Everybody Want Remmie



Chapter Five


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"So you really think that this plan is going to work Remmie?" I glanced up to see James looking at me with the normal look he looked at me with. A look of lust but this time it was actually mingled in with a questioning one.

I guess a lot of people wonder whether or not I notice everything that goes on around me or whether the fact that I always have my face in a book has somehow made me stupid. Needless to say it hasn't and needless to say that yes I have noticed, simply because it would be impossible for me not to notice.

It first happened when I was 12, that was when I lost my virginity, one of the older Ravenclaws, a 16 year old called Melanie decided that she liked me, now lots of people had liked me at that point because I was a Marauder and I was Sirius's and James's best friend but no on had liked me in the romantic sense until Melanie. I guess at the time we were all too innocent to even think of the attention we had been receiving and by we, I mean me, James and Sirius. Peter never did bless him. I still remember it clearly but then again you always do don't you.

I had been struggling with potions, my worse subject and she happened to be good at it so she offered her services to our teacher who jumped out the chance. She was assigned to me and we met once a week on a Wednesday afternoon, from 4 to 5. I never thought anything of the looks she gave me or the fact that she always touched my hand and leg when she was explaining a point and the fact she let it linger. The wolf did however, the Wolf always did recognise heightened emotions especially anger and lust and it felt lust off of Melanie and the Wolf wanted exactly the same thing, it lusted after her because she lusted after it and so I began to experience emotions I had never experience before.

I found myself wanting the little touches and I began to become very good at potions simply because she had began to kiss me on the cheek if I got an answer right. She was a very pretty girl as well and I know that several people wanted her. She had big green eyes and dark brown hair and a really nice face and I remember being surprised that she wanted me in the first place when she could have had plenty of other men.

It was about a month in when she kissed me, it wasn't my first kiss because ever since we were 11 the 4 of us had played spin the bottle with the girls of our year and it had always been nice, especially the one time that I kissed Lily Evans but other than that I hadn't really experienced a proper kiss. I did that day. The time I got something right that day Melanie went in for a full kiss, I believe they called it a French kiss and I let her than things progressed and well you can guess what happened next.

It was probably very wrong of her to do that because she was 16 and I was 12 but it didn't feel wrong and I don't regret it. I mean I got laid before Sirius Black and I'm not sure how many other people in our entire year could say that. Probably none. We never did anything after the tutoring ended but I didn't mind. She got with another person and the two of us never spoke about it again. Well I told James and Sirius of course but no one else not even Peter.

Since then I began noticing people, picking them off and having my way with them but it wasn't until I was 14 that I noticed the effect I was having on James and Sirius. I knew I was bi simply because of the wolf. The wolf didn't care about the sex of the person as long as it could dominate them and the wolf noticed the signs of James and Sirius and it wanted them both. Problem is that I wouldn't let him. The pair of them are my best friend, they hold my greatest secret and they have never asked anything of me before and I would never dream of using them, not even for a second. Well that's not exactly true because I have thought of it before I mean the pair of them are gorgeous so who could honestly blame me, the fact is that I wouldn't do it. Even though if I'm honest I do fancy the pair of them, perhaps Sirius more than James.

That's why I ignored the looks they gave me and that's why I ignored the look James gave me now and instead answered his question

"Of course it's going to work," I said with a smile at him "I've spent months planning this so why exactly would you think that it wouldn't work?" James shrugged turning his gaze away from me to glance at the other two quickly, I followed his gaze. Sirius was absorbed in a Quidditch magazine looking extremely sexy as he did; his mouth forming the words silently as he read, Peter was fidgeting nervously with his hands. I couldn't help but feel sorry for Peter; it wasn't that he was a bad person because he wasn't. He just didn't have the spark that the rest of us had and it made him sink into the background no matter how hard I tried to make it different.

"Wouldn't we get the Gryffindors as well?" James asked crossing his arms across his chest and raising an eyebrow at me. If he carried on looking like that then I was definitely going to have to get up and leave because the wolf was already beginning to stir in me. "I don't know about you but I don't quite fancy getting beaten to death by our housemates" I frowned slightly and went to speak when Sirius cut across me, his tone lazy and amused sounded, a slight shiver went up my spine which I ignored. Definitely not a good sign.

"Remus has got everything under control James I mean it is Remus for god sake" James looked slightly convinced so I turned and gave Sirius a smile which he returned with a wink. I swallowed hard thankful that my face rarely showed emotions and stood up

"I got to go," I said lightly "Got to go and study"

"Want us to come?" James asked causing me to grin, I definitely did but I didn't think it was the way that James meant.

"Naw you stay here and I'll see you at dinner, carry on working on that spell ok and James," he turned and looked at me with that questioning look again "We don't put the stuff in until they are separated remember, so we won't be putting it in Gryffindors cauldron" James nodded and grinned

"Can't wait for it Remmie" he commented with a stretch and I nodded

"I know" I turned and walked out of the Gryffindor common room and sighed, it was beginning to get very difficult to keep the indifferent front up with the pair of them. The wolf knowing that it couldn't have them wanted them even more and it was getting hard to resist it when I frankly wanted them, well Sirius more than James, as well. I was walking down the corridor when I heard swift footsteps behind me and someone calling my name

"Remus wait up please" I stopped and turned round, a smile on my face as Lily caught up to me. Now here was something I did want and something which I could have.

"Hey Lily how are you?" I asked, slipping my hand into her and dragging her along with me, she looked surprised at the link hands then smiled at me brightly, a slight blush coming to her face. Once again the wolf had been completely right.

"I'm fine," she replied back "I just wanted to know if you still wanted to study tonight?" I nodded my head as I led her out of the doors and onto the grounds, I wasn't sure where I was going to go but I was pretty sure Lily was going to go with me wherever it was.

"Well I don't want to but I need to," I confessed, squeezing her hand slightly and feeling the pressure be returned "So tell me Lily," I began "Why do you of all people not have a boyfriend?" Lily shrugged going slightly red in the face

"There's not too many people I like" I glanced at her face to see her studying the ground; she was biting her lip and looking adorable as she did.

"Really," I said looking ahead again, I felt her look at me but I didn't look back "What about James?" I felt her shrug

"Now he is someone I don't like" she said with conviction, I glanced at her and raised an eyebrow

"Really?" I repeated again, no doubt my eyes had taken on that light they always did "And who do you like?" I asked leaning down slightly. Lily looked up at me her eyes widening slightly as her mouth fell open and she nervously licked her lips

"People, no one special" she replied, I nodded than dropped her hand, she glanced down at her hand then back up at me with a slightly confused look which disappeared the minute I leaned forward and kissed her once again enjoying the contact, she wrapped her arms round my neck and kissed back fiercely biting my lip and causing me to growl. It lasted 5 minute before I pulled back and looked at her. That had been surprisingly good.

"I'll see you tonight ok? For that stupid potions work" I said and she nodded

"Ok" she said rather breathlessly. I smiled and caressed her cheek before I moved away heading towards the school. If I couldn't have the one person I wanted then I'd have the second best. I shook my head, stupid wolf it sure did make my life complicated.

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