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Behind the Scenes — Behind the Seal
Once Upon A Time

It all began one frosty night, five years ago.

Seven-years-old Naruto suddenly rose to full height, slamming his tightly clenched fists into the wooden table, upsetting the bowl of instant ramen he was about to take.

"I've decided!" There was a strange glint in his eyes as he announced to the empty house.

"I'm going to be the next Hokage!!"

Upon hearing Naruto's declaration, the Fourth and the Kyuubi collectively froze in the middle of a chakra catfight.

"YES!!" Yondaime hooted. "He's going to be the next me!"

"NOOO!!" Kyuubi, on the other hand, screeched. "For the love of anything good and the love of anything bad and the love of anything in between! Anything but the miserable piece of one-cell being you humans call Hokage!!"

"What did you say??!" The Fourth narrowed his eyes on the fox with the face of a spurned housewife, ready to cream her husband with the very cake he had complained was too sweet. Okay, that was a disturbing metaphor. As long as you get the point, right?

But the nine-tailed demon fox was undaunted in the face of the most traumatic revelation of his life. "NO!" He repeated. "It's enough that I have to deal with the felony of ONE Hokage, now you want me to say 'yaay!' to the boy who is my physical vessel when he says he's going to become the NEXT fool to fall prey to this inane Hokage curse?! NOO!! I'll break out! I swear I will! I'll break out and destroy the village again!" He howled for effect.

"Why you little ingrate!" The blond shinobi pounced on the large fox, succeeding in tackling one of Kyuubi's ears. "Take that back! At once!"

"I will not!" Neighed the fox, who began tossing and turning his head around like a wild horse in a valiant attempt to throw the Fourth off balance.

"Then you're asking for it!" Yondaime replied, holding onto the ear in a tighter fashion.

"I sure am!" The fox snarled in return, although he sure as anything did not know what he was asking for.

"Ninpou!" The blond was now standing on top of the fox's head, hand in a seal. "Miniature no Jutsu!"

Those words sounded so very wrong in Kyuubi's ears.

And then he shrank.

All his life, the Kyuubi had stared down at the others like they were mere blocks of ants he could squash with one pawstep. All his life, he had laughed mercilessly at how incredibly tiny all other beings were compared to him. All his life, however, obviously did not include this current time period, for as soon as the smoke cleared and he was able to see again, his danger sense tingled and many thoughts of grave injury rapidly raced through his mind.

It was time for a health check.

Thick, unabiding fur? Check.

Sharp, red, evil eyes? Check.

Long, robust ears? Check.

Piercing, dangerous, pearly white fangs? Check.

Big, gigantic, tall, looming form?


"I hate you!" Kyuubi squealed and thrashed about, after realising belatedly that he now only reached the Fourth's knees. "Meanie!! Bully!! Evil man!!" It was true! Whoever thought the Nine-Tails was an evil demon hell-bent on destroying villages and people's lives had obviously never met the Fourth Hokage before!

"You know, I hadn't really expected that to work," Yondaime, on the other hand, stared at his hands in fake bemusement. He wagged a playful finger at the thrashing fox and continued, "You were being naughty! Naughty foxes should be punished! Now be nice and we'll watch television, okay?"

The mini Kyuubi stopped thrashing and wailing. He sat up and stared at the Fourth with what he hoped was his upgraded puppy eyes, which seemed to work on the blond pretty well. "Really? Really really?"

The blond smiled warmly. "Of course!"

A wild wag of nine fluffy fox tails. "What show are we going to watch?" Wag wag.

"Of course we'll be watching-

"Uzumaki Naruto's Road to Hokage!!"
That night, Naruto dreamt of becoming Hokage and a depressed fox.

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