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Through your Heart

Chapter 1: The Great Taiyoukai


  "I need a break." Usagi sighed in front of her cereals.  Ikuko gazed at her daughter strangely at first, but seeing the look in her daughter's eyes she knew she had to let her go one day or another.  Ever since the battle with Chaos, which the rabbit had explained to her, she hadn't been the same.  She lost her friends in that battle, and she could see Usagi wasn't perfectly happy even if peace had come back.  She mustered the biggest smile she could do and put a hand on the blond girl's shoulder.

  "Then go wherever you have to go, make yourself a new future.  Your life is too complicated for me to understand, but you can always come back home anytime you wish.  I'll explain to your father."  She hugged her surprised daughter.  "Go."

  Usagi's smile lit up the room as she hugged her mother.  "I think you understand me better than you think, mom, thank you.  I love you, mama!"  Then, she put a digit on her forehead and muttered; "Pluto!"

  The time staff appeared in her hands and her transformation in Sailor Moon was immediate.  She opened a portal and with one last look at who had been her mother for the past 18 years, she vanished from this world.

  "I hope you'll find good people to protect and who will love you for who you are, my daughter.  I love you too" whispered Ikuko Tsukino to no one in particular.


  When she reappeared in the Time Gates, she scrunched up her nose in disdain.  The alley where the dimension portals were was completely covered by dust.  She used a little of Uranus' power and the gust of wind brushed the portals clean.

  She marched to them and fingered one almost vehemently.  "Which one should I choose? I would like to protect again, but not be involved with too many people…I just want to be happy for a change."

  She gazed at many gates.  One had 7 orange balls with stars inside engraved on it.  She touched it and backed away.  Too many fights.  Those people could handle themselves anyway.

  She touched another and soon shook her head negatively.  The threat in there had already been eliminated anyway.  She raised an eyebrow and walked to another.  "They were scared of a golden ring? Weird.  And wizards and elves? This world is more like a fairytale than anything else, though the elf was quite the looker.  What's next?" she asked herself, touching yet another one.

  "Feudal Japan?  Interesting…"  She frowned a little.  "This Feudal Japan is a world inside another, how strange.  There are many villages to protect there against demons.  They aren't youma but I guess it's my best choice for now."

 She pushed the mahogany door and sealed the Time Gates against enemy intrusion before jumping in the swirl of images below.  "I'll finally be able to live in a peaceful era!" was the last thing she said before disappearing.

  She couldn't be more wrong.


 Later, somewhere in Feudal Japan, a small ugly looking toad could be seen running towards a tall, silver haired youkai.  "Milord! Milord!  There's a demon coming!"  Jaken cried out with his arm in the air, waving madly.

  A little girl attached herself to the great Taiyoukai of the West's leg, but Sesshoumaru pried her off with an indifferent expression.  "You need not tell this Lord Sesshoumaru of what is coming, Jaken.  I have been keeping track of its scent for a while now.  Take Rin and go hide somewhere."

  Jaken wanted to protest when the little girl gripped his sleeve but he decided to hold his tongue when he saw the empty, ready for battle stare of his master.  "This lowly Jaken will do as you asked, master!  Come on, girl!  We must leave Lord Sesshoumaru alone until the fight is over!"  They hid in the bushes nearby and when the demon arrived, it proved to be a rather strong one.

  Sesshoumaru flexed his claws at the huge bear demon in warning, but the other didn't take any heed.  Sesshoumaru would've smirked and killed him in one strike if it wasn't for the fact that he smelled another demon approaching fast from behind, right where Jaken and the human child were hiding.

  He heard the yell too late.  Striking the bear with his whip to slow him down, he used his supernatural speed to get to Jaken.  It was only a centipede, but unfortunately, the damage had been done.  Rin had been badly injured and the toad stood in front of her, trying to get the long demon to back off without success.

  "This lowly Jaken begs for forgiveness, Milord!  He is not worth your time!  He could not stop the centipede!"  Jaken begged and begged, only to be ignored by his master, who was looking murderously at the laughing demon in front of him.

  The Taiyoukai growled menacingly and dig his claws in the unsuspecting centipede, killing it instantly.  He ignored the toad for the time being and looked down to see if the human-child was dead or not.  'Hmm, she isn't dead' he said to himself when he saw her take a hard intake of breath.

  He was about to ask the toad to take her when he heard his servant cry out; "LOOK OUT LORD SESSHOUMARU! BEHIND YOU!"

  The Taiyoukai felt himself being hurled in a tree and cursed his moment of weakness.  He now had a huge, snarling bear demon above him, its gigantic claws imbedded in his left side.

  His eyes didn't twitch and he didn't even wince in pain as he felt the claws retract from his side.  He wouldn't have winced in any way.  This Inu youkai would never bring himself as to whimper like a wounded pup even if the wound stung like hell, as it presently was.

  "Looks like I'm going to eat good demon flesh tonight!" the bear mock snarled, but he growled menacingly as the Inu youkai merely looked at him indifferently.  It was too late for the evil youkai and his eyes opened in a jerking motion, before he fell dead at Sesshoumaru's feet.

  The Taiyoukai flexed his acid filled, bloodied claws and resisted the urge to block his nose when the odor of the putrid stench of blood reached him.  His clothes were stained, along with his tail, which only served to anger him more.  "Jaken, take Rin and come, we must find a village where she will be able to receive suited healing treatment."

  Jaken quickly complied, quivering under the icy voice of his master.  He hoisted the injured girl onto his shoulder and gazed at his Lord inquisitively.  "A human village, Milord? What if the humans refuse to heal her wounds?"

  Sesshoumaru put his hand on the pulsing Toukijin, making the toad jump nervously.  "Then I'll see to it that they do."


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