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A/N: This is a big, hopping AU. At the end of Hero, when Doyle kissed Cordelia, instead of him just passing his power along to her he impregnated her. The storyline stays the same from there. Wesley shows up, Gunn joins the team, they move into the hotel, Darla and Angel do the big nasty, AI rescues Fred, Darla comes back pregnant, Cordy becomes a demon, but Connor was never kidnapped. Want to find out more? Well, read on.


          Xander poked his head into one of the many bedrooms of the hotel and saw Cordelia staring out of a large window, an even look on her face. She seemed to be hugging herself, as her arms were wrapped around her securely. Xander smiled to himself and just stared at her for a moment. Cordelia just seemed so different from the rich, stuck up, full of herself teen cheerleader he once knew. Of course she wasn't completely different, just not exactly the same.

          "Hey," Xander greeted softly, going up behind her and reaching out to wrap his arms around her. "I was hoping we could finish what we both sort of started."

          "Xander," Cordy said, suddenly pulling away from him.

          "I was just kidding," Xander said defensively.

          Cordy turned to him and sighed. "Can we just… not?"

          "Not?" Xander repeated. "Cor—"

          "Xander, please," Cordelia interrupted him. "I can get mixed up in this right now."

          "Mixed up in what?"

          "This. You and me. I don't want to go through this again. In fact I don't think I can go through this again. Xander, I have a kid."

          "Look, Cordy, I'm not asking for a big house with a white picket fence here," Xander attempted to reason.

          "Fine." Cordelia refolded her arms in front of her chest. "Then what are you asking for?"

          "Uh… can I use a lifeline?"

          "Same old Xander," Cordelia sighed deeply, starting to walk away.

          Xander turned around and said, "Yeah, and I'm kind getting sick of that phrase you know. Same old Xander. What, is that supposed to have some special meaning behind it?"

          "Gee, Xand, sorry if I insulted you," Cordy said sarcastically. "But have you ever thought the whole kissing you thing was just a fluke? Newsflash, I haven't been on a single date in like a year and that statement right there was really pathetic so, don't you dare point it out. Point is, I've been lonely and you were the closest thing to male."

          "Or what?" Xander asked her. "Hmm? You would have been tonguing it with the green guy or Wesley?"

          "OK, that's just gross." Cordelia made a face. "Me and Wesley?"

          "Point is you kissed me for a reason."

          "Me? Sorry to disappoint, buddy, but I believe you kissed me."

          "In your little dream world maybe," Xander countered.

          "If this were my dream world then you would not be here," Cordy retorted.



          "Am I the only one feeling really hot right now?" Xander asked her.

          "Nah, I feel it, too." She leaned in towards him. "Kiss my neck now." Cordy suddenly pulled back before he could. "Wait a minute. What am I saying? God, this is just like high school. Fall for the geek and then he cheats on you."

          "You do know Willow's gay now, right?" Xander reminded her.

          Cordy shook her head in annoyance. "Look, the point is that I'm not about to deal with this, Xander. You only being with me because your incredible horniness wants it."

          "Well, maybe my incredible horniness wants you," Xander said seriously. "Ever thought of that?"

          "There you go again," Cordelia suddenly exclaimed. "You're doing it again."

          "Doing what?" Xander asked her, completely exasperated by their conversation.

          "You're making me fall in love with you." Xander didn't say anything, just stood at a complete loss for words. "You made me fall in love with you." Cordy sighed again and went to sit on the foot of the bed in the room.

          Xander joined her on the bed and asked, "You what?"

          "I don't know," Cordelia said softly. "Ever since the day you and I started going out it's like… you made me see something in you I didn't even know was there. You made me feel something for that I really didn't know was there. Then after I moved to LA, it didn't actually help. I have no idea why, but it's like you're the one part of Sunnydale that I don't want to completely repress."

          "Wow. If this is what stunned feels like then I'm definitely feeling it," Xander responded. "You're not exactly alone in this, Cor. I mean you are the only non-demon girl I've ever dated. Almost married one you know."

          "Xander Harris married," Cordelia said. "No, just can't picture it."

          "Neither could I. I completely walked out on her at our wedding. Maybe when I was walking I was sort of… running?"

          "Don't even tell me you were running back to me," Cordelia said. "That would define corny."

          "Like it's not possible?" Xander asked. "I mean this is me you're talking about. I do the crazies, even psyche crazies."

          "What are we supposed to do?" Cordelia wondered.

          "When you find an answer let me in on it," Xander replied.

          "Hey, anybody here?" Gunn's voice called suddenly.

          Cordelia and Xander exchanged a look then headed downstairs to see that Fred and Gunn had just entered the lobby. Cordy went up to them, seeing that they both looked pretty tired.

          "Hey, guys," she greeted gently. "Any luck?"

          "Somewhere in that area," Fred replied.

          "Where's Angel?" asked Gunn.

          "He's here," Angel said, walking into the hotel, followed by Lorne and Wesley.

          "Among the three of us… we found zero, zilch, and zip," Lorne said immediately.

          "We almost got a load with zip, but it turned out to be faulty," Wesley added with dry humor.

          "I got nothing out there," said Angel. "What about you guys?"

          "Nothing, but the books and then nothing actually in the books," said Cordy. "So, in case you're wondering, we're right back where we started."

          "In the end, it makes a nice long circle," said Xander.

          "We got a tape of the girl that man described to me and Fred," Gunn said. "The one that may be out for Con." He removed the aforementioned tape from his sweatshirt pocket.

          "Bless you, dear man," Cordelia said with relief.

          "This'll get us an image," Angel said, taking the tape from Gunn. "Where are Connor and Danny? Anybody checked on them?"

          "No, it's been quiet," Cordelia said. "Strangely quiet. The kind of quiet you don't usually get with two kids under the age of nine in the house."

          All seven of them exchanged a look, pretty much wondering the same thing.

          Fred started, "You don't think they…?"

          Danielle and Connor kept straight down the blocks, leading away from the hotel, as none of them were very good at crossing streets. While Danielle merely walked, Connor would skip on one foot and jumped on two as he moved. The night air had turned very nippy and it was fortunate that the two had thought to bring jackets along with them.

          "Danny?" Connor called to the girl who walked in front of him. "Where're we going, anyway?"

          "I don't know," Danielle replied honestly.

          "Why are you so mad, anyway?" Connor asked.

          "I'm not mad," Danielle said, her tone suggesting otherwise.

          "Yeah, you are," Connor insisted. "Your nose is all wrinkled up like you smell really, really bad cheese or Aunt Cordy's brownies."

          "My mom kissed Xander."

          "Yuck," Connor responded, making a face. "Aunt Cordy can't kiss."

          "Well, she did. She kissed him."

          "Oh. How come you care?"

          "I don't," Danielle started to defend herself them stopped and looked at him. "I don't know, Connor. She's my mom and she's not supposed to kiss."

          "Why not?" Connor asked, going up to a tree and playing around it.

          "Um… um…" Danielle couldn't really find an answer. "Cause he's not my dad."

          "Have to agree there." Danielle looked up to see Doyle leaning against a gate around the corner of the street. She looked over to see that Connor had obviously not heard the voice.

          "Dad," Danielle whispered excitedly, turning the corner and going up to him.

          Doyle knelt down to her level. "And what are you doing out here?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. "Kind of late for you."

          "I took a walk," Danielle shrugged.

          "I'm guessing this walk has nothing to do with Xander, right?"

          "You talk funny and you know stuff," Danielle observed. "Just like Uncle Wes." Doyle gave her a look. "OK, it's Xander."

          "He kissed your mother," Doyle added. Danielle looked at him in confusion. "What? Think you're the only nosy one in Cordelia Chase's life? Tell me, what don't you like about this Xander to begin with?"

          "He's not you, Daddy," Danielle pouted.

          Doyle couldn't help, but let off an amused smile. "No one could ever be that perfect." He reached out and touched her cheek affectionately, like he did often. "But how about giving this new guy a chance, sweetheart?"

          Danielle thought for a moment then shook her head. "Nah. He sucks."

          "I'm a bad mother," Cordelia said as she, Xander, Fred, Gunn, Wesley, and Lorne headed down the street, led by Angel, who was sniffing out the kids' scents. "That's it. I'm a bad mother, the worse. The most horrible mother in his—"

          "Cordelia," Angel suddenly cut off. "You're a bad mother. We got that part."

          "I'm sure what Dead Boy means is that the kids are safe and that this is a mistake that could've happened to anyone," Xander clarified.

          "You think that's what he means?" Lorne whispered to Fred.

          "Not a chance," the slim woman replied.

          Doyle stood before Danielle, his arms folded. "You're so stubborn," he said. "Obviously a trait of your mother's side."

          Danielle kept her pout on her face. "So… still don't like him."

          "You're going to have to get over that, Danny," said Doyle. He knelt down to her. "Keep this in mind. If you don't listen to Angel, Cordy, or the other lock heads then listen to your father."

          Before Danielle could saying anything Connor's voice suddenly bellowed out, "Danny, Danny, help me!"

          "Connor," Danielle called back.

          "Hang on," Doyle said, grabbing the child's shoulder before she could move. He glanced out over the corner to see Connor get grabbed by Jhiera then stuffed into the backseat of a car.

          "Connor!" Angel's voice sounded, running up, the gang not far behind.

          Vera stuck her head out of the driver's side window as Jhiera climbed in next to Connor. "Sorry, hottie," Vera said to Angel. "Miss me." She waved a little before driving off.

          Everyone watched stunned as the car sped down the road before Angel could make a move on it with Connor inside.

          "Mom," Danielle called to the brunette woman.

          Cordelia looked towards Danielle's direction and her eyes grew larger than ever before. "Doyle?"

          "Doyle?" Wesley repeated in disbelief.

          "This is Doyle?" Gunn asked.

          "Doyle who?" Lorne looked confused.

          "Who's Doyle?" Fred asked.

          Angel said nothing in regards to his supposedly deceased friend, just glared down the road where Vera's car had driven.

          Doyle raised his hand and waved a little. "Uh… hi, gang."

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