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Chapter 24 – The End of An Incredibly Long Vacation

"Let me know if you feel this..." The doctor said, tapping on Kai's foot with a cold metal rod.

Kai nodded slowly, getting annoyed with the whole thing.

The doctor then moved to his other foot, and then up to his knees.

"Well, it seems like you still have all your feeling..." He started.

"No duh?"

"...can you move?" The doctor went on, ignoring Kai's comment.

The teen weakly lifted his leg, before letting it fall back on the mattress.

"That's great! We didn't hit anything we weren't supposed to in surgery!" He ruffled Kai's hair a bit, earning a famous death glare and a vicious growl to go with it.

"I'll have the physical therapist come up to work with you...and see if we can't get you walking by this evening!" He said as he headed to the door.

"Wonderful..." Kai sighed, leaning back against his pillow.

"Oh! One more thing!" The doctor popped back into the room. "Your friends are downstairs...would you like me to bring them up?"

The teen sighed again. "Hn..."

Mr. Dickinson signed the last release form and handed it back to the head nurse. Hilary was officially checked out.

"Hey Hil! Can I sign your cast!" Tyson asked, holding a permanent marker at the ready.

"Sure!" The brunette smiled, holding her purple cast out.

Rei, Max, and Kenny all took turns signing after Tyson, and soon, half the cast was full of signatures and short messages.

"Now you just need Kai's!" Rei smiled.

"Yeah..." Hilary smiled back, blushing a bit. Rei had figured out her feelings for Kai long ago.

As if on cue, the doctor rounded the corner and approached the group.

"Great news you guys!" He started, smiling brightly.

"Are you sure he isn't gay?" Max whispered to Rei, who put his finger to his mouth for silence.

"Kai woke up during the night, and seems to be well on the way to recovery!"

The team burst out into soft cheers and smiles.

"That's great! When can he get out!" Tyson exclaimed.

"Well, he has to meet with our physical therapist, and once she says so, he can go home with all you guys! His injuries are healing remarkably well, and the surgery was indeed a success! He will be able to regain all his movement hopefully sometime soon."

"Can we see him!"

"I'm afraid he's with the therapist right now, but I'll be sure to take you to see him later, okay?"

"Look lady...I don't need crutches!"

"But you can barely walk right now! They'll help you keep your balance!"

"That's what the wall is for..."

The physical therapist sighed. "You're too stubborn for your own good Kai."

She watched him as he leaned against the wall with one hand, while taking a small and shaky step forward.

She had been working with the teen for a little over an hour now, and he was making incredible progress.

"Who would've known that you just come through back surgery!"

"I would...it hurts like heck!" Kai thought to himself.

He wanted more than anything to get out of the hospital, and away from all the pesky doctors and nurses.

"Alright Kai...that's enough for today." She said, writing down information on her clipboard.

The blue haired teen made his way stiffly over to his bed and flopped down, his body exhausted.

No sooner had the therapist left the room than Tyson's head entered.

"Tyson?" Kai blinked at the head of navy hair in front of him as the younger teen walked inside, followed by Rei, Max, Kenny and Hilary.

"Hey there Kai! How are you feeling?" Tyson smiled.

"Alright...I guess."

"We just wanted to say hi, and get well soon!" Max said. "Rei, Kenny and I are supposed to go out with Mr. Dickinson to get supper. Would you like something?"

"...I'm good..." He motioned to the plate of untouched hospital food on the night stand next to the bed.

Tyson gasped. "You're letting all that food spoil!" He rushed over to it.

"It already is..."

That didn't stop him though...the energetic teen had already started to devour the tray.

"Tyson! That's for Kai!" Hilary shouted.

"Let him eat it. He won't bug any of us for the rest of the night." The injured teen flashed a smile at her.

Getting sick with watching Tyson, Max, Kenny and Rei said their good-byes and left.

"Hey Kai...I just wanted to thank you...you know...for saving our butts on that island." Tyson started after finishing the plate of Jell-O.

"Yeah. You nearly got killed out there!" Hilary added. "If it weren't for us..."

"It isn't your fault. Killeen is the one to blame. Thank God he's gone now."

"Yeah..." Tyson grabbed Kai's shoulder gently. "Get better soon Kai! We'll need you for the next tournament!"

Suddenly, an angry rumble rang throughout the room.

Kai and Hilary stared at Tyson with annoyance as he grabbed his stomach.

The teen moaned. "Ugh...I don't feel so good all of a sudden..." His stomach rumbled again. "I gotta go!"

With that, he ran out of the room and down the hall toward the nearest bathroom.

"What did I tell you?"

A week had past, and the BladeBreakers were all doing various things on the golden sand of one of Miami's beaches.

Rei, Max and Tyson had all rented surf boards, and wanted to try their hand at the sport.

Rei and Tyson weren't doing too well, but Max had gotten the hang of it.

Kenny sat on the shore with Hilary making a large sandcastle, while Kai hung in the background, laying comfortably on a beach chair under the shade of an umbrella.

His wounds were still healing, so his chest and arm were still bandaged up tightly, but he had made such a strong recovery you couldn't tell!

He let out a soft sigh and closed his eyes, enjoying to cool breeze of salty air.

It wasn't long before he heard footprints trudging softly through the sand.

Kai sighed mentally. "I bet it's Tyson trying to ambush me again..." He thought without opening his eyes. "Can't he just leave me alone!"

"Hey Kai?"

The teen cracked open an eye to see Hilary, standing innocently behind his shoulder.

"Yeah?" He blinked, not sure what was going to happen.

Suddenly, she threw her arm around his shoulder and held a camera in front of them.

"What the! Stop!" Kai reached out for the camera, but it was too late.

Hilary snapped a picture and bounded off, a proud smile on her face.

The blue haired teen growled, jumping off the chair and running after her.

She looked over her shoulder to see him hot on her tail and with a scream, she took off as fast as she could, hoping in vain to out run him.

They managed to get far away from the rest of the team, and found themselves heading under the pier.

Kai reached out to grab Hilary's shoulder as soon as he got close enough, but she tripped, and fell on the ground hard.

Her foot tangled around Kai's and he fell too, landing on top of her.

He managed to catch himself right before his weight squished her.

"...the heck Hilary!" He gasped, trying to regain his breath.

The brunette smiled up at him. "Just something to remember this by."

With that, she reached up and planted her lips firmly on his.

Kai immediately returned the kiss, and deepened it.

The two stayed like that for a few minutes, before the broke to regain their breath again.

Kai sat up, allowing Hilary to slid out from under him and sit next to him.

"Wow...it's so beautiful here..." She said, looking out to the setting sun.

"I'll say."

Just then, they heard the voice of Mr. Dickinson calling everyone back to the hotel.

"Kai! Hilary! Where are you!" Rei's voice sounded.

"Should we tell the others about us?" The brunette asked, looking up at Kai.

"They'll find out on their own..."

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