Perfect by Nature

Chapter 5: Sides of the Same Coin.

Jean stood silent; she could not believe what she had just heard. Jason had a girlfriend. He had never mentioned or shown pictures that indicated any sort of relationship like that. Jean had asked before, but was given only evasive answers at best. In the end, she had decided (probably for selfish reasons) that he just did not have anyone like that. However, she had come to say something to him and she was going to say it. "Jason, can I speak with you for a moment?"

"It's alright, Sweety. I'll be inside waiting for you in the shower." Kate blew Jason a kiss as she shut the door.

Jean turned to Jason and began to whisper, "You had a girlfriend!?!" she spat.

"Let me explain."

"Do you know how many people have betrayed me in my life?"

"Jean listen…"

"NO! Every man in my life has betrayed me! I thought you were different!" Jean scolded Jason. She did not know where this anger was coming from. Jason had been nothing but good to her. He had never made any advances of a romantic nature on her until the previous night, and she had been the one to start it. Jason even had the honor to stop before it got out of hand, yet she still scolded him as if he were her father, as if he were Duncan. She could not stop herself. "I'm not coming to your class anymore! I'm not going to be your aid anymore! I DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU AGAIN!" Jean slapped Jason as hard as she could and stomped off to her SUV.

Jason stood there for a few minutes as Jean sat in her car. She watched as he didn't even come after her, and she began to cry. The one person she thought that cared for her in the way she wanted to be cared for had been playing with her. Jason turned and walked back toward the brick house and slinked defeatedly back to his home, but as he was heading back Jean's senses came back to her. She caught two stray thoughts. One was Jason's, "damn…"

The other was much darker in natured and was almost too protected to be heard, but Jean still caught it, "That's right little girl, he's mine and there's nothing you… or HE can do about it."

Then it hit her, Jean had been manipulated by another mutant. The emotions weren't hers she was dealing with another mutant. Jean probed the house, thankfully Kate was not a telepath and could not detect Jean's probes. Jason had sit down on the couch in the living room. He kept repeating the word damn over and over again in his head the sentence, "Damn, why does Kate have to do that. Why won't she let me get close to people?"

Jean drove down the street to avoid suspicion, and probed Kate's mind. This was harder than she expected, it seemed that she had put up some powerful mental blocks, but Jean surpassed them. It seemed that this Kate person had something on Jason that she was using to black mail him with and that she was manipulating him.

Jean knew that Jason deserved an apology, but couldn't give him one at home she would have to wait until Monday. So Jean drove home. She would give Jason his freedom back as he had done for her.

End Chapter 5

Just a quicky update for this story for now, but I'm reviving it... stay tuned.