and his crew for deliberating the world of the evil that was standing in the way of everyone's happiness," Yamato said.

With that everyone clinked glassed, "To a life with out a crazy witch and the interference from Scratch," Jyou added with cheer.

Everyone laughed and then took a sip from their glasses.


Island of Kerdos

Scratch was humming a tune then he looked about his surrounds and was angry again. Then as aloud as he could project his voice, "YOU'LL PAY ALL OF YOU WILL PAY!!" he struggled with his shackles but again he found he was stuck. Then he let out a angry scream again.

The End