Summary: Naruto isn't a member of team 7, he disappeared when he was a baby and no one knows what happen. Now there is a stranger at the Chuunin exam that will take it together with the Konoha rookie's.

Parings: unknown for now, it might end narusasu, I don't know yet... I will tell you when I come to that...

Disclaimer: I don't on Naruto.

Author Note: I didn't have anything to do so I let my hand do whatever they wanted with this one and this was the result, I hope you'll like it... even if I wouldn't be surprise if you wouldn't. This is the first story I have written that are going to be based on the Anime serie timeline.

Return of a Stranger

by monkan


A pair of red eyes watched over the sleeping blond boy. Two years, he was only two years and already could he feel the hatred from the villages. He had given up so much before he could even know it. Not even his caretaker stayed around for long. The man made a disgusted sound. She didn't even stay to make sure he fell asleep with that pathetic excuse of a blanket. His red eyes watched the small arm came up from under the thin blanket. They thinned out as they took in the small bruiser on the arm.

Every night he would sneak out of his own room to come over here and watch over the sleeping boy. Making sure no one tried anything against him. In his own family he was silent and reserved but he knew why, a few months ago that he had fallen for the little boy. He was quite taken by the innocent face and the blond locks on his head. It hurt him to see how the villager's treated him. He also knew that it wouldn't be long before some of the villagers would try and kill the boy. He had heard how they whispered among themselves. From what he could gather something would happen tonight. That was the reason why the caretaker went home as she did, she got paid to let the door be open. Big chance he would let them kill this little angel.

"If only they saw you as I did, little Naruto-kun."

But he knew they never would. Not in the coming years at least. After he first saw the little boy being carried by Hokage-sama one day through the streets he followed them. The Hokage took Naruto to the Hokage Mountain. When they stood there the parents took their children and left. He was silently enraged by their behaviour. He didn't want all the attention he got from his parents and the other students at school but they wouldn't leave him alone no matter how cold he acted. But that little boy didn't even know why he was so special so the Hokage had taken him to watch some stupid monument. He made a promise that day that he would look after the boy.

He bend down and picked up the sleeping child. He was shocked at how little Naruto weighed. He walked over to the kitchen to see if he could take something with him. He only found old milk and a few other non-baby foods. His eyes took on a deeper red as he cursed at what Naruto lived on. There was nothing he could take and feed the boy with.

He then heard movement outside the house and knew that the villagers had come. He took out an extra blanket under his black coat and wrapped the sleeping Naruto in it. He then walked over to the window and jumped out onto the roof of the other house, then he kept jumping with Naruto secured in his arms away from the apartment, he could see the light from the window but ignored it and just moved further and further away into the night. The red eyes of his Sharingan glowed in the night.

"I'll take care of you, I promise." They disappeared into the night.

End Prologue

Author Note: So what do you think? Let me know if this might be an on going story or not... it will be pretty much based on the beginning of the Chuunin exam in the beginning, after that I don't know. I haven't thought much about a plot... so anything can happen. It depends on the music I listen to right now how I write...