Perfect by Nature

Chapter 1: Jason Date

            I have decided to give Jean a chance; yes I, the fabled Jean hater, have decided to humanize the red head. Now I have a sort of love/hate view of the girl. Personally I don't like her character, but since Scott likes her I tend not to do anything bad to her. However, I've decided to write a story that gives us some entry into Jean's mind.


            Jean sat down in the shower and let the cold water coat her body with the soothing caress of it's icy chill. It was two in the morning and she couldn't sleep, like usual. So there she sat in the cold shower and thought. She thought of the numerous things, places, and ideas that required her every ounce of attention. She turned her gaze to the razor on the bathroom sink and contemplated her options. She sighed, as she always did when that thought crossed her mind, she could not let those that depended on her go without her help. She would have to be perfect for one more day, but she was beginning to wonder how much longer she could keep it up.

            Jean finished and stepped out of the cold shower, gently wrapping herself in her favorite towel as she silently walked into her bedroom. She laid herself down on the bed, not even bothering to dress herself in anything other than her towel. "So tired," She whispered as she slowly drifted into a dreamless sleep.

            The Next morning she rose to life and put on her perfect mask as she prepared for school. She walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table as everyone was well into their morning rush. They all sat down at the table and hurried through their breakfast while Jean ate about as much as she always did. After, roughly, thirty minutes of excessive inhaling of food they all separated into their normal groups and left for school. Jean sat down in her new SUV that she had managed to buy with the savings she had managed to proliferate as an X-man. Kurt, Kitty and Rogue jumped in with Kitty quickly claiming the passenger seat for her own. After several minutes of driving she ran into a stoplight and listened to trivial ramblings of her passengers. Soon a motorcyclist pulled next to them and motioned for her to roll down the widow. "Hello Ladies," he said with a bright smile as soon as she complied. "Do one of you know how to get to Bayville high school?" he asked over the roar of the two engines

            "That's where we're going right now." Jean answered

            "Would it be all right if I followed you?" asked the young man.

            "Sure, Follow if ya can." Responded Rogue as Jean smiled a fake smile that did not seem to fool the motorcyclist as it did with everyone else. Jean quickly proceeded to roll the window up and drive away. They arrived at the school very quickly; the motorcyclist broke off his pursuit while nodding thankfully to the small group of mutants as he drove to the main office. Jean waved as everyone in her group split off to their respective classes leaving her alone again. The school day passed much as every other had before; she approached her locker as the same young man from before came up to her and smiled brightly. She remembered that smile; it was a contagious smile that could bring a true smirk out of everyone but her. Jean faked a smile back and again he was not fooled. In fact he was obviously thrown, however, he visibly shrugged it off and continued with what he was going to say.

            "I just wanted to thank you for leading me here, I'm Jason by the way." He said

"Don't mention it, I'm Jean." responded Jean with another fake smile.

"Jeez, if you do that any more time I'm going to have to tickle you in to submission!" He jumped back animatedly and struck a pose that resembled a monster from the Scooby Doo movies. Jean giggled, the first genuine giggle she had let escape her lips in a very long time. "Now that's what I'm looking for!" He chimed as he straightened himself. "I'll be expecting to see you in chemistry tomorrow." He turned and walked back into the school. He was a moderately tall man with short hair that resembled black sand and he wore a sensible black leather jacket and blue jeans. Aside from that he was clean-shaven, mildly attractive and slightly older than her. The school would be better with him there and she knew it.

Suddenly a loud horn was heard as she looked to see her current boy friend, Duncan Mathews as he sat in his new model ford thunderbird. She was just a trophy to him and she knew it. One thing she did not understand was why she put up with his sexual advances or why he kept trying, despite her constant denial of him. Then it hit her, he was the perfect boyfriend… at least socially anyway. She hopped into the passenger seat of the small car as she had all ready told Kurt that he could drive her SUV back due to some after school activities. For several minutes Jean allowed herself to get lost in her own thoughts, no one else's, as was never the case and thankfully there was nothing going on in Duncan's head at the moment. Then she noticed that they weren't on their normal route home and watched as they pulled over to the side of the road that was out of sight. "Duncan, why did you stop?" She looked at him and quickly probed his mind to see his intentions and realized what he was thinking.

"You've played with me for too long," He moved in closer to her "I'm tired of it! And I'm going to take what I want." His hand began to wander up her thigh but she physically pushed it away before it could reach its destination.

"No, Duncan!" she slapped him but caught a backhand across her face. She was stunned to the point of shock as he pushed himself on top of her and began to tear at her clothes. "Duncan NO!!!" She sobbed as she tried to concentrate long enough to use her powers, but could not due to the fact that Duncan rained blow after blow on her disabling her ability to concentrate.

"You're not getting away with all the teasing that you do any more, you're giving it up whether or not you want to." Growled Duncan as he ripped her blouse in half. Suddenly a large fist crashed in through the window, grabbed Duncan by the collar, and yanked him out through the broken window. Seconds later, Jean heard several loud thuds as Duncan screamed in agony. After about a minute of this, everything grew quiet and the door opened cautiously. Jean's tear blurred eyes beheld a man who she thought was Scott.

"Oh god, Jean." That voice where had she heard that voice before? "Don't move the police are on their way." He said again, it was Jason of all people. Minutes later brought the sound of sirens in the distance as Jean soon found herself in bandages. She watched Duncan Mathews being carted off in the back of a police car and sniffed. She could not believe what she had just been through. The medics tried to convince Jean that going to the hospital would be for the best but all she wanted was to be in her own bed in her own room and just let this day end. She convinced Jason to take her home and climbed on the back of his motorcycle. Jason complied and headed toward the Xavier institute. Suddenly and quietly, Jason began to mumble something and she watched as some of the lesser tears in her clothing began to mend themselves. Jean turned her gaze toward him with a puzzled look on her face. "I'm sorry, that's all I can do for you. I wish I had found you sooner…" He trailed off as his worried tone faded with his voice. Jean, choosing not to make an ordeal out of it, just nestled her cheek into his back listened to his heartbeat's strong and valiant rhythm. Suddenly her wall broke and the emotional torrent erupted as if beavers had made the Hoover dam. So there she sobbed, she did not care anymore: not about her make-up, not about her homework, and not about the X-men. She was tired and she had taken on too much as it was, the only thing she cared about at this moment was staying latched to Jason's back.


            Damn I didn't know that I could be so dark, but I promise to get things back to as normal. I'm to think up a better name for this story, so if ya'll have any suggestions at all send them to I will consider just about anything. Dark Jaded Rose, consider the challenge accepted.