I was listening to the japanease team rocket theme song when the idea for

I was listening to the japanease team rocket theme song when the idea for
this story came to me, pokemon characters are copyright to whoever owns
them and now onto the story. Which is copyright to me.

The New Rocket Member
By Firehedgehog

Ash looked into the faces of those he had considered friends these last
few years, pikachu showed shock on his sweet face for what Misty and Brock
had said.
"I hate you Ash and I always have, I hope you die you arrogant brat,"
Misty said spitting at him, Brock glared at Ash and readied a pokeball that
he knew contain onix.
"I thought you were my friends," Ash said softly, he then fell on his
but as Misty hit him in the face... very hard.
"Friends to you, yeah right, we only liked your pikachu you brat,"
Brock said spitting on his face and then to Ash horror took Ashs pokeball
containing his pokemon.
"Pika pi," Pikachu said jumping into Ash's arms tears running down
his furred face, Ash slowly backed away from the two that had just broken
his heart.
"Your worthless brat no one could love you, you'll never be a pokemon
master," Misty said and finally Ash broke, he turned around and ran and
with him was pikachu the one person he knew truly cared for him.
Jesse, James and Meoeth were on the way to capture pikachu or at
least to try when they heard crying, curious the three followed the sound. To
there surprise they saw that it was the twerp but only him and pikachu the
others weren't with him, to there shock they saw that his clothing were torn
and his face was covered by cuts and bruises.
Meowth was the one that noticed that Ash didn't have his pokeballs,
also that he didn't have his backpack or his hat or even his blue jacket.
"I think that something really bad happened, look even pikachu is in
shock," Meowth wispered to the two human, taking a deep breath he walked
to pikachu to ask what had happened.
"Pikachu what happened?" Meowth asked, pikachu came out of his
shock and the answer shocked the cat pokemon.
"The other two twerps did what!" he yelled, he had thought that no
one could be that cruel, even team rocket didn't do that.
"Jesse I think we should take the twerp back with us," James said to
his red haired partner, she frowned and nodded.
"The kid is a great trainer James and Pikachu adores him, I can't
believe that those two betrayed him and actually stole his pokemon. I
always thought that Ash and Misty would marry in the future, everyone
did," Jesse said and she looked at Ash who pikachu and Meowth were trying
to cheern up.
"Lets get him to join team rocket and make our team better, the boss
would love to have that pikachu on the team since its so powerful and I like
the kid," James said and Jesse smiled, she remembered the suggestions the
boss had made to get Ash to join them.
"Lets do it, but first lets get him fixed up," Jesse said and James
nodded, togeather they fixed up Ash and put him in a new pair of jeans and
a white t-shirt.
Ash looked at the three team rocket members confused of why the
three would help him, every other time they had tried to steal pikachu.
"Ash we want you to join Team Rocket, we won't betray you," James
said and looking into James blue eyes he knew it was the truth, he looked at
pikachu who nodded.
"I'll join," he wispered, the two other humans smiled.
"We'll give you a makeover like no other, you won't even reconize
yourself in the end," Jesse said, James nodded and they began the rebirth of
Ash Ketchum as a team Rocket member.
Misty woke up in the hospital with a groan, opening her eyes she was
socked to see Sabrina there.
"Sabrina," she gasped, what was going on here and where was Ash and
"Misty what is the last thing you remember?" Sabrina asked her,
Misty frowned wondering what was going on.
"Brock, Ash, Pikachu and myself were walking in a forest lost, that all,"
Misty said and then she frowned, why couldn't she remember anything after
"Misty a very sick Pychic pokemon took over your and Brocks mind, it
made you hurt Ash mentally and physically. You stole his pokemon, then he
ran away and the pokemon left you two there unconcious. If I hadn't been in
the town neaby no one would of found you and you would be dead right
now, your lucky to be alive," Sabrina said and Misty gasped in shock, then
another thought came to her.
"But what happened to Ash, and how do you know all this?" Misty
asked, Sabrina sighed.
"I don't know what happened to Ash for I was never able to see into
his mind for some reason, but I know what happened to you because three
hour ago we located the pokemon who took over you and I read its mind,"
Sabrina said, Misty broke out crying hoping with all her heart that Ash was
okay. Sabrina looked at the girl sadly for three hours ago the police had
given up the search for Ash Ketchum, as far as they were conserned Ash was
dead and in Pallet Town a funeral was going on.
"Welcome to team Rocket Ash," Giovanni said to his newest member,
beside the new rocket member was a pikachu whoes eyes were harder then
before not trusting itself to trust many anymore.
"Ash died when they betrayed him," the boy said his eyes as hard as
the pikachus, Giovanni smiled pleased.
"Ah yes I guess he did, contact me when you choose your new name,"
Giovanni said and he nodded, that day Team rocket had found him Ash had
died and no longer looked like that sweet innocent boy, in his place was
someone else and he didn't even look the same anymore.
"Is my team mates here yet?" he asked, Giovanni nodded and in
walked Jesse, James and Meowth. The new rocket member looked at them
and walked towards them, togeather they walked out of the room there
spirits united as one.
To Be continued.