Info – My first attempt at a Ranma ½ Sailor Moon crossover. I'll try and stay to some kind of timeline grasp, but I don't really know the Sailor Moon timeline that well. If I screw something up, just tell me and I'll try to correct it. PLEASE DEAR GOD DON'T HATE ME FOR THIS STORY!! If I get good reviews I'll start updating.

~ Story ~

Ranma sighed again as he watched more clouds slowly roll by in the night sky. It had been two weeks since the wedding disaster and Saffron. Shampoo and Ukyo had backed off slightly, but were quickly coming back on a regular basis. Kasumi was cheerful as ever, while Nabiki was still making money off him at every chance se got. Akane was even more violent than before and he simply looked at anything the wrong way he was quickly flying away courtesy of Akane Air. The rivals were still hounding him and he was beginning to breakdown. He couldn't stand it any longer! He needed out before he killed again.
'Kill... that's a new one,' he thought before raising his hand and stared at his palm. He clenched and unclenched his fists, never taking his eyes off his fist. He quickly screamed in rage and slammed his clenched fist into the roof of the Tendo home. Some of the tiles shattered and cut open his fist. He slowly brought it back up and stared at it again, watching the blood drip down in fascination. He slowly laid his hand back down on the roof and listened to the distant noises of the city. He slowly drifted off to sleep on the roof, wondering if he would ever be free. Small tears escaped his closed eyes as he began to dream.

~ Dreamscape ~

Ranma looked around at his surroundings. He seemed to be in some kind of glowing palace. He slowly looked around and found he throne empty. He slowly turned and looked at the throne itself. A beautiful woman was sitting in the chair. She nodded to him and smiled before she disappeared. He looked for her again and then realized that he wasn't wearing his regular Chinese style clothes. He looked down and realized that he was wearing some type of armor.
"What the hell?! This looks like the armor of that Celtic Guardian thing from that Yu-Gi-Oh! show. Only it's colored black and has lightning all over it and the gay helmet is gone!" he observed. He quickly tested his mobility and found it very easy to move in. He looked up again and found himself standing in his normal clothes. He was in the middle of what looked like a battlefield on the moon. He looked around and then found himself looking at himself.
"Who are you?" his older self shouted as blood poured out from his wounds.
"Ranma Saotome," Ranma replied.
"Strange. You look like me, and you have the same first name," the man replied before falling to one knee. Ranma ran forward to help him but suddenly stopped when the woman from before appeared. She slowly floated down to the man and took him into her arms.
"Queen Serenity?" he questioned looking up at the woman.
"Do not worry Ranma. You fought bravely, but our kingdom was lost. I'm going to transport you to the future where you will be safe. Prince Mamoru will need protection in the future," she said softly.
"Tell me my queen. Will I remember my duties in the future?" he said as blood began to slowly trickle from his mouth.
"You are looking at your future self right there," she said pointing towards Ranma.
"What? What are you talking about?" he questioned when suddenly everything began to blur away from him. He thrashed wildly about trying to find out what was going on.
"Soon you will know, Sailor Knight Ranma, soon," he heard whispered throughout his mind.

~ Reality ~

"RANMA!" he heard Akane scream. He slowly sat up and realized it was morning already. He tried to move his hand, but found it immobile. He looked down to find that it was swollen pretty bad and dried blood was stuck to his hand all over. He looked down to find some had dried onto the roof as well. He slowly tried to move it and grimaced in pain. After a few minutes of experimentation, he gave up on the currently useless hand and hopped down to the ground. Akane was standing there giving him a death glare.
"Okay Ranma, explain why you were on the roof all night?" she asked with an angry edge in her voice. Ranma kept his hand hidden from her view and looked at her sadly.
"I was just thinking and I guess I fell asleep. I'm really sorry Akane," he said softly.
"I know what you were really doing. You were trying to look in my room you hentai!" she screamed. Open mouth, insert foot.
"Who would want to look at you tomboy!" he yelled back. Before anything else could happen, Ranma was flying up into LEO (Lower Earth Orbit). Akane grinned in satisfaction and walked back into the house, Mallet-sama resting on her shoulder. Ranma looked down to find he was going to land in the middle of a street.
'At least no one will be hurt,' he thought to himself. He quickly started to prepare for the landing and was pretty much going on auto drive. Before he knew what was happening, he landed on his damaged hand. It throbbed in protest and he blacked out from the pain. Just as he was falling to the ground he noticed a girl about his age with violet hair and eyes to match running towards him.

~ Nerima ~

"Akane, why did you do that?" asked Kasumi looking at her sister.
"What are you talking about Kasumi, that baka deserved it," she said as Mallet-sama disappeared and she sat down at the table.
"Ranma was hurt, and he gave a truthful answer," she replied glaring daggers at her sister.
"He wasn't hurt," she said. Nabiki suddenly stepped forward and threw a few pictures down in front of the girl. She looked down and noticed they were camera images from just a few minutes ago. From the angle of the cameras, she could clearly see Ranma hiding his hand behind his back. The appendage was colored black, blue, and dark red from dried blood. Akane winced as she thought about how much it must hurt.
"I don't know how it happened, but Ranma was hurt," Nabiki said in a cool calculating way. Akane looked at her two sisters and then sighed.
"I'll apologize when I see him again," she said before starting to get up for her turn in the furo.

~ Juuban ~

Ranma was dreaming again. This time he was fighting some kind of demon army. He was constantly getting hurt, but every time he was stabbed he would fight harder. His hands were sparking as lightning sprayed across his form. He continued to pummel the army until they suddenly disappeared. He fell to one knee when he looked up he found his Queen. She told him he had done well, but she needed him in the future. Ranma nodded in understanding and then all fell silent. He slowly swam to conciseness and his eyes snapped open. He looked around at his surroundings and then closed his eyes again as he heard voices in the next room.
"Hotaru! How could you bring a boy back to this house?!" a gruff female voice yelled.
"I'm sorry Haruka-papa, but his hand was injured, so I brought him here for healing and rest," a smaller voice yelled.
"Will you both please calm down, what happened, happened so let's just help the poor boy out and get him back to his home," said a calm song like voice.
"Yes Michiru-mama," replied the smaller voice. Suddenly a bright light flashed from under the door and all the girls gasped.
"I saw the end of Crystal Tokyo today at the time gates. We have to find out what my visions could foretell. Call Usagi, we have to have an emergency meeting," she said. Ranma felt that this was the time to leave. He quickly looked around the small house and found a piece of paper and pen. He wrote his thanks and exited the house. He looked down at his hand and found it completely healed. He smiled and then began to roof hop back towards what he hoped was Nerima. He quickly thought about it again and hopped down, asked the direction of Nerima, and then roof hopped in that direction. By the time he arrived back in Nerima, it was already dark. He quickly made his way back to the dojo and hopped into the yard. Upon landing, three figures jumped at him.
"RANMA PREPARE TO DIE!" came from pig boy's mouth.
"SHAMPOO IS MINE!" screamed duck boy.
"RELESE YOUR HOLD ON THE BUSTY AKANE TENDO YOU VILE SORCERER! HAVE AT THEE!" yelled delusional samurai boy. Ranma tried to avoid all the attacks but found he couldn't. He knew he could be faster, he knew he could. He tried to make his body speed up, but it just slowed him down. He suddenly felt pain in both his sides and chest. He looked down to find Ryoga's umbrella stabbed in his left side. One of Moose's weapons in his right, and Kuno's in the center. He looked at them with shock on his face, and they looked on at him in shock. Before anything else could be said Ranma dropped to his knees.

~ Juuban ~

All the Senshi were gathered at the shrine. Even the prince of the Earth, Mamoru was present. Everyone looked towards Setsuna as she stood up in front of them.
"I had a very disturbing image of Crystal Tokyo being destroyed. I think all of us have to be ready for anything to come our way. I called this meeting as a kind of council of war. This new power has to be unimaginably strong to destroy Crystal Tokyo like that," she said before sitting down.
"On another note, I had a very strange dream that may be a memory," said Mamoru facing everyone. They all turned towards him and stared at him strangely.
"What happened in this memory?" asked Luna as she stepped forward.
"It was very strange. I was a young child and my mother and father called to tell me that I was being assigned a bodyguard. They said that he was a Sailor Knight of Earth. As the memories continued, I realized that he became almost like a brother to me. He was one of the main reasons that we could be transported to the future. He held off the forces of darkness just long enough for Queen Serenity to transport us. I don't know why I'm having these visions cause I think he's dead," he said softly looking at each one in turn.
"I don't remember a Sailor Knight. Are you sure you weren't just having a strange dream?" asked Usagi.
"I do," Setsuna said softly. Everyone turned towards her in shock.
"What was he like?" they all asked in unison.
"He was fairly kind, but stayed to himself. He really only opened up to two people. One was Mamoru, and the other was Hotaru," she said facing the smaller girl. Everyone looked at the Senshi of Silence in a weird way.
"Is that all you remember?" asked Makoto.
"No. He was also the fail safe of Saturn," she said softly again.
"Fail safe?" Hotaru asked.
"He was destined to kill you if you fell to darkness," Setsuna replied.
"So he was equal to me in strength?" Hotaru asked softly.
"Ye..." Setsuna did not have time to finish as suddenly Silver Millennium energy exploded across all their senses.
"What could produce that kind of power?" asked Usagi fearfully.
"Only Sailor Knight Ranma," replied Setsuna before she transformed into her Sailor Pluto fuku. The others quickly followed and they all disappeared from view, heading towards the location of the energy.

~ Nerima ~

Everyone stared in shock as Ranma's blood poured across the yard. A few tears fell from his eyes as he began to mouth a few words. Everyone leaned forward as the mouthing turned into a whisper, which soon turned into talking, then yelling. Finally he yelled it one last time.
"I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY YOU'RE ALL DOING THIS TO ME!" he screamed as a huge aura appeared around his body. A storm suddenly brewed and lightning began to flow around and on his body. He continued to scream as he stood up and his body began to transform. Suddenly, he became a beam of light and was nude for a few seconds until a strange type of armor appeared on his body. He fell back to his knees after it was done and then pounded his fists on the ground. It began to shatter and smash all around the entire dojo. The wall began to shatter and the house was slowly falling apart.
"I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND! GOD DAMN IT, I JUST DON'T GET IT AT ALL!" he screamed again before his fists fell again and lightning sprayed across the ground. He suddenly looked up evilly at his rivals and supposed 'friends'. He slowly rose to his feet and then blurred. He appeared in front of Ryoga and his fist smashed into the eternally lost boy. The boy cried out in pain as lightning flared out from Ranma's fist and sprayed across his body. He suddenly took off into the air and went flying through the wall smashing it and at least five other houses in the immediate area. He turned his death glare upon Moose. The blind duck boy began to slowly took steps back away from Ranma. Ranma growled and then blurred. Moose didn't have time to respond as he felt his entire head rattle and then fell to the ground, out cold with small tracers of lightning flowing across his body. Kuno being the usual idiot he is stepped forward. Before he could take another step, Ranma was standing in front of him holding the blade of his katana. Suddenly, Ranma flexed his fingers and the blade snapped. Kuno gaped at the broken blade and then found himself looking at the ground as he was knocked face first to the lawn. Ranma turned towards his father and then blurred again. Genma spun just in time to feel his arm snapped like a twig in his son's grasp. Ranma quickly began to destroy his arms.
"Now you will never be able to practice the art again," the boy said softly before walking towards the hole in the wall. He quickly turned towards them and then bowed. Nine girls and one boy suddenly appeared in front of him. The Tendo's quickly recognized them as the Sailor Senshi from Juuban.
"Sailor Knight Earth?" asked the man.
"Yes my lord," Ranma responded looking up at the man. He nodded and motioned for Ranma to come forward. The boy quickly rose to his feet and walked towards the man. Before any of the people present could argue with Ranma, he was gone.
"What the hell just happened?" questioned Ryoga who had crawled out from the hole in the wall his face dripping blood.

Hopefully this was right with the names and story line. If not just tell me and I'll try and correct it. Anyway, hope you enjoy the story and hopefully it is original.