It was the dead of night and the majority of the city's population was at home, asleep.

The roof of the science institute was very large and had many places where a shuttle could land. A door opened and a woman headed towards the shuttle, taking in the cold night around her. She entered the shuttle and smiled at the male occupant. Sitting in pilots seat, she activated the engines and took off, heading north. Glancing, momentarily at the building behind her, she took a small device from her pocket, pushing a button on the top. In the blink of an eye, an immense fireball lit up the night sky and the science institute was bathed in flames. Showing no remorse for what she had done, the woman checked her sensor readings, looking for any signs of pursuit. Minutes past until she detected another shuttle, which seemed to be following her and, taking an almost instant decision she turned to face the attacker and an energy bolt hit her shields.

Returning fire, she took the shuttle into a nose dive and activated the interdimensional drive, in an attempt to escape from the attacker. At the last possible moment, the shields failed and another energy blast hit the shuttle; there was an explosion and debris fell from the sky.

For what seemed like an eternity, she was slouched in the chair, unconscious. Waking to find the shuttle still in interdimensional space, she looked around. Her companion was still unconscious. A bleep startled her. Moving her hands in front of her, she activated the interface. The shuttle's computer was telling her that the rear part of the shuttle had been damaged and would lose structural integrity if she didn't bring in out of interdimensional space at once. Slowly accessing the propulsion controls she powered down the drive, taking the shuttle into normal space.

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