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Rei has moved back to China to join up with the White Tigers again, and Max has gone back to America, leaving Kenny, Tyson, Hilary and Kai in Japan. Kai is living by himself a few blocks from where Hilary and Tyson live, and goes to the same school as the both of them. Hilary had joined the BladeBreakers, and the team was training for their next championship which was later in the year.


Kenny - 14 years old, 9th grade

Tyson - 15 years old, 9th grade

Hilary - 15 years old, 9th grade

Kai - 16 years old, 10th grade


Kai walked down the sidewalk with his backback slung over his shoulder. His hands were tucked in his pockets and he whistled to himself. He came upon the apartment complex he now lived at. Mr. Dickinson had paid for his own apartment since BioVolt was destroyed and his grandfather arrested. Kai walked up to the glass door and pulled out a key to let himself inside when suddenly, someone called his name.

"Kai! Wait up!"

Kai turned and looked up the street where he came from to see a young brown haired girl running down the sidewalk.

"What's going on Hilary?" Kai asked.

Hilary stopped in front of him trying to catch her breath.

"Mr. Dickinson wants to talk to us all! He says he has a surprise for us!" Hilary exclaimed.

"Huh?" Kai cocked his head.

Tyson and Kenny were already seated in the big office of Mr. Dickinson's. The president of the BBA sat in his large leather chair behind his desk, and waited patiently for the rest of his team to arrive.

Suddenly, the door opened and Hilary walked through, followed by Kai.

"Sorry we're late, Kai's hard to find!" Hilary said taking a seat.

Kai stood in the back leaning against the wall. Mr. Dickinson didn't even bother asking him to sit. He knew the stoic captain's answer.

"Well, then. I suppose you would like to know why I've called you all here." Mr. Dickinson started.

"Yeah! I was busy catagorizing my computer files!" Kenny exclaimed.

Everyone sighed.

"Well boys and girl, you've all been training hard this year...."

"Not hard enough for some." Kai whispered to himself looking at Tyson. Tyson just ignored him.

"...and I think you all deserve a nice break. A vacation!" Mr. Dickinson said, holding up a flyer.

"A vaction?!" Everyone exclaimed.

"You can't be serious!" Kai said outloud as he saw the flyer.

On the cover was a beautiful sandy beach with palm trees and the ocean.

"I've talked with the BBA, and have arranged for you to take a 2 week vacation in Miami." Mr. Dickinson said smiling.

"Miami!" Hilary looked as if she was going to faint. "I've always wanted to go to Miami!" She pictured herself in a swimsuit, getting a tan on the beach, swimming in the cool sea, and shopping.

Kai rolled his eyes. "Do you really think it's wise to take a vacation when the championships are 3 months away?"

"Oh come on Kai, don't be such a wet blanket! Even the ice king should get some sun sometime!" Tyson said poking at Kai's arm.

Kai slapped the annoying teen's finger away.

"Then it's settled! Your plane will leave tomorrow night!" Mr. Dickinson said.

"Hey, wait a minute! What about school and our parents? I'm pretty sure they won't let us just jump on a plane and go to America!" Kenny said.

"I've already contacted them, and they are fine with it. They all think you deserve a nice break." Mr. Dickinson replied.

Grins crossed everyone's faces. "Well, what about it Kai?" Tyson asked.

Kai closed his eye, crossed his arms and sighed. "Sure.....why not?"

Everyone cheered.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow then." Mr. Dickinson said.

Kai opened his door and flopped back on his full sized bed. He closed his eyes and sighed deeply.

"A vacation? I guess it couldn't hurt....and I can't have the team running ragged by the time the championship rolls around." Kai admitted to himself.

He got up to change into his pajamas and went to sleep.


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