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The Cat Café

They had just sat down before Cologne orders Shampoo to go and make some of her 'Too Too good ramen'. Ranma nods his consent and Shampoo quickly runs off to fix what they asked for not wanting to miss the conversation. Cologne looks to Ranma expectantly only to find him watching Shampoo. The old woman couldn't help but smile. It was about time he showed interest in her great-grand daughter.

"So son-in-law…why are you here?" she says in her old crackled voice.

"I am here to end my marriage," he replies lowly only to hear a pan fall to the ground in the kitchen. He winces a little at seeing the hurt expression on Shampoo's face. The girl quickly recovers however and goes back to her work with less pep then what she had previously.

"I cannot let you do that son-in-law."

"Your full of shit woman," he replies looking back to her. Cologne grabs her staff and glares at him.

"Do I have to knock you out and drag you back there?" she yells. Ranma glares at her and then growls looking back to Shampoo.

"Hear me out first ya old mummy," he snarls out making both women stare at him. He turns back to Cologne his glare gone.

"I'm listening."

"I want to end my marriage and start over. When you crossed the border into Japan, your laws became void. I could easily turn in everyone here because I know for a fact you don't have proper papers."

"You will not be going against-"

"3000 years of amazon history. Oh I will, sides I don't think you could take me down easily anymore. I KILLED A GOD," he says loudly making sure Cologne understood. The old woman nods again shivering slightly. "I want to start over with Shampoo. I want to make sure we are right for each other. I want to date her...not marry her…yet," he finishes only to hear another pan drop followed by a squeal of excitement from a certain bubbly amazon. Cologne stares at him in shock once again. What happened to the idiot Ranma that she had come to like over the last couple years?

"Why are you demanding this?"

"I was recently taut the difference between good touch bad touch. Shampoo has been in the bad spectrum…but I think that is due to her pressure of landing me as her husband. Frankly, I'm worried. I know that in your culture I would not be allowed to study the more advanced martial arts of your tribe. I couldn't handle that. That is one of the many reasons I don't want to go with Shampoo."

"I could easily change the rule," Cologne says smiling to try and pull him in. Ranma shakes his head and pulls a book from his pocket. Cologne gasps upon realizing that it was a writing of their laws.

"You could try and then be challenged. If you loose…which is very likely…you loose everything and are sentenced to leave the tribe. I wouldn't want that on my hands. If I do choose Shampoo…we could start another tribe here in Japan. We could change the laws a little seeing as how we would have some immunity to your ways. We would be a colony…an emissary of your way of life. I really don't see how you could loose in a situation like that. But I'm getting ahead of myself…that is all possible IF I choose Shampoo which is highly unlikely unless we can start over and go on regular dates," he finishes. Cologne stares at the boy in shock. He had just thought of a way to bypass the rules. She knew that he wouldn't enjoy the training there. In fact after Shampoo had her way with him he would just be another breeding stock male to be used by every free girl there.

"I don't know Ranma…it seems a little risky…what would happen if you don't choose Shampoo?"

"I adopt her. I'm thinking about starting a clan…I could easily make it an emissary to the amazons of China. You have to admit your village is seriously out of date. I also know for a fact that you're dying out. Using lower class warriors for Juskeyo victims. Turning women into men and making them breed effectively killing them mentally. Your gene pool is so fucked up that more and more offspring are becoming retarded and handicapped at birth. That could be easily fixed by having a 'modern man hunt' with allies in Japan. I could also start a program that would slowly pull money and technology to your people in China…ending the dark times you live in."

Once again Cologne was speechless. This new Ranma had the power of the old one with the brains of Nabiki. That frightened her to no end. How far could Ranma go in the world with powers that he has at his disposal? His justifications for breaking the marriage with Shampoo were sound. The only thing they could loose at this point would be the offspring of Shampoo and Ranma that would be undoubtedly strong. In the end Cologne knew she would loose Ranma for good if she pressured him into the marriage by honor. There was no way she would push him away and piss him off. He could easily destroy their village after taking down all the warriors. Now was not the time for threats and shows of power. He would easily win. To quote a ganjin term 'This dick measuring contest was over.' It was time for negotiations to take place.

"Your arguments and justified and well researched. However, it is not I who can give the final say on this. You have to speak with Shampoo on this matter," Cologne says lowly as Shampoo walks up and sits next to her after setting down their food. Ranma nods and smiles.

"This looks great Shampoo," he says happily and slowly digging into the meal at a reasonable pace surprising both of them. "Shampoo…I know you heard us talking…what do you think?"

Shampoo was waiting for him to ask her this question. She didn't like breaking off her marriage because by law he should have already taken her virginity and at least given her a child from the time they met 'til now. But she also realized that by being so forceful about the idea of marriage, she had effectively drove him away. She sighs softly and looks up into his deep blue eyes getting lost in them. She could safely say that at the start, she was happy that he had been dashing and handsome. It was all lust in the beginning. Now however, she could feel the blossoms of a beautiful romance starting. Something straight from the romance novels that she had taken an interest in recently. She looks back down again and decides that is was time for truth. No more acts.

"How many other girls are going to be competing for your heart?" she asks softly in a different tone of voice. Gone was the ditzy bimbo act that she flaunted around with gusto to try and grab his attention. He seemed mildly amused by this and smiles softly making her heart gush and her face hot.

"None as of right now…and about time you dropped the act. No one can be that trashy," he says lowly taking another bite. Shampoo giggles softly and nods.

"It was my idea…you wouldn't believe how often Great-grandmother chewed my ass about it," she says softly another fit of giggles racking her lungs. Ranma smiles and then finishes his meal before standing. He drops a few bills to the table and walks to the door. "Ranma where are you going?" Shampoo asks in desperation.

"I took your dropping of the act as a yes for the dating thing. Plus I have other people to see today. Oh yeah…be ready at 7:00 tomorrow night. Dress casual."

"Why?" Shampoo asks a look of confusion crossing her cute features.

"Cause we're going on a date," he replies giving her his 'lady killer' smirk and walking out. Shampoo sighs heavily and glances to Cologne who was by far all smiles.

"Shampoo…I believe you now have a boy friend," Cologne says smiling to her Great-granddaughter. Shampoo sits in complete silence for what seemed like ages before a blush comes to her face.

"I'M SO HAPPY!" she gushes loudly making Cologne face fault into her noodles.

'It starts here…the real adventure starts right now…' Cologne thinks lowly to herself picking noodles from her face.


The Senshi were staring at Trent in shock. He was actually pretty damn smart under his false idiot bravado. They glance to Yaku to make sure she confirmed the story only to find the woman smiling wider at Trent. Something was up, they just didn't know what.

"Alright! What's going on?" asks Usagi as Yaku suddenly giggles.

"HE'S TICKLING MY KNEE!" Yaku suddenly shouts and falls back laughing insanely as Trent smirks even wider. Needless to say everyone in the room face faulted.

"HOW IN THE HELL ARE YOU HELPING RANMA!" Rei screams in pure rage.

"Cause I don't FUCKING YELL all the damn time," he replies giving a cold calculating look at Rei. The girl of Mars quickly growls and leans closer.

"I SHOULD HAVE TO YELL SEEING AS HOW YOU DON'T SEEM TO HEAR A DAMN THING WE SAY! NOW WHERE IS RANMA AND WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON?" she yells back staring coldly into his eyes. Trent glares back and then suddenly smiles evilly.

"Ah I see now."

"See what?" Rei asks suddenly deflated from the lack of anger in his voice.

"You like Ranma. You've got it so bad you want him locked up in your room right now…in fact he may already be there!" he says loudly pointing a finger at her as she blushes. While Rei was trying to recover, a few other certain Senshi were moving slowly towards the stairs where Rei's bedroom was…just to see if Trent was right. Meanwhile Yaku and Trent where trying very hard to suppress laughs.

Tendo Dojo

Ryouga was currently looking at his lap as he sat at the table. Akane was across from him glaring at him. She would have whipped out her mallet along time ago and pounded him, but after Ranma's leaving she had calmed down enough to realize just how deluded she had become. She could rival the Kuno siblings easily.

"Ryouga…. I just don't understand why?" she suddenly whispers.

"It's because at the start I just wanted to get Ranma jealous and who knows what else. After a while however…I found that I had fallen for you…hard. I was so happy to be getting close to you and everything else that I didn't think," he replies still looking down a sickly green aura appearing around him. Akane gasped softly at his honesty. He actually liked her? That was a strange new feeling for her. One she hoped wouldn't interfere in what she felt was right.

"Then…if you really like me…make up with Ranma and quit acting like a pig. Also…take me on a few dates that won't end in complete and utter devastation," she says gently laughing as she remembered her many attempts with Ranma. That was when there was a soft knock on the door. Kasumi answered it with her usual "Oh my!" Akane glances up and finds Ranma standing in the entryway his arms crossed over his chest.

"Done talking cause now it's my turn," he says darkly giving the two a glare.

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