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Waiting For The Rain


At the end of the Immortals War, Daine and Numair are in the transition of going from student to teacher, to lovers. It was difficult. Some people approved, while others didn't. They didn't want to keep it a secret, but they didn't want all of Tortall to know in one day. That didn't want to make a big deal out of it, but they wanted to pursue their relationship to higher levels.

Daine and Numair live together in a small barracks/barn/cottage type thing of their own. It was a decent size, able to fit two people, with a kitchen, study, bedroom, bathroom, barn and a sitting room. Daine controlled the kitchen and barn while Numair's domain was the study, the bedroom and the magics. The two were rarely apart, and when they were, it was never for a long period of time. They remained at Thayet and Jonathon's castle, helping Onua with the Riders and the King's missions, along with studying and teaching and developing Daine's Wild Magic further.

Queen Thayet and King Jonathon of Tortall were holding a banquet in celebration of the end of the war. Their guests of honor would include the Dragons, Stormwings (the good ones), Alanna and George of Pirate's Swoop, Tka, Numair, Daine, and Skysong/Kit.

When Daine found out that she was being asked to attend as a guest of honor, she was shocked. She didn't feel that she was deserving of such an honor, but she felt that it would be an insult to decline the invitation. The banquet would be in a fortnight's time. Royalties from all over would be arriving in Tortall in a few days. Daine, Onua and the Riders were in charge of taking care of the horses. Numair would be assisting in the security of the palace and exchanging scientific information with other mages. The rest of the castle would be busy occupying the visitors and showing them around.