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NOTE: I wish these sweet, wonderful, and oh, so fun Angel characters were mine, but they belong to that Joss guy, who I'd love to slap.

A/N: This is a big, hopping AU. At the end of Hero, when Doyle kissed Cordelia, instead of him just passing his power along to her he impregnated her. The storyline stays the same from there. Wesley shows up, Gunn joins the team, they move into the hotel, Darla and Angel do the big nasty, AI rescues Fred, Darla comes back pregnant, Cordy becomes a demon, but Connor was never kidnapped. Want to find out more? Well, read on.


          Danielle Chase lay in bed, her eyes closed; yet she wasn't asleep. The seven-year-old seemed to do that often at bedtime, just lie down without a care in the world and not sleep. Danielle's eyelashes batted a little until she decided to open them and glance around her bedroom. Powder blue, puppy themed designs covered the wall, matching her blue bedspreads, which had tiny Dalmatians printed all over them. Danielle considered dogs to be the best animals in the whole world, even though Mom wouldn't let her have one. Cordelia could be heard chatting on the phone, another reason Danielle couldn't seem to sleep. The girl slipped out of bed, out of her room, and into the living room so as to give her ear a good peek at her mother's conversation.

          "Excuse me, but how many times have I baby-sat for Connor?" Cordelia asked into the phone. "Oh, come on, Angel. Connor won't even be home tomorrow night and when no one's around you know you get bored and start blasting Barry Manilow throughout the hotel, scaring of paying customers. Oh, now you're in denial? Very mature there." Cordelia let off a huge smile as she asked, "So, you'll do it? Thank you, Angel. The love I have for you is so huge right now."

          As Cordelia hung up the phone, Danielle unexpectedly released a large sneeze. Cordy gasped a little, surprised to have the sudden company. She glanced down the left side of the couch she sat on to see her daughter, complete with her prickly demon face, or porcupine face as Danielle called it.

          "Hey, Danny, ixnay on the orcupine face pay," Cordelia translated in pig latin.

          Slowly, Danielle's face morphed back into that of a human. "Sorry, Mom." She rubbed her hand around cheeks. "Any holes?"

          "No holes," Cordelia assured her. Ever since Danielle was four, the girl just knew her porcupine face would cause holes in her face one day. Cordy patted the seat next to her and Danielle went over to join her on the couch. "Thought you were sleeping."

          "Yuck," Danielle said with an eye roll. "Why would I do that?" Cordy let off a light laugh and stroked her daughter's soft, brown hair. "Did you get a vision? Can you tell me about it?"

          "Sorry, hon," Cordy replied. "No visions of evils to come, just business. Guess who gets to spend tomorrow with Uncle Angel?"

          "Me and Mr. Broody."

          "Quit it," Cordelia chided yet couldn't help, but smile at the remark. "You love Angel."

          Danielle thought for a minute. "We don't have to shop do we?" she asked, making a face.

          Cordy shook her head. It was unconceivable how any kid of hers could hate to go near a mall. "No." Danielle released an all too soon sigh of relief as her mother tacked on, "We're doing that on Saturday."

          "Aw," Danielle groaned massively.

          "Willow?" Buffy called. She stepped out to her backyard and glanced around. "Will?"

          "Shh," Willow's voice whispered.

          "Will, where are you?" Buffy asked.

          "Up here."

          Buffy glanced upward to see her red haired friend floating about twelve feet in the air. "Willow, what are you doing? I don't think our insurance covers sky related accidents."

          "It's OK," Willow assured her. "I was drawn out here. I'm being summoned."

          Buffy folded her arms and shrugged. "By…?"

          Willow took a moment to concentrate on her words before replying to the slayer below her. "Tara."

          Buffy's eyes practically bugged out of their sockets. "What? Tara? How are you—?"

          "Be quiet," Willow immediately hushed her, causing Buffy to shut her mouth. Closing her eyes with focus, Willow gently place her feet back on ground level. "I could only get a minute."

          "Willow, what's going on?" Buffy asked with concern.

          "Something's gone wrong, or going to go wrong in LA."

          "LA?" Buffy repeated then her heart right away started to beat rapidly. "Wait. Is it Angel? Is there something wrong with him?"

          "No, honey, he's OK," Willow promised.

          "Then what?" Buffy examined her friend's face for answers.

          Willow shook her head. "Not what. Who. A very bad who."

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