By Kysra

Disclaimer:  I do NOT own Yu-Gi-Oh.  Period. 

Author's notes are directly following . . .

Shimmering a beguiling shade of natural pink, he watched her lips as they teased, taunted, and tempted, not hearing a word that passed from that fascinating mouth.

Those glossed lips haunted him during the day as he wandered through meetings and contracts and phone calls, endlessly waiting, aching but patient for his afternoon reward – the discovery he could expect to make when he returned home to her and her beautiful, utterly distracting lips.

And finally, as she giggled about some incident or other, he released himself from the fetters of feigned interest in her conversation and pressed his mouth to hers, stemming the flow of words and licking at his secret prize.

He gave a soft hum in the back of his throat as they parted, the urgency fading from his mind, sated for the moment. 

"Cherry."  It was a statement rather than a question, knowledge that he was correct in his guess urging his tongue to coast his bottom lip to savor the lingering sweet taste.

"Cherry."  She gave a bouncy little nod before smiling and raising up to kiss him again, "Tomorrow's flavor will be more challenging."

He didn't care.  Tèa's Lip Gloss Game was easily Seto's favorite.

Author's Notes:  This little drabble (218 words) came to me while I was sitting alone, waiting for my French Revolution and Napoleon History class to begin.  I had just applied my lip gloss (Cherry-flavored) when I realized that I hate Cherry flavored.  Then, as my brain is prone to do, it pondered the REASON for flavored lip gloss cuz I know *I* don't enjoy it which led me to think that *someone* else would, namely guys. Of course, *guys* got me thinking of *bishounen* and *bishounen* got me thinking of *Seto* which led me to *Tèa*, and suddenly I started writing THIS – which took me about 15 minutes -_-; 

Don't even THINK of asking me what his prize for guessing correctly is . . . I'm going on the assumption that it's . . . heh *blush*  I need a Seto/Tèa lemon.  I'm so writing one . . . God, I can't wait till summer break.

Hopefully, this baby-fic will tide you folks over till I get finished with Playing Tag Chapter 3 which may or may not be getting a large chunk deleted cuz I've hit a road block (ALREADY) . . . Oi.