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Ranish Revival

Chapter 1: Out of the Darkness.

Darkness surrounded him. Nothing but Darkness, for as far as his eye's could see. His body was still and his fists clenched as he waited and waited. For what seemed like an eternity he waited, until finally a small white light was visible in the dim darkness that enveloped him. It grew and grew in his eyes. Soon the light had grown to a great size, almost taking control of the darkness. He blinked and looked back, Darkness. Looking forward again he could see the bright light that almost blinded him as it completely swallowed him.

"What is this?" he mused to himself.

Suddenly a great force took hold of him and he flew backwards, the light becoming smaller and smaller until it was nothing but the size of a small star in a clear nights sky. Then gone.

He woke with a start and a gasp as he took in a great whiff of air to his lungs, clutching the covers around him tightly. Sweat hovered on his brow, before dripping of and rolling down his cheek. The sheets clung to his sweat soaked form as he panted, desperately pulling air into his lungs. The room was completely white, reminding him of his dream. Or was it a dream? It didn't feel like one. The white subsided after a while to reveal a cozy room, a small fire burnt in a fireplace to his left. The room was dimly lit and a small window was the only source of light in the room, excluding the fire. Besides the bed the room was bare, save a small chair that lay next to the small bed.

He tried to speak but all he got was a horse moan, like he hadn't used his voice in a long time. The door slowly opened and in came a young woman in her mid twenties, carrying a small bowl and a wash cloth tucked under he arm. She had reddish brown hair that was pulled back into a tight looking ponytail. She wore a black tank top that clung to her slim figure and tight white pants that seemed to be stained at the knees. She looked startled to see him awake but soon rightened herself and approached him with a keen smile on her tanned face and a kind look in her emerald eyes.

She went straight to work and handed him the bowl of what was revealed to be water and then set the cloth on the chair before sitting on the bed, being careful not to sit on his long legs that hung out of the covers.

"How are you feeling?" she asked in a pleasant tone.

He took a drink of the cool liquid, feeling his throat relax and almost come to life again before answering:

"Fine. Although I'm rather confused."

"That's to be expected." She smiled. "You have been asleep for around two weeks. For what I can guess anyway. I found you washed up on the shore whilst collecting water for my village. You had a huge hole in your chest and were very pale. I brought you back here and nursed you back to health."

"Thank you." He smiled back. "Do you mind if I ask your name?"

"Not at all. It's Mikalana Strong. Mika for short. And yours?"

"I don't remember." He said sadly, lowering his head.

"I see. Do you remember anything?" she asked with a note of sadness.

"Not really."

"Then I guess I need to give you a name." She paused in thought. "Kaimana. It means Ocean in the old tongue."

"Kaimana." He spoke it softly. "I like it."


Years passed in the quiet town. Kaimana eventually was able to get back up and help out around the village. Doing odd jobs for people. Many where surprised by his physique and the strength he possessed. Some called him a messiah from god; after hearing about his fatal wound that he had survived. Although no normal man would have. However this passed and it is now six years later. In the backwater town of Rhett, which lay west of Gongaga near the coast visitors where few and far between. So no this day when a huge group of men, handling standard black rifles and wearing blue suits entered the town a silent panic ensued. Before long they began causing havoc, kicking over barrels of water, fruit and vegetables along with many other valuable stocks scattered around the village streets.

Kaimana was sitting on his bed, the room had become homier, and objects of interest lay scattered around the room. Swords littered one corner of the room, all different shapes and sizes. For some reason they fascinated him, although he didn't know why he assumed it was because of his former life. Over the years he had kept his physique and worked out often, he felt it eased his normally troubled mind.

However on this day his solitude was broken when a loud crash rang in his ears. He stood upright at great speed and his sensitive ears picked out the ringing of gunfire and the screams of his fellow villagers. He quickly grabbed a sword from his side and rushed out onto the street, just in time to see Mika struck down by a hard hand from a tall, dark soldier.

"You stupid bitch!" he spat at her. "We are looking for a man named Piper Jardel. We heard he has been spotted in this village. If you show us too him we will not harm you. Much." At this he chuckled, followed shortly by his fellow soldiers.

"Leave!" Kaimana shouted and stepped forward.

"Commander Jardel." The man stuttered. "We come here to bring you back sir."

"What are you talking about?" Kaimana stepped forward, holding his sword out before him. "Who is this Jardel?"

"That is you sir." The soldier replied.

"Jardel?" he whispered. "Piper Jardel." Suddenly images of what he assumed where memories flashed before his eyes, rapid shots that he could not comprehend.


"I said leave." Piper roared. "If you truly believe I am your commander then do as I order and leave."

"I'm afraid we cannot do that sir." The soldier spoke softly but then grew gruffer. "Our orders are to bring you back. If you refuse we must kill you."

"Then so be it." Piper exclaimed.

"What?" Mika stuttered. "Kaimana!"

It was too late; the shot rang through the wide street.

Mika closed her eye's, along with the rest of the village people. Silence was all they could hear before they finally got the guts to open their eyes. Mika was first and what she saw shocked her beyond belief, but not in a bad way.

Piper stood firm, a gray barrier around him and a small silver bullet hovering before him. The bullet stopped and then fell to the floor with a silent thud only heard by Piper's enhanced hearing.

"You'll have to do better than that." Piper smiled at the soldiers who in return growled and dashed forward. More images flashed through his mind, of him battling soldiers in a large padded room.

The lead soldier swung a punch at the man but he easily dodged, more images flashing through his mind. He found himself avoiding all the blows, not really knowing what he was doing but rather acting on instinct. He jumped back; flipping in mid air over a barrel as two soldiers stumbled forward, knocking the barrel to the floor as they tripped over it. Piper landed on a narrow wooden frame, receiving gasps from the crowd of villagers that had gathered.

The lead soldier unsheathed a long silver blade from his back and charged forward, swiping thin air as Piper rolled sideways on his hands in a cartwheel. Piper jumped forward and brought his own blade to the soldiers in a clash of metal. They volleyed of each other for a while before Piper jumped a low swipe and kicked the man in the head. He fell backwards to the ground and soon found Piper's blade pressed closely to his neck.

"I will not say it again." Piper said through gritted teeth. "Leave."

The sound of riffle fire caught his attention and he raised his barrier to cover his back. As the bullets deflected the lead soldier managed to scramble away and regain his footing.

Piper was rather shocked at how easy it was for him to fight. He felt at home when he fought and that scared him. It made him wonder what type of man he really was. He didn't have time to ponder this as the lead soldier ran forward and with a quick swipe knocked his blade from his hands in his unguarded state.

Mika gasped as the soldier continued his attack and sliced at Piper's arm, cutting it and letting loose a small stream of blood. Piper gasped and clutched the wound, dropping to one knee as the soldier cut his upper thigh. Mika couldn't watch any longer. The day she found Piper washed up on the beach flashed in her mind, and then suddenly it hit her. She quickly dashed to her hut that she called home.

Meanwhile Piper was kicked in the head roughly by the big black boot of the soldier. He flew backwards and hit the ground with a thud as his body recoiled from the shock.

"I am very sorry I have to do this sir." The soldier spoke. "But orders are orders. The new Ranish will not fall like the last. We have a strong leader. As we speak more soldiers are converging on your friends. Stratus Strife in Wutai. Cloud Strife in Costa Del Sol. Soon no one will stand in our way. You should have joined us Sir. Pity."

"Hey you!" a shrill voice shouted from across the street. The man turned to see the woman he had hit earlier, her fists balled at her sides. "Leave him alone!"

Piper opened his eyes in disbelief. He watched as the man left his side and approached the girl with glee. The soldier reached behind his back and slowly put his hand on a handgun that was tucked away under his belt. Piper's eyes widened in shock but before he could do anything he noticed a rustle from his side. He turned to see a boy around the age of twelve holding a double bladed sword. He hadn't seen anything like it in his life. The blade was completely black and shaped oddly at the tips, spreading out into two tips in fact. The boy threw him the blade and he grabbed it quickly. As he held the weapon he felt his confidence rise, he felt like no one could beat him. With this he stood and held out his hand.

"Sir!" a soldier yelled upon seeing Piper's movement.

The man quickly turned but not in time to do any good as a wave of flames engulfed him and his scream filled the streets. His flesh was burnt and torn from his body before he fell to the ground in a smoking heap. The crowd was stunned, whether by the fact that Piper had done this or the sheer horror the scene that been. Maybe even both.

Gunfire erupted again but Piper spun his blade round fiercely, deflecting them back at his opponents. The bullets found their place in the unsuspecting soldiers and in seconds they dropped to the floor, in pools of their own blood.

"Kaimana?" Mika asked softly, her voice barely above a whisper.

"No." Piper spoke differently to the town people that had known him all these years. His voice was cold and sad at the same time. "My name is Piper. This is the Oblivion. I remember who I am. Everything." Piper looked at his trusted Oblivion and at his Contain material sealed away in one of its slots.

"You where a member of Ranish?" Mika asked in disbelief.

"Yes I was." His tone was very bitter as those words left his mouth. "But not anymore. Now I must go."

"What?" Mika asked in shock. "Why?"

"I cannot trouble you with my presence." He replied. "If more soldiers show up tell them I left for Wutai. Understood?"

"But why?"

"Understood?" Piper said forcefully.

"Yes." Mika whispered as she hung her head.

Piper looked around once more and then took a few steps towards the exit of the village before stopping.

"One last thing." He said softly. "Thank you."


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