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Okay, I started writing this long before OotP, no idea really when, as a reaction to a morbid mood and severe boredom. I finally decided to try continuing and fulfilling my VERY long plans. I apologize if there are any similarities between other people's fanfics but I came up with these all on my own a long time ago and they say great minds think alike so...anyways. I'm not a great writer and I often ramble (as you can see) but I have lots of ideas so I thought I'd attempt this. If anyone out there wants to try and do better yours welcome to it and ill send you my notes.

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Deceptive Rewards

Chapter 1

It was a hot, sunny, summers day and all over the Muggle world people were going on family outings, picnics and trips to the park, happy for the weekend begun, and happy in the wonderful weather, and happy for many other reasons they couldn't put their finger on. On that same day, people all over the magical world, were rejoicing as they had not for 4 long years, and in a manner no self-possessed muggle could ignore, sending fireworks, cheering charms, and any number of magical pranks left and right. But no one cared as they continued the celebration that had been raging for several days. But peace and happiness did not find everyone that day, well peace as in serenity anyways, for quiet truly did envelope the blood soaked fields that a lone figure now surveyed.

He had not moved for many hours. Simply stood and stared into nothing –emptiness. The bodies had all been cleared from the decimated ruins that had once been Hogwarts and all of its grounds. The castle was intact...mostly, but it would never be the same, stained with the blood of the thousands who had died that day – in that battle. The day that had been called by many the Final Battle. And it was that term that haunted the solitary man looking back over his childhood haven, which was no longer a comfort of any kind, but a desolate reminder. Final. The last of so many battles, and the last of so many friends.

The Battle for the Ministry – lost far too easily because Fudge, although he had finally accepted, took too little action and too much covering up. The Order of the Phoenix had no chance, so many against so few. The Battle at Diagon Alley – the Light's first victory over Voldemort's forces. But what victory? So many children dead, struck just before Hogwarts was due to start again and it was beyond recognizable – now a smoldering ruin, like Hogsmeade. They struck too soon after Diagon Alley, too soon for the Light to have recovered and brought its defenses up in full. The worst...until now, had been the Battle of Hogwarts. They had won but barely. And while Hogwarts had remained a haven for the weak, the strong dwindled defending it.

So many dead, and all because of one madman, one now dead madman, who proclaimed himself above all and decided those not of 'old' blood were beneath him and life itself. But Harry had finished his task. He'd killed Voldemort, and it only took him 4 years to do it! And that is why he stood on that ridge now, looking at Hogwarts and trying to find piece from his torment. He didn't ask why. He'd given that up far too long ago when he kept asking but no answer came. So he looked and grieved for all those dead. Grieved, but didn't cry, for he never cried. The Great Harry Potter, General and Leader of the Light, Symbol of Good couldn't cry – it was unfitting to show such weakness after all.

He turned as he sensed two people approaching, wincing almost imperceptibly as his healing injuries jarred, and flashed a rare shadow of a smile when he felt their love echo down to him. No need for daily passwords stolen from muggle movies and music with them. Their bond could not be forged or broken except by death. He should have known it would not take them long to seek him out. Or find him, if not through their bond in respect for their shared grief, than through the strategic maps designed by them.

The map was quite genius really, based on the Marauder's Map but vastly improved and tailored by numerous tactical research teams throughout the war, so that nothing was more precise. The control center and main console map could now only be accessed by the three of them, with the deaths of McGonnagal and Snape. Snape had died buying them time to finish off Voldemort, McGonnagal several months before defending her school.

He turned back to gaze over the castle once more, and they flanked him, each placing a hand on one of his shoulders as flashbacks overtook them, one by one, until a single memory, a single death, stood out above all


They had cause Voldemort to retreat again. Hogwarts survived another day. But at a great cost. Dumbledore, had fallen, hit by a leeching curse of the darkest kind aimed at the three of them. He had dove in front of it, protecting his three 'children,' firm in his belief that they would find a way to end this terror. The curse had drained his magic and would soon drain his life, and there was no way to stop it. The three gathered around him, and wept as they never had before and never again would in public, for the loss of one of the greatest wizards of the age. With his dying breath, Albus, for that was how they now thought of him, uttered his last wish upon them. "Use them when it is all over : thelthun anuath riaga alan" ( roughly- a life path changed in peace*). He touched them each one last time in love before his eyes glazed over in death.


So many had died in battle over the past four years: Remus, Sirius, Ginny, Bill, Charlie, Fred and George, Arthur, Molly, Snape, Flitwick, Hagrid, Mcgonnagal, Tonks, Kingsley, Neville, the Patil twins, Finch-Fletchy, Macmillan, Boot, Cho, Krum, Dean, Seamus, Draco (who had turned spy for them in the end), Madam Bones and Susan, Fleur...and the list goes on, but none had affected them like the loss of Dumbledore, their mentor, their friend, and their foundation stone when everything else was falling apart. His death triggered a turning point in the war, one where the trio had little left to lose, and the Final Battle ensued shortly after.

But now their thoughts turned to his final words to them. Use them when it is all over. Well it was over. And it was time. Before that fateful battle where they had lost their mentor had begun, Dumbledore had given them each a talisman, almost as if he knew his own fate, which some say wizards of a certain power are attuned to. Together they were imbued with such power it was staggering, yet the three still, for all their power and knowledge, could not identify their use. They knew how though. Dumbledore had said, "Remove them from the chain and hold them in your left hands, joining in a ring together." His four final words before his death had been a mystery as to their meaning, but they knew it as a spell and the final piece to the puzzle.

So now they did just that, joined hands with their talismans encased, and prepared to chant. It spoke measures beyond words of their trust in Dumbledore that these three, perhaps now the most paranoid people on the planet, would be willing to venture into such a powerful magical undertaking without knowing its outcome. But they had nothing left to lose and while they knew they wanted to live and had come to understand how precious it truly was, they also knew Dumbledore had rarely before led them wrong and at least they would be together. So together in mind and voice they chanted the spell given to them, and as a power surge greater than that created by Voldemort's defeat exploded around them, a portal opened below...and they fell.....


* I got really bored in 7th and 8th grade and was in a retarded lil school everyday with 4 people and a teacher only once a week. Therefore I created my own language, 4 alphabets, complex grammar and a 4000 page dictionary and all. Pathetic I know, but as I know virtually no latin and backwards words are getting old, I figured the obscure spells could be in it.

Well that was it so far, I hope to have a new installment in a few days if people are interested, or even if theyre not. This will probably get revised at some point or another when I get further along and realize something doesn't work, but for now all the tangents will be explained in the future

Coming up: Hogwarts intact, Dumbledore, Harry's parents and many more alive and well, back to school for the trio, explanations and more powers (not too extreme, just concentrated) Voldy's dead and has been forever, and 10 yrs at Hogwarts rather than 7 (will be explained)