Everyone's wanting Remmie



Chapter One


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AUTHOR NOTE – This is the last fic I'm posting for a while, hopefully, I might throw my Muse of new ideas into a cupboard for a while and lock him in there, anyhow, this is a comedy one. Its not meant to be taken seriously so if you're looking for angst try someone else. As the title suggests our Remmie is a popular guy with several people, we'll be exploring why and who with 1st points. That's all I'll say. Hope you enjoy!

SUMMARY – The whole schools gone mad and they all seem to want Remmie, even his fellow Marauders have fallen in love with him. What's a Werewolf to do, he'll have to choose when all he wants to do is curl up with a good book. Romance and pranks is always a good combo, as he'll find out.

Love is, above all, the gift of oneself.

Jean Anouilh

            I wonder what it is about him that people, myself included, love. It's always been a question that has puzzled me since I began staring at him, what was it that I liked?

            Sure he was good looking but there were plenty of more attractive people then him, Sirius being one of them, but there was something about Remus Lupin. Perhaps it was his hair, straight and well looked after, a sandy blond, cut short and in summer with natural blond showing it was gorgeous. Or perhaps it was his skin, he was fair and rarely got blemishes, the sunlight didn't affect him except for the sprinkle of freckles it produced over his nose and cheeks, it looked soft as well and you found yourself wanting desperately just to touch it. He had the most kissable lips I've seen, a straight if slightly small nose and normal looking eyebrows. He looked like a normal bloke to be honest, well until you got to his eyes. That made it a completely different story all together, large and surrounded by dark lashes the colour was amber, look further into the colour and you would see swirls of electric blue and pure silver indicating the dormant wolf in him, the mixture together was bizarre but was so incredible to look at, they shone with intelligence and humour at all times except on the rare occasion he was stressed then they looked dangerous. Average looking bloke, unbelievable eyes and a complete lack of knowledge about it? Well it could be it I guess, if it was that though then surely Sirius would be the one to chase, no one would contest his looks, he was Mr Charming the one everyone wanted to be with, well nearly everyone the rest of us wanted Remus Lupin with a passion, Sirius included if I know my best friend.

            If it wasn't the looks then perhaps it was the voice? Remus was Irish, not as in he was born in Ireland and came to England at an early age. I mean Irish as in he was born and raised there. His parents needed somewhere where countryside was easily gained due to Remmie's condition and their home village provided it. It's ardvarney, Castlebarr in the South, his accent was incredibly thick because of it and because he was a naturally quiet boy it made it harder to see. That would be a negative side right? Barely able to understand him, well perhaps it would be if it wasn't the sexist voice I've ever heard, like thick cream or something, I couldn't describe it. It's the kinda of voice you want to listen to and yet some people find it incredibly annoying and Remus has to try and tone it down, he's got very good at it, sometimes the accent isn't so pronounced but he's always Irish, you can tell that instantly. But a voice is a voice isn't it.

            There is always his personality; he's the nice one out of us Marauders the polite listening type. That's how everyone else views him but I'm lucky I see the real him no one else sees except Sirius and Pete. He's extremely intelligent and he puts that intelligence to good work especially when considering pranks, oh yes he is one of the undisputed kings of Pranks, his are the best ones; the ones that make sure that our names are whispered round the great hall and people look at us in utter respect. He's thinking of one now, his eyes are glittering in the way that indicates his brain is in high working order.

            Hell I have no idea at all what it is, I just know there is something.

            "I have a plan" he suddenly announced bringing my attention, Sirius's and Peter's to him in a second, which of us wearing an eager expression, when Remus makes an announcement like that you know that it's one that is worth waiting for

            "What plan?" Sirius demanded moving closer to the other boy. Remus looked at him and grinned. Did I mention he has an incredible smile, the kind that is rarely used but when it is leaves you feeling warm inside and unable to keep a smile off your face? No? Well he does. I watched as Sirius reacted helplessly to the smile his one charming one coming to his gorgeous face. As much as I hate to admit it, Sirius and Remus would look damn good together if they got together. They complimented each other perfectly, light to dark and all. I gritted my teeth together. Over my dead body

            "A very good plan" he teased turning his gaze onto me, I felt my breath hitch in my throat as I grinned stupidly at him, and damn he was nice.

            "Tell us then Moony" I replied, indicated him with my hand, he nodded his head and spoke in his voice, the same voice that was making Goosebumps run up my arm

            "A plan to get not just the Slytherins back but to prank the people who have never been pranked before, the teachers"

            "That's impossible " Pete broke in at this point interrupting Remus, both Sirius and I turned with glares at him that had him moving back and muttering an apology his eyes darting between the two of us, once I was sure he was subdued enough I turned back to Remus who was giving both me and Sirius a reproachful look. He was adorable.

            "Nothing's impossible Pete" he said kindly to the other blond boy "It's possible with the right amount of preparation"

            "How long have you been preparing this?" I asked in amusement

            "Months" he replied grinning again "When you want something perfect James you have to be prepared to work at it" I shook my head and went to answer when Sirius broke in

            "What's the plan then Moony, don't keep us in suspense" I bit back a growl as Sirius put a hand on Remus's shoulder and smiled at him, looking deep into the amber eyes. I couldn't believe Sirius trying to put the moves on Remus when I was sitting right here. Of course Sirius had no idea that I wanted Remus, he had it in his head that Lily Evans was the one for me and I could never be bothered to change his mind.

            "How do you feel about making those Slimy disgusting Slytherins sing for 24 hours straight, and I mean sing every single word and every single one of there deepest darkest desire, imagine the blackmail material we'd have? It would last the rest of our lives here" I grinned as the endless possibilities floated through my head; I felt I was in heaven. All the things we could do and know. I grinned at Remus who was looking between the three of us with a slight eager look on his face. I got up and went over to him where he sat on the sofa and sat myself next to him, immediately being assaulted by the smell that was Remus, I wish I knew what cologne he wore cause I would spray my bed just to smell it, I threw my arm round his slim shoulder and gave him a one armed hug. I was definitely the right height for him

            "Remus you are a genius" I announced to him watching a slight blush come across his high cheekbones at the compliment, Sirius didn't look happy I noticed, he was glaring at the scene.

            "I know" he remarked, shrugging my arm off "That's just the Slytherins though" he said a cheeky look coming to his face, don't you want to know what else we can do, the teachers perhaps?" he stood up and looked at us, it was Saturday and we were all dressed casually in Muggle clothes, Remus was wearing dark jeans and a black t-shirt and he looked good.

            "What?" Peter asked, Remus grinned at him and I think I saw Peter melt on the spot, hiding a snort I waited as Remus spoke

            "Well the teachers and oh I don't know the rest of the school, all at the same time we get the Slytherins? Could you say chaos my fellow Marauders?" he remarked with a laugh. I stood up

            "That's it Remus John Lupin spill it now and tell me"

            "I've discovered a potion" he said softening "It will turn anyone's hair into a multicolour array, it could be any colour from white to violet to orange to green and so forth, you only need a wee bit of it and its fairly easy to make and you can't tell its there, I suggest we make our way to the kitchen the day it is to be done and while Sirius distracts the house elves with his charms" he turned and smiled at Sirius who grinned back "You and me James accidentally chuck the entire potion into the pumpkin juice before it is separated, they have 5  different cauldrons you know, one for each house and the teacher, I suggest at the same time we accidentally put the singing potion into the Slytherins one at the same time, we'll come back to the great hall and watch chaos erupt around us what do you think?" he waited as we all stared at him then at each other.

            "You are amazing Remus" Sirius said his entire face gleaming with mischief, "That's the best plan I've heard since forever" Remus blushed and grinned at us all. So that why I love Remus Lupin is it, who would have thought that was the reason, all I knew was that I had to have him all to myself.

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