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Title: The Family G-Man: One Fine Summer
Authors: FelineFemme & Neoxphile

Summary: Three weeks in the lives of Mulder, Scully, and their extended families during the summer of 2004.

Vacation: Minus One Day

When the light the studio shut down it feels like an eclipse and Mulder blinks, trying to get his bearings. It's also immediately cooler, so he's not surprised to notice that both Scully and Dr. Green are shivering despite it being August. Aldus Reed is practically made of ice so it doesn't bother him in the slightest.

"Well, that's a wrap!" Wayne Federman, Jose Chung's The Truth Is Out There's host/producer declares just in case the lack of blazing light on them wasn't clear enough. "Enjoy your summer!"

"You too," Mulder and his female costars reply. Aldous Reed doesn't deign to be that nice.

Instead Reed looks down his long nose, sneering at Mulder and Scully both. "Three weeks of kiddie pools, I imagine?"

Once Mulder might've bristled over Reed's condescension, but he's used to the author's snideness. "I'm sure there will be some of that," he replies blandly.

"How many are still in diapers?" Read inquires, almost sounding interested in someone other than himself.

Mulder is taken by surprise, so he answers, "Just the youngest two." Zoe and Brianna won't be two until Halloween, so no one is pressuring them to brave the potty just yet.

"At least you stopped making more of them," Reed says before walking off.

Dr. Mary Green apparently overheard given she shoots him a sympathetic look. "Aren't you glad there aren't any little Aldus Reeds out there running around?" Green, a mother of two teenagers herself, never sides with Reed's comments about who should or shouldn't breed or how much.

"Thank God he's obnoxious enough to scare off women despite his money and slightly above-average looks," Scully blurts out.

Mulder smirks at his wife. "The tweed professor look does it for you? I had no idea. Maybe he can tell me where I can get those fetching sweaters with suede patches on the elbows-" he shuts up, ducking out of her reach when she glares at him.

When Scully and Green begin to discuss summer plans, Mulder finds himself thinking about a conversation he and Scully had had years before: they joked that it was their civic duty to produce intelligent children, but Reed makes him wonder if kids who are smarter than the average bear but also prickly as Reed would be a net gain to the world. He supposes not.

Three weeks without Reed will be nice, Mulder thinks, wondering how long it will be before the ladies finish their conversation and they can leave.

On the drive home Mulder begins to spin a fantasy about how he will spend the first night of their vacation. However, his daydream about spending a relaxing evening sitting in a lounge chair, watching the kids play, dissolves when they pull into their driveway and Scully says, "I guess we better start packing before dinner."

He has to stifle a sigh; the daydream was so real he could practically taste the lemonade and feel the sleepy weight of one of their toddlers dozing on his lap.

"I guess we better," he says, resigned.

His wife shoots him a concerned look. "Are you having second thoughts? I know Bill is far from your favorite person-"

He summons up a smile for her. "I'd far rather spend a week with your brother that with Reed."

"That's not saying much," she complains.

Mulder leans over and gives her what he hopes is a mollifying kiss. "You want to finally see your brother's babies in person. The kids can't wait to play with Mattie. Packing isn't my favorite thing, but you're right, we need to do tonight so we can make our flight tomorrow afternoon."

Before they can continue their conversation the front door opens and several children pour out, followed at a distance by the hardest working nanny in DC. Michelle waves when she catches their eyes.

When Michelle reaches them, Mulder takes a sniffling William from her. "The babies are down for their nap," Michelle report. "But this guy refuses and is overtired as a result. And Page and Sammy decided to get a jump on packing, not that they know where their suitcases are."

Mulder rubs his youngest son's back, then hands him to Scully when he swarmed by three children all saying "Dad! Dad! Dad!"

Scully turns to Christopher, who has been quietly waiting to be noticed. Speaking to the four-year-old she asked, "Christopher, how about you, William, and I go pick out some toys to take on the plane?"

His small face lights up. "Okay, Mommy."

Mulder watches them go, momentarily ignoring the waist-high Greek chorus. Once the door to the house closes, he looks down and asks, "What? What? What?"

David gives him a reproachful look. "We wanted to talk to about baseball." Jared and April nod in vigorously in agreement.

"What about baseball?" Mulder asks warily. Somehow he's sure they don't want to talk to him about how the Yankees or Mets are doing.

As he predicts, the "baseball" in question is T-ball and Little League. "We're going to miss games! Daddy, our teams need us!" Jared declares earnestly.

Their parents hadn't been the slightest bit surprised when David and Jared had begged to be on the local T-ball team because the twin boys had enough energy for sextuplets, but they had been startled when April had asserted her wish to play Little League too. They'd been even more surprised that she still wanted to even after they explained that being older would mean that she wouldn't be on the same team as her brothers.

"When we signed you up, we talked about missing games when our vacation came up. Do you remember that?" Three heads nodded reluctantly. "So…"

"We're afraid they're going to be mad at us," April explains. Her normally shoulder long red hair has been cut to a chin length bob because she got sick of threading a ponytail through her baseball cap and Scully reluctantly decided it was her decision.

"Who would be mad? The other kids?" Mulder asks.

"And the coaches."

"The coaches will not be mad," he promises them, but they look unconvinced.

"How do you know?" David asks suspiciously.

"Because they've known your vacation schedule for a while, and most kids miss some games. Remember that Jaden missed a game because his big sister graduated from middle school? And Conner had to spend a week at his grandma's?"


"Good-" he starts to say, pleased that he seems to have reasoned with them. At least until April interrupts.

"But this is two whole weeks," April protests worriedly.

"Did the coaches get mad when Jack and Ava missed two weeks to go to Disney World?" Mulder asks, thinking he knows entirely too much about the lives of his children's teammates.

"No…" April says slowly.

"So why would they be mad at you?"

"Because I'm better than Jack or Ava," his daughter blurts out. The boys shrug and nod. They play their games before hers, so they've watched her play plenty of times.

"I'm sure the team will muddle along without you," he says, fighting the urge to smirk over her undisguised arrogance. It reminds him of his own young feelings about his basketball abilities. "Right?" he prompts.

They sigh in resignation. "Right."

"Good. Let's go find your suitcases."

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