Hello all you Beyblade fans out there! This here is my first official story with the beyblade characters, but I have written two poems about my two most favorite, Kai and Rei. So check them out as well. For the mean time:

Disclaimer: I do not own Beyblade characters, but I so wish Kai was real so he could be mine!

Pairings: mainly an Oc fic, Kai/oc, Rei/oc, Max/oc, Tyson/oc, Tala/oc

Summary: this is a "Shrek" based story except without the stupid fairies flying around and the stupid talking donkey (even though I liked donkey). Kai is the main character of course. The prologue will give you more information.


Humans and Beasts


Once upon a time, in a far, far away land, where everything was peaceful and forests were green and lush, and covered the entire planet. There lived the only inhabitants, the sacred beasts that wandered land, sea, and air. For many years, all the beasts lived in harmony with each other.

However, their peace was soon short-lived. Soon humans came into existence and started destroying the beasts' homes, and sometimes even capturing them to be used as pets or slaves. However, the beasts soon grew numerous and eventually out-numbered the humans. Finally, a young yet ruthless king gave the order to have every single beast exiled. Some beasts retaliated though, and some were even killed.

Meanwhile, from above the clouds, the great angel, who protected the planet and all inhabitants, watched in horror as the beasts were being ruthlessly slaughtered by the humans. The Angel could think of nothing in her power she could do to help these two races live in peace again. Just then, she got an idea.

Raising her staff, making it glow brightly, the Angel flew over the planet and revived every beast spirit and reincarnated them all within several young humans, who possessed their own type of spiritual aura that resembled each Sacred Spirit. So it was done.

Ever since that day, no one knew who was a human and who was a beast, unless if they looked really closely in someone's eyes, they could see the seal of the beast. Everything was peaceful, for the time. However, the Phoenix did not like being trapped within a human body. Wanting to be free of each other, the phoenix and the young boy became outcasts, not allowing anyone to get near them. Thus, making humans and beasts fear them.


Well I hope you liked it!

Oh, and about one of the ocs, I need help finding one for Tala, so whoever doesn't mind being with Tala, or having a white wolf bit-beast, please send that character as soon as you can. Remember, I need: Name, Eyes, Hair, Clothes, Personality, Any other info you want to add.

Ja ne

White Spirit Angel