[In TOW Dr. Ramoray Dies, Joey gets written out of *Days of Our Lives*, and the whole gang, including Chandler, go to his uptown apartment to comfort him. Unlike in the episode, Chandler decides here not to go back home, because he's afraid of another freaky encounter with Eddie.]



Wearing a robe over his t-shirt and shorts, Joey slumped back onto his red leather couch, while all his friends tried to console him about his soap character getting killed off.

Chandler murmured, "It's gonna be okay. You know that?"

"No, I don't," Joey answered gloomily. "It's like, you know, you work your whole life for something and you think that when you get it, it's never gonna be as good as you thought it would be. But this so was! You know, it changed everything. Like the other day, I got this credit card application, and I was pre-approved. Huh? I've never been pre-approved for anything in my life."

"I'm sorry, man." Chandler reached past the white dog statue to pat Joey's shoulder sympathetically.

Rachel said, "Joey honey, I don't know if this'll mean anything to you, but you'll always be pre-approved with us."

Joey shook his head. "Nah, that means nothing to me."

The whole gang stuck around for a while, hugging and comforting Joey, but then Monica remembered that she had a date with Richard tonight, so she had to go home and get changed. Ross and Rachel, who had already plans to see a movie, suggested that they all take Joey out to a movie to cheer him up.

"We'll buy you plenty of popcorn and candy," they offered.

Joey didn't want to go out, though, so Ross and Rachel rubbed his arm one more time before leaving together.

Chandler moved closer to Joey on the couch. "Well, if you wanna just stay here in your robe, Joe, why don't we rent *Die Hard* and order some pizzas, huh?"

"Nah." Joey sighed and turned away, resting his head against the arm of the couch.

"Come on, buddy! We'll get some beer too."

"No, no!" Phoebe massaged Joey's shoulders and said, "We need to make some tea and do some meditation exercises, to help him forget his troubles."

Chandler rolled his eyes and said, "That's what *Die Hard* is for. Bruce Willis taking out terrorists, with loud explosions and kick-ass action. What more could you want?"

"Violence is not the answer!" Phoebe responded, and they started arguing furiously.

Joey shouted over their bickering, "Stop it, stop it! Hey!"

They both apologized sheepishly and hugged him, asking him what he wanted to do.

"Nothing. I just wanna be alone, okay?"

"Okay," Phoebe sighed and got up to leave. "But I'll find my tape of plinky-plunky music at home, so I can bring it to you tomorrow."

Disappointed, Chandler reluctantly got up and started to follow Phoebe out the door, but then he stopped and remembered what he had to go home to. He turned back around. "Uh, Joey, can I stay here?"

"I don't wanna talk anymore. Just go home now."

"No, please, Joe. I can't go home. Please!"

Joey finally turned to face him, hearing the anxiety in his voice. "Why? What's the matter?"

"It's my roommate, Eddie. He's--he's starting to act really crazy and, um, scary."

Joey sat up and looked concerned. "He is?"

Chandler nodded and sat down on the couch next to him. He told Joey about all of Eddie's freaky behavior lately. "So he thinks that I slept with his ex-girlfriend and killed his fish. He kept staring at me with his wild, angry eyes until I went into my bedroom to hide. And when I woke up this morning, he'd stolen all the insoles out of my shoes. *All* my shoes, Joe, in my bedroom! I thought I locked the door, but he got in somehow while I was asleep." He shuddered in horror.

"Whoa!" Joey hugged him close and patted his back. "No wonder you don't wanna go home."

"Yeah." Chandler was thankful that Joey had really listened to him, for their other friends had not even finished hearing about his problem today, because they wanted to watch Joey's show on TV. "I don't know what to do."

"You should kick him out, Chandler. Get rid of him."

"Believe me, I want to, Joe! I'm just worried that he's going to get all freaky mad again and accuse me of, I don't know, killing his father and sleeping with his mother."

"Is his mother hot?" Joey asked, starting to picture somebody sexy like Nora Tyler Bing.

Chandler stared at him, started to explain his hypothetical phrase, but then thought better of it. He shrugged and said quickly, "Never mind! Look, can you come with me, Joe? Help me kick that maniac out, and then you can, um, you can even move back in with me after he's gone."

Joey was surprised. "Really? You want me back, Chandler?"

"Yeah." He got a little insecure. "Don't you wanna come back, Joe?"

"Sure. I-I just wondered whether you were gonna get another roommate or something." It still hurt him somewhat that Chandler had invited Eddie, a virtual stranger, to live with him after Joey had been gone only a week.

"No, I don't want some other roommate. We--we have fun together. Please come back."

Joey nodded and hugged him happily. "Okay. Oh, wait! Will there be enough room for all my new stuff?" He gestured around at all the furniture, sculptures, and other items with which he had decorated his uptown Manhattan apartment.

For the first time, Chandler actually noticed all the tacky artwork filling the living room and he made a face. "Well, uh, bring some of it, like the big TV and the recliners, and then just, just return the rest of it to the store." He shrugged. "Yeah, you're gonna need the money back anyway, now that you lost your job."

"Oh, right." Joey got depressed again. In talking about Chandler's troubles, he had been able to forget his own for a while.

"I'm sorry," Chandler said, then patted Joey's knee reassuringly. "It's gonna be all right, Joe. Really. I bet your agent gets you another part soon. You were Dr. Drake Ramoray, after all. That's gotta mean something."

Joey smiled, feeling hopeful at last. "Yeah, I guess so. I mean, I'm not starting from square one again. I was on TV!"

"Yeah!" Chandler agreed encouragingly. "And listen, when you get your next big part, just make sure I'm there to stop you from saying anything stupid in an interview."

Joey hit him lightly, then they laughed and hugged each other again.

After a while, Joey got serious and said, "I missed you, Chandler. A lot." He sadly recalled the many lonely days and nights he had spent in this apartment.

"I missed you too," he softly admitted in return. Chandler wished that he had asked Joey to move back in sooner, instead of unwisely trying to replace him with Eddie, his rebound roommate. Chandler shrugged and said apologetically, "You know, I-I actually like your eggs the best, Joe."

Joey met his eyes and grinned, remembering their big fight about whose eggs Chandler liked better. "You do, huh? Then maybe I can make you some eggs now?"

"You want to?"

"Yeah." He got up from the couch and headed to the kitchen, pulling Chandler along with him.

Joey cooked them some eggs while Chandler got out some beers for them. While they ate and drank at the dining room table, they talked some more about getting rid of Eddie and having Joey move back in.

They couldn't agree, however, about what furniture Joey could bring. "But I wanna bring more stuff than just the TV and our chairs. I really like that bird sculpture, and that nude woman statue, and this water-table thing. And your sofa-bed and armchair are so old, Chandler! I like my matching red leather set."

Chandler sighed and struggled to keep his temper, but in some ways this reminded him of his argument with Joey when they had tried to buy a kitchen table last year. They would up getting the foosball table instead, but only after Joey got jealous about Chandler's old roommate Kip. Joey's taste in furniture and art was really kind of tacky, and he wasn't sure how to compromise this time. "But I think that red chair over there is really weird looking, and that coffee table shaped like a panther is kinda freaky."

Joey was annoyed. "Why can't I have stuff I like? What if you moved in here with me and you had to get rid of some stuff? I bet you wouldn't like it."

Chandler conceded, "Well, I guess you could keep some of this stuff with you in your bedroom, but I don't think most of it will fit."

"It fits here. There's plenty of room at Casa de Joey. Hey, seriously, why don't you move in here with me?"

"What? Are you kidding? The rent here is as sky high as the ceilings."

"But it's a nice place, Chandler, with a great view, huh, and a bathroom that's still pretty clean. I'll get a new job soon, you know, and you'll split the rent with me. I think we can afford it, and I'll even return all the furniture that I put in the guest bedroom so you can have your stuff in there."

Chandler thought about it hesitantly. "I don't know. Let me sleep on it."

"Okay. Oh, speaking of sleeping, remind me to get some stuff so you can sleep on the couch tonight."

"On the couch? What about the guest bedroom?"

"Well, it doesn't have a bed right now," Joey explained. "See, I couldn't decide what to do with it since I'm living alone, so I started decorating it like the living room, then I thought I would get a big storage unit and put all my porn videos in there. You know, start a big collection."

Chandler rolled his eyes, but said with a shrug, "Okay, the couch it is. Anything's better than going back and spending the night with that demented lock-picker Eddie."

So after dinner, they sat and watched TV for a while, agreeing to put aside their fight about the furniture for the moment. The important thing now was that they would be roommates again, and they would get rid of Eddie as soon as possible.

When it got late, Joey got a pillow and some blankets for Chandler so that he could spend the night on the couch. "Sorry that it's not a fold-out couch," he said.

"That's okay. Good night, Joe."

"Good night."