What happens when rin and Jaken are alone THE HORROR!

By animebabe246
One day Sesshomaru went out to find some jewel shards. He told Jaken and Rin to stay there.

"I'm hungry go get me some food said Rin.

So jaken went out to get food he got a bunch of berries.

"Here u go Rin I got you some berries." said Jaken.

"I don't like berries they suck there's no sugar and it makes your breath smell kind of like yours Jaken." (RIN starts laughing)


"Please no Rin I don't want to go back to that stupid place and it serves Chinese."

"OK get me some Chinese."

"Fine be that way. I will get your stupid Chinese."

"Good now go Jaken."

(Starts walking) mumbling. "Go Jaken oh if master Sesshomaru wasn't in love with Rin, I would hurt her so bad!!!!!!"

(Right next to KFC is fashion for me).

Jaken sees fashion for me next door to KFC. Jaken gets a big smile on his face.

~*~*10 minutes later~*~*~

Jaken comes out dressed like a girl and goes in KFC.

"Hi can I get some Chinese please?" asked Jaken.

"Haven't I've seen u before asked the waiter?"

No i just moved here." said Jaken.

"Oh ok, I will be right back with your Chinese."

~*~*10 minutes later.~*~*

"There's the frog get him!!" yelled the waiter.

Jaken ran as fast as he could.

All the TVs said reward for a frog dressed in a girl suit.

Then Jaken finally reached Rin and asked Rin to help him so Rin said she would help him.

She hid him behind a bush and then the waiter and the zoo keeper asked Rin if she had seen a frog dressed in a girl suit and Rin said behind the bush.

They got Jaken and asked Rin if she wanted to say any thing and Rin said yes.

"JAKEN WHY ARE YOU WHEREING A DRESS AND WHERE IS MY CHINESE!?!" Rin asked. Jaken said that the dress was for a disguise and to go get your food for yourrself.

~*~*1 day later~*~*

"Where's Jaken?" Sesshomaru asked. "He's at the zoo." Rin answered (Rin was cracking up). ~*~*~At the zoo~*~*

"Mommy look at the ugly frog!" yelled as he pointed to an ugly toad for his mother to see.

- to be continued